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I saw a guy go by on his motorcycle
with his ******* the back
and I thought—
no, I felt—
I felt sad
 Mar 2021 Heart of Silver
Like a steady drizzle
You changed me
I didn't even notice you did
Until my soul was soaked
Everything in harmony
Scents to heaven
Yellow marigolds
Purple lavenders
White oleanders
Red roses
Blue violets
Rose lilies
Green ferns
And forget me nots...
Forget me not!!

Flower paradise!!
In the garden of God every flower is special !!!!

Shell ✨🐚
my favorite color is green.
not just any green,
but the green that is almost dark as midnight.
green that when you look at it,
smells like damp moss and fairy magic
green that seduces you with its richness,
feeling like the rush after a decadent sweet.

my favorite place to be is the bus stop down the street.
i like to go in the early morning,
or right after dusk falls.
watching the cars go by
is a long-sought-after peace
that keeps my soul intact.

i can't tolerate onions
in any amount.
only when cooked slowly, sweetly with love
by the fire of my father's laugh,
will i endure the sharpness of the plant,
if only to see the joy on his face.

i love the rain
my favorite band is the velvet underground
i get nervous on airplanes
i'm still afraid for my mother
my favorite memory is of my first bike
i wish slow walkers were made illegal

you see? i can open up.
i am communicating
at last
i am communicating
why is it not enough
now or ever
A heart not filled with love
is like a garden filled with shrubs with thorns.
 Mar 2021 Heart of Silver
 Mar 2021 Heart of Silver
You were odd
Child of balance, I was even.
You were exotic
Child of Venus, I was toxic.
You were bold,
I wanted to be brave but just came off cold.
You were beautiful,
I may have fell in love.
You never believed me,
Too much sensitive stuff.
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