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Sometimes the sounds at night are bright
sometimes the sky lights up with you.
sometimes the sky is drunk with me.
sometimes I watch your eyes see me.
Blue constantly coats black
And black again to be smothered in more blue
How do you like your eggs in the morning?
I like mine with a black eye.
Boiled or fried?
I’m satisfied, as long as my honour is torn apart.
Swinging in the breeze all day,
the sun is shining high,
warm glow upon my face.
Watching as the clouds pass by,
the sky an ocean blue,
a tranquil happy place.

The meadow sweeps out to beyond,
the flowers vibrant rich,
the hills are gentle green.
The birds sing merry songs of joy,
thier tune a cheery sound,
a picture so serene.

The children laugh and play bellow,
they run and jump and dance,
such energetic grace.
They monkey up onto my tree,
I smile as they climb high,
they squint and see my face.

They suddenly begin to scream,
fleeing in abject fear,
from my skeletal smile.
It's lonely swinging here alone,
nobody knows I'm here,  
I wish they'd stayed a while

The people come to cut me down,
my rope is old and frail,
thier blade is sharp and new.
I think I'll stay here anyway,
my spirit is my own.
I rather like the view.
Like when my
red silk dress slips off
you melted my
sadness away
now I’m naked
before your eyes
 Jul 2020 Claira Lymei
Learn the lesson
do not stay chumps all your lives
you've now seen so take it on board and grow
Quality matters, quality counts, its all about quality
not numbers, not fakes and counterfeits, not common-o-garden
wherever you are, whatever you do, go for quality not common types
 Jul 2020 Claira Lymei
In dreams
A sequence to memory
Everything that happens
Is a lie
Everything that happens
Is a truth
It is beyond comprehension
I dive into every night
Repeat everything
Forget it next thing in the morning.
Silk against lips, the softness unparalleled
Slipping down, eyes roll back.
Memory foam, it knows
Always rolls out the spread.
God I needed that drink.
Join hands, sing praise to the false god
Donate your money to a bottomless bowl
And laugh when the puppet tells his jokes
Our father who art in riches
Hallowed be thy gold
Keep your poems and hymns of gore
A little ditty won’t keep Satan away
Don’t starve to life
An emaciated buffet unveiled
A feast of scraps
Hungry for your nutritious deceit
Portioned promise
Bloated truth dripping
And yet you're full
Knife through viewing eyes
Red dawn soaks through a clean lense
Vision blurs to pain
Red dawn sets early
Red eyes shut and dawn sets.
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