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I look at you
and the feeling in my chest
is a delightful pain

I look at you
and my heart jumps
it lunges for your throat
You kissed my hand
and your touch
sent sparks of life
through the dead land
hollowed out
in my chest
 Nov 2019 Chris Murray
hell is a place where
you constantly love those that
do not love you back.
When I look into your eyes
my heart beats so fast
it makes me forget
that I don't love you
You missed a piece
when you broke my heart
here it is
(it's yours anyway)
 Nov 2019 Chris Murray
Like the torn pages of some book, my heart leaps in to look, dabs of watermark, screams with ache, shattering in the corner with a broken quil, scarttering ink
The spurts of red ooz, down the thin lining, skating through the white sheets
I think of, what my fears tend to paint, a terrible sin, taled by a dark saint
Robed in pale, clear as a glass trans, bears the spurts with that of an ink mark
Glows with the hit of ray, ignites the jealous spark of the impossibilities
It's breath, hovers my shoulder with a sticky wetness odor
Clenching and sniffing as if ripping my veins out of order
A slight touch of my hand spooked ****** ambience in a blink
Of that of some air brush smearing spurts of ***** ink...

Spilling imagination.
 Nov 2019 Chris Murray
Cary J
 Nov 2019 Chris Murray
Cary J
She used to truly believe in love
Now love is like a poison
The word itself sometimes feels like Venom surging outward from the heart.

It's not easy feeling so different.
It hurts to feel so deeply
If Tears left Scars she'd be Unrecognizable

All she really wanted was something Genuine
She desired to be herself with Honesty
She always believed the names people called her, and it defined her.

When it was kind and sweet it was unfaithful
Where there was loyalty there were curse words and anger
When It was good it was great when it was bad it was a bottomless pit

Adrift, she felt Entirely alone,
Surrounded by people.
 Nov 2019 Chris Murray
Cary J
Keep the seat for calamity
Deep deceit for comedy
Smile with bitter eyes
Considered complete Insanity.

Imagine a world where it shows
Your scars and lies
Weigh it on the scales
In the end that's all that matters.

You and your eyes
Transparency manifested
Can't give into to the why me
Brain completely interrupted
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