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Eric the Red Feb 9
One day it’ll have been years

And I hope I am forgiven then…
Eric the Red Jan 16
The world is so sad without you in it…
I say to nothing
And receive nothing back

Easy to say
Harder to comprehend
Nothing can be worse than rejection

This is all your fault

Thinking you can have it all
Only to throw it away
Not measuring the pain of a future staring into an empty wall and saying

‘The world is so sad without you in it…’
Eric the Red Jan 3
High on a shelf
Where you’re at
Utility room
Full of screws, dimes, paper clips
And your messages to me
That I pull out when I feel like
Reaching out
To tell you how much you’re missed

But there you are old coffee can
Your ‘don’t tell someone to jump if you’re not ready to catch her…’
Mixed in with the nails
The voicemails
The ‘my love’
Echoing so plain
As day

Old coffee can
Put you back where you belong
High on a shelf
My love…
Eric the Red Aug 2023
The fact that I still dream of you nightly
See you in crowds
Wake with the scent of your skin
For 2-3 seconds
In my nose
I still have your voicemails I listen to from time to time
I don’t know why I don’t just move on

Tells me I messed up something that had so much
I don’t love anymore
I can’t.
All of it left with you
Eric the Red Mar 2023
She was the only one…
The only one…
Who let me eat her fruit right off the tree.
Eric the Red Nov 2022
You told me to forget all the ghosts
In your closet
And you’d forget about all the ghosts
In mine

The phantoms along your corridor
Faces in your window at midnight
Spirits that forever ride shotgun in your backseat
Those that are just in your peripheral vision
The scary ones over time

The nightmares where you can’t get up
Pitch black
Evil just on the other side of the door

But you said mine were just too much for you…
Eric the Red Sep 2022
I’d still know the
Taste of your
In any
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