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South City Lady
F/Atlanta    I am a writer; it has taken me decades to admit that about myself. I use poetry to excavate meaning, to express love, to appreciate ...
F/tropical island    Splashes of expression to bring the depth of this moment into life. All copyrighted poems Shamamama
Narnia    i write what I feel
M/PLACELESS DESKTOP    You can listen to the audios of my poems on Youtube:
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
16/F    I'm just trying to figure out how to voice the million thoughts going through my head at every moment
A Slow Heyoka
M/Plymouth, UK    With our thoughts we make the world.
Midnight Rain
ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness.
18/F/BXL    It sucks.
38/F/Fiji Islands    In solitude, I abide.
Cary J
34/F/Canada    🌼
29/F/Baton Rouge    Barber πŸ’ˆ (L)GBT she/ her Young πŸ‘‘ black πŸ–€ & educatedπŸ“š Chef πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ³
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
Orion Lesneski
19/M/Idaho Just an 19 old guy, who changed his old bad ways. And yet people look at him and see the old him.....
Bogdan Dragos
M    MY NEW BOOK: #WEBSITE: #INSTAGRAM: bogdan_1_dragos
Kikodinho Edward Alexandros
29/M/Shoreline, Washington.    Welcome to my garden of flowers, beauteous flowers of sweet romantic poetry redolent of ethereal pulchritude. From my garden, take not a single flower but ...
22/F    a fiction writer at heart, but poetry is how I deal with the emotions and turmoils of life.
reignier and wren
17/M/β™« in our idle town β™«    poetry has always been a way for me to step back for a moment and put my emotions into the greater scope of things (in ...
27/F/Sri Lanka    "One must imagine Sisyphus happy." β€” Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus
36/F/Seattle    Through poetry we can learn practicing mindfulness towards all around us and more importantly, towards ourselves. Now, you can find my book on Amazon , ...
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