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have you ever believed
in something so blindly
so genuinely
that the moment you realize
it isn't true, something inside you
changes forever?
i wanna tell you a story, see
seldom do i ever
go swimming in drinks
deep enough to drown in
but when i do
i speak in tongues
about things that none
of my memories
are allowed to talk about
like that christmas
at the isthmus
where my girlfriend
plucked a conch shell
whiter than gods teeth
out of the sand
held it to her ear
and stopped time
that day she was a shade of blue
the could've made the ocean sick
see, she loved to play jokes
when she held
the sea shell to her ear
she gasped, called my name
and said "i want you to hear this"
i said "yeah, right, everybody knows it's just the same old sea"
she replied "no. not this one. this one is special. listen. theres music in this one"
she handed me the shell
like a promise she couldn't keep
and i held it to my ear
with all the potential
of seeing shore
after being stranded
at sea for years
only to hear
a tired dirge of silence
spill from its emptiness
i guess she didn't know
how desperately
i wanted to hear it too
because ever since
something inside me snapped
now sand pours out
of every post card i open
i hear seagulls
in telephone static
sometimes i have dreams
where i bury my hands
in every beach
i've ever been on
and exhume this graveyard of noise
every time i try to sleep
i spit up fishhooks
and i guess i'm obsessed
but maybe
if i hold my ear
to enough vacant things
then i could have back
the time stolen from me
since it happened
maybe they would get it
if they knew what i wanted
when i blow out birthday candles
maybe they'll find me
face down in a wishing well
i watch eternal sunshine
of the spotless mind every day
pretending i can forget too
because this sea sickness
has followed me for years
because yesterday
i walked into a music shop
and all the pianos broke
but the only thing
i can think to say is
*do you know how bad
a memory has to be
that you fantasize
about forgetting it?
 Oct 2014 adshimabuko
The bath water
is the colour of my eyes;
yet, I don't know
which is wetter.
 Oct 2014 adshimabuko
I see a world so hungry
Like god created the starving
And, not our greedy marring
One day this world will eat us
Innocent or guilty you must plead
This world is a monster you cannot feed
No words describing this monster are easy to read
In a world where only evil is feeding the ones in need
In a world that is taking everything you breed
We created a world we can never fit in
A place that gathers every single sin
The ones you commit and the ones you keep within
Some say you can keep everything away from this monster
Marry the devil commit to him and sing
Make him laugh a lifetime in a day
And, he'll give you the sacred ring
This human world is tragic! Look around you!
This human world is evil. (Capitalism)
 Oct 2014 adshimabuko
bcg poetry
i don't know why you left

was it the miles between our calls
or the years between
because if so id understand
was it the secrets
or having to keep things from me
because if so id understand

but if it was not loving enough
if it was not caring
if it was boredom
or if you just stopped liking me
i don't understand

because I loved enough for the both of us
and you always said you cared
and we always had something to discuss
you said you liked me even if you only would on a dare
and you swore you'd never lied to me
so i know you spoke the truth
when you said I'm yours and you're mine this time
 Sep 2014 adshimabuko
Welcome to our society!
Were you will be judged on your skin color, what you look like,  how you talk,  how you look, how you dress,  what kind of music you listen to, what kind of house/car you have, you body shape and size,  your talents,  and everything else.
Hope you enjoy your stay! !)
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Because good people can grow from it.

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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