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Wolf Feb 2019
If I ate myself
Would I still remain the same
Or just disappear?
  Feb 2019 Wolf
Masha Yurkevich
Who finds a
true friend
finds a
true treasure.
  Feb 2019 Wolf
Roses are blue
Violets are red
You are dead
Wolf Feb 2019
"Is she doing okay?"
A friend looked down at me
I pretended not to hear, just go away
And leave me be

"Yeah, she's probably fine."
That's how he replied
My mind refuses to align
Why couldn't you have tried?
Even if I don't seem to like it sometimes, it's always nice to ask to show that you care.
  Feb 2019 Wolf
Hearing the crunch of leaves
Under me.

Hoping the sound
Of the leaves
Will drown out the sound
Of my cry for help

But I’m in an empty forest
And no one is around
To hear me

So I sit with my back to a tree
Hopefully, for someone to come find me.
  Feb 2019 Wolf
She’s violent
But caring
She quiet
But confident
She’s sad
But she’s ok with that

She lays in her bed
With the stupid gray hoodie
Listening to music
Because if she doesn’t
She’ll lose it

She’s thinking
Thinking of everything
That’s shes done wrong
And it saddens her even more

So she turns the music up
Because the girl in the gray hoodie
loves this song.
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