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If it were easy to forget you
I would have already

But your memory clings to my brain
Like second hand smoke
Weaved into the fabric of my clothes
After a alcohol doused night

Whisky shot wishes
Still couldn't erase you
Men who breathed
Wicked madness around me
Couldn't buy enough drinks
To make your ghost leave me in peace

So tell me once more
The secret how to get over you

Whisper again in my ear

Her name

You kissed my hand
and your touch
sent sparks of life
through the dead land
hollowed out
in my chest
I look at you
and the feeling in my chest
is a delightful pain

I look at you
and my heart jumps
it lunges for your throat
  Nov 12 Chris Murray
She used to truly believe in love
Now love is like a poison
The word itself sometimes feels like Venom surging outward from the heart.

It's not easy feeling so different.
It hurts to feel so deeply
If Tears left Scars she'd be Unrecognizable

All she really wanted was something Genuine
She desired to be herself with Honesty
She always believed the names people called her, and it defined her.

When it was kind and sweet it was unfaithful
Where there was loyalty there were curse words and anger
When It was good it was great when it was bad it was a bottomless pit

Adrift, she felt Entirely alone,
Surrounded by people.
  Nov 12 Chris Murray
Keep the seat for calamity
Deep deceit for comedy
Smile with bitter eyes
Considered complete Insanity.

Imagine a world where it shows
Your scars and lies
Weigh it on the scales
In the end that's all that matters.

You and your eyes
Transparency manifested
Can't give into to the why me
Brain completely interrupted
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