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Eric the Red Jul 29
Let me go...
Let me slide back into the seas...
Leave me be

Beautiful wonderful one...
Fun while it lasted
Let me slide back into the seas...
Eric the Red Jul 29
Nowadays love is an unattainable
Between two people
Who’ve never met
Wrapped in ‘what ifs’ and
‘what could be’
Lying in lies next to someone
You could physically love
Kissing them hello & goodbye
Decaying, Rotting, Effervescent
Eradication of Soul
‘What If?’
‘What Could Be?’
Goodnight kiss
Eric the Red Jun 9
I smelled it first early in the morning,
Just waking up
Filling my nostrils
The smell of strawberries...
Fresh, just beyond, unmistakable,
Then again around noon on my hands...
Brushed my hair back and once again
Filled the room...
No lotions
Or even the fruit was around
And I remembered someone
I loved once
Oh how she loved her strawberries
‘It’ll always remind me of you...’
10 at night
Message came in from my sister
‘Did you hear about...’
‘I’m so sorry...’
That someone who loved her strawberries
Was gone
The night before had taken her
Guess she wanted to be around me one last time...
Eric the Red Jun 2
Where are the poets, the activists, intellectual front lines during these times?
Voices of reasons, stokers of flames, calmer of storms
Let it be not in celebrities, athletes, talk show hosts...
Bring about change thru words. Wisdom. Leaders of Rhetoric, for if not, we will be doomed by legions of the privileged and martyred deaths will never be avenged, abandoned by time...Violent ends without ever beginning!
Come about oh ye Stokely Carmichael’s of this age, Abbie Hoffman’s of the Suburbs, let YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!
Protesters need you!
This time, this place, this nation that’s so *******, who’s wound is wide and bleeding profusely...
Eric the Red May 15
Last night I dreamed of you...
Walking your way down an aisle...
Bouquet of flowers in your hand...
Smiling at me, eyes locked in at me...
All the songs we ever shared...
Played as you stepped
One foot
Closer to be my wife...
And then I woke up...
Eric the Red May 14
Sometimes life declares war on you
Without you knowing it
Years pass by
Decades even
Before you know it
But small victories reside
Before surrender
Even tho
Life takes the best parts
Leaves you with graying
The laughter of your children
The home that lies within your
The road to your childhood
Summers with a beloved.
All small victories
In a war
That life always takes...
Eric the Red May 14
I would rather die
Broken bones.
In a gutter
On a rainy day...
Rodents nibbling on my
Shoeless feet.
Than to ever be married again...
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