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Caryn Jean Dec 2020
Moves by stars
Galaxy means
Shift Polaroid
Collected means.
Caryn Jean Oct 2020
Raised by the Wolves
Green eyed
Move to the beat,
Wild side.

**** me Daisy
Wild child
Move to the beat,
Eyes wide.

Moon dance
Passion and dive in
Hey Bayou boy
Meet me at the Drive-In.
Caryn Jean Sep 2020
Long for
Want more.
Caryn Jean Sep 2020
One footprint, then another,
Step out from shadows
Sunshine bright
And Lifted by Passion.

Chaos reflection
Guided refraction
Love radiates
Caryn Jean Sep 2020
Hello again
Darling friend of mine
Golden eyes
My dear
After all these years,
I must say
There is no one
Quite like you.
Caryn Jean Jun 2020
Jump in heavy
Don't be a fool.
No treading water,
In the family pool.

Blood Runs Thick.
Love Runs Deeper.
Bold Matriarch
Trauma Keeper.
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