Bee May 26
I wish I had more
time with you, instead you’ve
left me saying, “*******”.
Bee May 3
you are the only
person that can make me feel
like it is worth it
Bee May 3
Hope is the light that
seeps through, reflecting prisms
in our memories
Bee Apr 15
Dear, Sweet, Damascus,
Even your vinegar will
attract hungry flies.
Bee Mar 14
Every step you take,
you are
your future, whether you realize it
or not.
Emerge like the rail road
that was once underground.
Each choice leads to a new narrative.
Bee Mar 14
the world is constantly proving
that anything is possible.
sometimes i wonder if our dreams are alive
or if they are windows to our alternate realities.
if that's the case, we are together,
some how,
some way,
some where.
Bee Mar 10
This marks the birthing of monumental proportions
turning a black and white world to one of perpetual
variegated sunrises. You are the furthest thing from
an accident.  You continue to cultivate one step at a
time breathing new life into each set of hungry eyes
waiting to confront the trojan line that produces the
battles in the brain.  What to write next is under the
surface,  patient and dormant,  for the future paints  
you in the adrenaline of other colors.   Instinctually,
I look to you and surrender to the abrupt,  arresting
grip of the ghost of a thought that’s just out of reach.
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