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 May 2019 Wolf
Masha Yurkevich
My vision starts to blur;
my words start to slur.

The world around me starts to go at a snails' pace,
and I forget where I am,
this country, city, or place.

The words you're saying make no sense to me.
Strange feelings flood me, such as happy, anxious, and very angry.

I'm not sure what's going on,
all I can tell is that I want my mom.

I'm yelling,

her name.

Suddenly she's next to me,
and I know that's where she will remain.
P.S. This was just a bad dream...
 Mar 2019 Wolf
 Mar 2019 Wolf
I have spent a lifetime
cutting myself in syllables
bleeding in sentences.
 Mar 2019 Wolf
South by Southwest
She embraces me in chill
Comforts me with her will

Touches my heart in kisses
Twisting in the seditious

Her sadness blankets my heart
Her beauty right on mark

For she has stars in her eyes that haunt me
Her compassion reaps all sea to sea

I am married to the night
My Angel of delight
 Mar 2019 Wolf
My smile appearing
like the blue sky after
a cloudy day.
Because of the wind,
I feel it rip me away from today
to the periwinkle flower
held only by her stem.
The gentle gust mending
her fallen tears.
looking now at her
withered petals
Fly Away to the Wind.
 Feb 2019 Wolf
I can't stop
thinking of you

My mind corrupted
by the thoughts of you

The spreading virus
infects my mind

I can't stop
thinking of you
 Feb 2019 Wolf
If lack of information is a pain
Misinformation is at least twice the pain
Misinformation, often used by some
For their selfish gains
 Feb 2019 Wolf
a Burd en
 Feb 2019 Wolf
A heart's a heavy burden
my love falls into another's arms.
But must I always think of him?

I could forget,
I must forget,
I can't forget.

Clouding my mind like the skies on a winter day;
flooding my mind with colors that don't exist,
not to say I don't think of you at all,
as these colors really don't exist
but rather a thought exceeding the limit of my truly human emotions.

but I want so much more.

To hold you in my arms at night,
to feel every inch of your warmth next to my body,
to run my fingers through your soft, light brown hair,
to stare deep into your wondrous, sky blue eyes,
would give me reason to die.

For you, my beautiful, give me life,
and I do not now how to express
these feelings in words, as they exceed my mind
an ultraviolet feeling, and infrared thought.

Nothing can be found from these feelings for you.

Open yourself to me, my love;
and I'll open myself to you, my true.
I wanted to publish something at least.
 Feb 2019 Wolf
if fear were [fate]

          fate (were [fear])

                     [fate is fear] when drear is near

                                                    ->tears fall when we fall

                                                      and an end would call our intentions

                                                     ­                                            [fear is] near

                                                               ­                   when fear is drear

                                                          ­                                    [I] fear my life

                                                           ­                         [I] fear myself

                                                         ­              [I] fear our lives

                                                         [I] fear ourselves

but if [far is (near when fear is) drear and] tears are all that fall

                                                       then [fear is near (you) have no] fear

                                 (you) will succumb to all.
I wrote this when I was very tired.
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