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 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Star BG
 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Star BG
Only YOU can save you.
YOU, the great one in a human form.
The one who has hidden talents.
The one carrying spark of divine light.

YOU the gift to humanity
the world has been waiting for.

YOU inside me, inside you.

inspired by poem by jza aguilar poem  called Save Me
 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Josiah Wilson
After all this time you have to know
You have to know how much you mean to me
You have to know that my heart still skips a beat
When you say that I'm your favorite
You have to know that I'm telling the truth
When I say that I would move heaven and earth for you
My world is dull and faded without you
Colors bleached like a painting left too long in the sun
Everything that held life and happiness is drained
Replaced by weak, pallid substitutes

All this really is...
Well, it's just an attempt to explain
That you are my home, my heart, my love
And that without you my life has no meaning
The future that we planned dashed upon the rocks
And scattered to the winds

I am begging you with everything that I have left
Please do not leave me here alone and dying
My heart ripped out, my life trickling away
My hope gone

I just need you, and only you
And you once said you felt the same
So if you can
Find that again
For me.
 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Eric the Red
Just know...
He’s had lives & loves before you
Remember that when the bricklayer or the mechanic
Asks for your hand
You’ll receive one flower
Instead of a dozen roses
Picked on his way home
Handwritten notes in your shoes
Instead of Hallmark greetings
Elaborate dinners cooked by him
Where he said he’d clean
But didn’t
Spur of the moment
Road trips
Instead of planned vacations
The opening of windows
For the springtime thunderstorms
Listening to the beat of his heart
While the rain drops
The drain
He’ll write you with jazz playing
Wine in his bottle
Records in his head
Absorbing you into his world
And if he dies before you
And you bury him
And you mourn over him
Lasting for years
Remember his flower
His notes written just for you
And if you see his ghost
Haunting you
Then the Poet
Has fallen forever for
 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Have you ever fallen in love?
It feels like you're starving
and so full
of light.

Like you're dying
but you're living

Thank God,
I found My One
That night.
 Feb 2018 Firebuns9
Em MacKenzie
We built a strong, solid foundation
but our words were an abbreviation,
it held us up but it was bound to fall.
We went through the blueprints twice,
our materials were dirt and ice,
but for years warmth radiated from the wall.

The hole that we made our home,
reflected back to us gold and chrome,
but with rain everything can turn to rust.
It withstood every test and trial,
it didn't tire with every mile,
the strongest support beam that stood was trust.

You know Rome wasn't built in a day,
but Troy did fall in a single night.
And when we kneel to finally pray,
I hope we have our priorities right.

We invested hope into this dwelling,
even though better ones were selling,
we wished just to have a comfortable fit.
We brightened it up with a coat of paint,
even though the shade of it was faint,
I didn't even mind it one single bit.

You know Rome wasn't built in a day,
but Troy did fall in a single night.
I could've fought but I'd rather lay
beside you asleep, holding you tight.

We built a strong, solid foundation
we were the envy of every person and nation,
because we turned Hell into a nest.
We went through the blueprints twice,
and didn't even bother asking the price,
as money holds no weight compared to the rest.

You know Rome wasn't built in a day,
but Troy did fall in a single night.
And when we fear the darkness will stay,
is the moment when the sun will shine most bright.
Everything will be alright.
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