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Wolf Oct 2018
Why do they care about me so?
My emotions fit in all the wrong spaces
By darkest, I am driven
To think bad thoughts
To say horrible words
To do terrible things
Go away
Leave me be
I can't take this
Then I'll leave
After my happiest day
Wolf Dec 2018
He put a bullet through my chest
Then handed me a band-aid
It was nice for a while, but he just didn't get it. Indeed I was young and blind, I know better now.
Wolf Jan 2019
I am
On a
Wide sea

I'll be
In a
Short time
Wolf Jan 2019
Love can heal
A broken heart
But love takes many forms
A touch of another
The embrace of a mother
Hold close those you cherish
To a dear friend
A few simple words
Could truly mean the world
To my friend Alli, I'll always have your back. I'll be here for you when boys act stupid, and when your "friends" treat you like ****.
Wolf Jan 2019
True apologies
Form in the heart
A warm hug
A thought-out letter
Or a string of humble words

To my family
To my friends
To a stranger
To God
To the earth

Then why can't I
Say sorry
To myself?
Simply because
I won't be forgiven
Wolf Dec 2018
Please let me stay
Right here
Where the faces
Are not shadows
But instead
Filled with light

Leave me be
To observe a memory
Or indulge in a thought
So my joy
Will forever
Thrive within

The pain has vanished
The fear finally fled
So why must it be
Sent back to me?
Wolf Jun 2018
The world goes cold
My heart speeds up
The snake constricts my insides
The constant pain
My legs weak
The bird pecks at my soul
The increasing panic
My vision goes blurry
The shark rips through my thoughts
The voices drown out
My hands start shaking
The cougar claws at my flesh
The darkness draws near
My efforts are useless
The wolves consume what’s left
Wolf Jan 2019
Back to the world
I still refuse to awaken in

Back to the world
That reminds me of a corpse

Back to the world
Which stole my warmth and praise

Back to the world
Where my safeties cease to exist

Back to the world
That hurts me so

Back to the world
And those burning eyes
Hello world, I'm back.
Wolf Feb 2019
"Is she doing okay?"
A friend looked down at me
I pretended not to hear, just go away
And leave me be

"Yeah, she's probably fine."
That's how he replied
My mind refuses to align
Why couldn't you have tried?
Even if I don't seem to like it sometimes, it's always nice to ask to show that you care.
Wolf Jan 2019
The thought that you
Would harm me so
Had never crossed my mind
For I was utterly obsessed

Revolved around you
Oh how I craved it all

But still, I fell
And you caught me
With love growing less
My pain growing worse

Soon my eyes were opened
Blind no longer
To my actions
So I waited for your return

The words which followed
I did not fear
You loved me, you loved me

Leaving for uncertainty
All reasons stayed valid to me
My hope still stood
Just for you

But there was a single sentence
Not another girl
Not turmoil between parents
Not collapsing grades

You simply wanted to leave
"Difficult and unstable," you spat at me
My dearest friend
Whom I fell in love with


My insides churned
Words flew onto the screen
I cursed him
Wept until breath refused to flow

The last words I received
From my future, my place of joy
I don't care.
Wolf Feb 2019
I've been knocked to the ground
And blamed for falling
Wolf Dec 2018
When will I finally give up?
But something that is broken
Cannot break again
And yet it is repeated
Like a swirling storm in my head
So I'll keep my eyes up
To see the distant promises
Glittering in the night sky
Wolf Jan 2019
Rumors prevailing, Forgotten past
Oh a wish in a little clearing in the woods, A nickel of a hope
The signs were obvious, yet the song keep on straining
But with all due time the four elements shattered
Broken Harmony, Four elements scattered across the Earth
Fire, ice, lightning and water.
Two tried to forget, Another eased the sorrow
And one would see it that as harmony broken, nothing could repair the long forgotten oath
Fire and Ice's broken bond
Shattered the earth as neither could forget
Lightning had foretold all
Warnings forgotten, as time does to all
Yet water never failed to forget
Always wary, yet never showing
Harmony in balance, bonds yet strengthened
All in one, shattered bit by bit
Alas, water’s song had failed
Fire enraged, Ice sorrow
Lightning bitter
Water would assure that guilt of time would never cease.
This poem was not written by me. I requested permission of a close friend to post this for all to see, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Wolf Feb 2019
A time of innocent wonder
The world flowed around me
Bright colours hypnotizing
To my little blue eyes

Before the searing pain
Or the sharpened tongues
When the people I met
Became my friends

How I regret complaining
Of the simple addition
When time was merciful to me
And opinions meant nothing

Drama spread like fire
Over toys, boys, and friends
Only to be forgotten
The following day

Life of innocence
Seemed never-ending
Oblivious and naive
I wish I could stay
Wolf Jan 2019
Told to hold
My memories close
How many will I forget?

Still, I will
Set them on my shelf
Already some forgotten
Wolf Jan 2019
The screams have been roaring
Thriving, locked in my head
Had I done nothing
There they would stay

But a new day has risen
Change I stray from, change I seek
Alas, the scars burn
Screams merely dulled to whispers

I am able to turn my ears away
Yet they linger in my heart
So cold, an aching snowfall
On my very soul

"You still love him, desperate as always"
"Difficult, unstable, unworthy *****"
"You are too afraid to try any more"
Now be silent and perish already"

The snow dissolves to nothing
In the midst of my true flame
The screams silence themselves
For I no longer listen to deafening lies

Despite my efforts, forgetting is futile
I am still persisted by whispers to this day
I cast them away as illusions
Bringing focus to the light I hold
Wolf Feb 2019
Is it worth the risk
To confess hidden feelings?
Chance for grief or joy
It could go so wrong, or so right. No matter the outcome, believe in yourself. I've been through it twice and I'm still here.
Wolf Jan 2019
Hir eyes
Are full of emptiness and sorrow
His eyes
Want to be someone, someday
Her eyes
Glisten with beauty, yet she lashes out
His eyes
Keep all of it locked away
Her eyes
Soft and gentle, but under strict laws
His eyes
Hurt and broken again, still moving forward
My eyes
Trapped in fear only longing for joy

We all stand together
Never fading away
For my closest friends, I know you all too well.
Wolf Jun 2018
The demons follow, of shadows and dust
Distant happiness left to rust
Telling of what could go wrong
Luring people with a broken song
They believe all of the lies
Feel the watch of non existent eyes
They suffer in silence, no help nor cry
Feeling like they will die
Everything cold, vision blurry
The demons follow, of anxiety
Wolf Dec 2018
I donned a suit of warmth
And dove into my memories
They swirled around my body
Teasing scars I left behind
But what once scraped my soul, past love
Won't hurt the same again
Taken softer, just a heartbeat
Like a storybook for me

A laugh
A grin
A hand
A kiss
Something to treasure, not to fear
For learning
For growing
Even for showing
In my heart, all held dear

I smiled as they carried me away
Letting them flourish, it gave me breath
For I knew a reader stood close by
In case I ever dove too deep
Wolf Jan 2019
Close your eyes
Take a step

Into the soft grass

Velvet blades in rows
Start tickling your feet

Look to the heavens

The sky a deep navy
Like ocean blue

Stars flicker and giggle

For along the horizon
Lie tips of sleeping dawn

Your feet begin to wander

The wind whispers a breeze
Poking cooly at your cheeks

Fireflies flutter peacefully around you

A heavy veil of fog
Descends upon your figure

Rest soundly until morn
Wolf Dec 2018
I can't tell what is empty
My stomach
Or my soul
They both hold similar sensations
Craving for something, anything
Depending on how desperate I am
Longing for food
Hungry for love
Both have the power to sustain
Wolf Dec 2018
I put him before everything
But he valued other things
I gave him everything
But he couldn't take it all at once
He was my everything
But it just pushed him away
Wolf Jun 2018
Heavy, Lonely
Running, Breaking, Falling
I think I’m dying
Wolf Jun 2018
People come and go
There’s something they don’t know
The quiet ones who hide
Have the most pain deep inside
Terror and fear day by day
It’s not something that’ll just go away
The battle is one not many can face
So called weaker ones take that place
They suffer through day and night
They’re the only ones who can win the fight
Wolf Dec 2018
I get what heartbreak means now
My chest is throbbing
Waiting to see if he still loves me is agonizing, even if I'm still pretty young. I don't want to grow up anymore.
Wolf Jun 2018
A seed is planted.
With sunlight and proper care,
It can become something beautiful
A sprout forms
Small and weak at first, with hopes of growing stronger.
It continues to unfold it’s leaves
Gaining trust in the world
Planting roots to hold it in tough times
As another flower sprouts beside it
The new is grateful
The other is happy

A storm comes
Ripping other plants from the earth
Tearing apart emotions and dreams
The two support one another
Keeping each other standing in the wind
The storm ends
They are shaken and scarred
Something that can’t be erased
Days become long and dry
Bugs fly in and eat away at what is left
The once proud, young flowers are ready to give up
They won’t let each other
The first remembers something deep down that was once forgotten
With sunlight and proper care
It can become something beautiful
Petals unfold
The two flowers turn to the warm, welcoming sun
The promise that tomorrow will be okay
That they will face anything that comes their way
I wrote this free verse poem for my best friend. We stand together through every challenge we face.
Wolf Dec 2018
Teen problems, they're ****
Everyone has been through them
Can't wait to laugh now
Wolf May 2019
Nooses set up row by row
Holding heads that hang down low
Corpses swaying to and fro
Life passed on so long ago
|   |
|          |
|              |
|           |
|      |
Wolf Feb 2019
More than a poem
If it can speak to your soul
Let yourself listen
Just a simple phrase
Could possibly change your life
With a soft whisper
Wolf Jan 2019
Flesh unfolds
Of tinted hues
Reveals no difference
Of heart, in nature

Acts of folly
Acts of grace
What does it matter
When consumed by darkness?

Tyrants, we are
Too clever for ourselves
Yet again
We deface our own

Beasts weep before us
The ground grows bare
Alas, we build skyward
Destined to fall, the cycle of life

Clockwork minds stand in rows
Held captive by flashing lights
"I am better than you!"
We shriek in pure delight

Our pride ineffable
Forever climbing further
Scoffs of mockery slaughter innocence
Drawing blood with hearty laughter

Are we not simply ******?
Watch us drown in pleasure
And let our corpses rot!
Just for human desires

So selfish are we
Craving earthly possessions
They dig our graves for us
As we suffocate in false joy

Who are we?
What are we?
Why are we?
Wolf Feb 2019
If I ate myself
Would I still remain the same
Or just disappear?
Wolf Feb 2019
Light whizzes past my eyes
Colliding with the next
Bright hues of every colour
Swirling, hypnotizing, enchanting
All the lies, they will not save me
Fantasies left to crumble

Crisp sheets lay in front of me
Their words scramble together in unending strands
A voice shreds my ears
Scraping lines tie me down

I can't focus
I can't hear you
I'm sorry

My chest is pierced, to no reply
Shrill laughter licks up the blood
I'll surely ignore my punishment
And give myself what I deserve

At my only sanctuary
Numbers and letters invade
Just to eat up my time to heal
My insides are twisted up and empty
Yet I smile around those who see

I am held back by myself
Chains ripping at my wrists
Pressed against a wall of shattered glass
I've misplaced the letters H-E-L-P
They've been scattered on the floor

I can't focus
I can't hear you
I'm sorry
Wolf Feb 2019
But I can't do anything about it now.
Wolf Feb 2019
If I can't hear you
I'll laugh
Since I'm afraid to ask for clarity

If you offend me
I'll laugh
It's just a joke of course...

If you insult me
I'll laugh
My self-confidence cannot be lowered!

If I'm humiliated
I'll laugh
Punishment and anguish will come soon

If you notice the cuts
I'll laugh
"It was just my dog, LOL."

If I'm ready to die
I'll laugh
I don't want you to know

If I cause harm
I'll laugh
It'll make me sound innocent :)

If you see my fear
I'll laugh
To simply strengthen the illusion
Wolf Feb 2019
Before I even knew what was happening
Blood had already begun to seep out
A sudden flash of pain
Out of sheer loathing
For my own

I am left with
A crowd of small wounds
Perhaps those around me will stay silent
If they question, I will cloak myself in lies once more
Wolf Dec 2018
To live
Is crafting a prized novel
Memories resting on every page

To end a life
Is deeming it complete
Before the reader is satisfied

A book lacking a proper end
You could call it a book
But it is not a story
I almost finished my book in chapter 13. Refuse to take a life, even if it is your own.
Wolf Dec 2018
I just don’t know
I just don’t get it
A fluid line of ink on a page
Stops abruptly near the edge
Unsure of where to continue
What to continue
Pooling into a dark stain
On a once praised piece of work
Wolf May 2019
Greetings could hide anything
A friendly how do you do?
Or a who the hell are you?

Don't judge a book by its cover
That's what they all say
Who asked you, anyway?

Look there, someone new!
Wow, isn't she fat?
Out loud I'd never really say that

Of course, it's innocent
If it stays in my mind
Aren't I just so kind!

What a weird species we are
Swipe left, swipe right
She's thin, let her stay the night!

Beneath our watchful eyes
The good soul robs the weak
The criminal supports the meek

But you wouldn't know that
With those closed eyes
We're living lies
Wolf Dec 2018
Laughter is like makeup
Proper use
Enables youth and joy
But just as simply
Great amounts
Cover sights for no one's eyes
Concealing a blemish
Disguising deep despair
Fake fools shall be found out
As I have already failed
Makeup run dry
Laughter deemed empty
Wolf Dec 2018
I have climbed the cliff
To gain a chance for praise
Alas, the times I know too well
Are ones where I have fallen
The air itself had parted beneath me
Now to the cold, unwelcoming ground
My body is left to lay

But something sparked in my writhing mind
"Take the leap once more"
Brushing off the fear and dust
My ascent began anew

Before a word was uttered
The ground was far beneath my feet
Left behind with those worthless doubts
Today, I took flight

And when the wind was no longer
Beneath my frail, young wings
Smiling faces met my eyes
Warmed my heart
And caught me
Take a leap of faith, speak out and change the world. The chance to fly in joy is worth the risk of failure, for failure does not last forever. Today I talked to people, shared my thoughts, and for once I was not humiliated for it. I wish it was always this way.
Wolf Dec 2018
Gather 'round the smouldering flames
Now those who wander lay frigid
Toss all your cares to the fire
The world is getting colder...
Wolf Jan 2019
Lost words
Find their way
In a poem

Brandish a pen
Catch your thoughts
And guide
Wolf Jan 2019
I wish to say
"I didn't mean it"
But this time
I truly did
Wolf Jan 2019
Are quite certainly
A curious species
Build, destroy, rebuild

But our
Could easily lead to
The death of the world
Wolf Feb 2019
Mother Earth
Twirls 'round, keeping a balance
Of a calm, dark night
And a luminous day

Mother Earth
Not the fairest maiden around yet
She provides
For ev'ry one of her kin

Mother Earth
Her arms are open to those who fall
For when it's time
We'll return to her

Mother Earth
She's growing tired of our antics
Suffering day by day
On our behalf

Mother Earth
Waving the smoke away from her eyes
The heat now grows

Mother Earth
What have we done to deserve you?
Surely we'll
Be your demise...
This plays like a song in my head, so I hope it doesn't sound too weird.
Wolf Jan 2019
I looked them in the eyes
And lied
"My dog scratched me, that's all."
Wolf Jan 2019
Tick, Tick
The clock looms over me
Click, Click
Go the gears
Sick, sick
In the head
I see things that others can't. There is a large black clock constantly hovering over my head, reminding me of... something, A feeling of what I can only describe as dread.
Wolf Dec 2018
The mentally sick are powerless
They said
But I see through those lies
My powers are only for me
I can find loneliness
While I'm drowning in a crowd
I can feel crushing misery
During times of great joy
I can constantly slice my paper skin
Without anyone batting an eye
I can fight my internal battles alone
Barely surviving myself
Still trying, though
Aren't my powers wonderful?
Wolf Dec 2018
I’m not enough
It’s simple to glance by
And see with eyes of grey
Stop screaming in my frail ears!
Voice so horrid
Draws blood from me
I’ll never be enough
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