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anonymous Jan 2015
There was once a guy named Tom
who dropped an hydrogen bomb
and all went ka-bam
that broke all the dams and he swam
where he eventually ended up in Guam.
anonymous Dec 2014
I close my eyes
and the world drops dead
the cold pierces
my skin with sharp lead.

And your words hit me with a slam
and all I did was just bled and bled
It was all just made
up in our heads.

The sheets that once laid
across OUR bed
Now just contain one of each
and my arms reach for you, outspread.

I ponder and question why
did you stop and fled
Why couldn’t we just understood
after all that misread and misled.

Now my fingers crawl
and they tread on the loose threads
All there is to do is to hope
and to look ahead and miss the unsaid.
anonymous Dec 2014
I remember the shakiness of hands
held within mine (i was shaky)
Or the falling hair strands
drifting into the space of time
or in my spare bedroom
where our love once bloomed
let’s start off where we resumed

to Japanese back translate

I remember the trembling of the hands
Is held in the mine (I was unstable)
Or falling hair
The drifting in time of space
Or in my spare bedroom
Place our love, it bloomed once
We’ll start where Resume
anonymous Nov 2014
I cannot pry apart
what makes your name
give a little pulsate to my tiny heart

Was it the same touch
And gust of breath—
That mortified my bones
as yours notified in mine

Of the soft
November’s day eve
Wet ankles against the
frost heave

A wanted savour for your lips
and a gentle
trace of fingertips

And the warmth of you
and blended
into me.
anonymous Nov 2014
Dingy sheets woven with the loose
Limbs of the two forbidden lovers
Come on, we can be true

You can ******* poison and
I’ll draw out your dagger
(oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?)
(Are you mine?)

Please just tell don’t my mother
I don’t want her to stagger
Or my father
Not your father, it won’t matter
Because he’s decaying splatter
Everyone will smatter.
In the end of it all,
We’ll just be too flattered.
anonymous Nov 2014
The dream boy I want
or no, should I say the man
yes, he's a man, a grown one
his age left boyhood 8 years ago
but his demeanor says otherwise. (sometimes)

I already have him.

He's not very tall, only beat me by a slim
3 inches
and his crooked fingers from
breaking all them
fit nicely into mine
a broken jigsaw puzzle.

he wears a flat cap like an Irish newspaper boy
maybe it's because he's from potato famine land

His breath lingers of cigs
and alcohol
with his grade-A Alfie Neuman smile
and oh god, those everlasting deep dimples
how can i forget to mention those pacific ocean eyes
corazón de oro

everything leaves me in awe
take me
take me
take me
love me

we'd have the same initials if we married

but all i want now is just to be able to
super bad but i don't really care. having writers block lately so decided to do the trending challenge
anonymous Oct 2014
I’m lying down in the ground
as the sun shines its rays
right inbound
on me.
hounding me
Without a sound

Or is there?
A ringing
or dinging
a pinging
maybe a constant stinging.

I wouldn’t know.

Could be the blood pulse
or the sea dulse wrapping
the seashells doing their sins
a pair of siamese twins
trying to
dance and
lance and
advance on my grave
(how brave! how brave! i hope they cave)

germinated spouts
and terminated doubts
with exterminated outs.
you're dead.
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