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Stygian Mar 7
We often connect to rejection, and forget to reject fake affection, so used to neglect and aggression.... Once I love I forget and accept it...
I'm drunk.
Stygian Mar 6
The most I've ever felt for you was when you walked away.
The silence was the loudest thing you've ever had to say.
The quickest response was met when I asked if you could stay.
And this is the farthest I've ever been from feeling okay.
Stygian Feb 7
we used to Sit together at lunch.
we played in the park together after school.
you used to grab my shoUlder at night.
you dance In my dreams.
you clapped when i Cried at night.
trying to fight the Intrusive thoughts.
you keep trying to Decide my fate.
mAde sure you were safe in the depths of my mind.
but my choice has always been to Live.

the last thing they leave is a LETTER
inspired by billie eillish new song "bury a friend"
Stygian Jan 30
I had a dream that you died
Committed suicide
Because you couldn't find love in a blink of an eye
But in reality, I'm the one dying inside
I was right here and I didn't know why
I was never good enough to be a part of your life
In reality, it's me with tears in my eyes
Spreading flowers and seeing the light
Entering sweet release of you and I.
Rest in peace my love, forever goodbye.
I needed write this horrible dream down.. it was stuck in my soul and needed to be released.
Stygian Jan 29
Ignoring the signs of happy endings, I dont want to see
Avoiding all the mirrors while everyone stares at me
I'm your broken China doll but I'm scared of what they'll find
So I keep a smile present as I say my line...
Stygian Jan 26
Sometimes words are wrong, hearts are strong, but your mind is gone......
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