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Smiles Mar 2015
My heart is an animal
Stuck in its rib cage
Thrashing at the bars
Till i break a bone
My insides come out
As they penetrate the skin
This hatred and rage
Has left me cracked and alone  

My brain is a time bomb connected to my heart                                
Barbed wires like life lines
Keep me from falling apart        
Everything left of me, all i ever knew
Nothing but a memory since the time bomb blew
Smiles Mar 2015
Theres a million ways to say this
It hurts believe it true
Nothing compares to the withdrawal
Of bidding you all adieu

But if i could ask one last request to all those who wish to see me slew

I dont seem to have much strength left, could you loan a hand or two

Bathe me in your cyanide
Fill me full of lead
Drown me in your pills
Tie a noose around my head
Beat me till im black and blue
My body bloodied red
You can do as you like
Just love me till im dead
Smiles Dec 2014
Your mind is on the moon and your heart is the sun
The guilt of yesterday beating down in waves that leave me floating helplessly in your atmosphere
Without a helmet i am hopeless
No guidance as my thoughts wander through time and space through no mediums of significance
If only i could see your face. Embrace for impact
The lust for landing
Solid ground                            
To feel safe and sound
This world we create for ourselves
This interstellar wonderland
Lets lose our way
And save it for a rainy day
Find each other again in the midst of a storm
And our love is reborn
Smiles Dec 2014
If people show their true colors in their final moments, why dont we all live like we're dying?
Smiles Dec 2014
So genuine, so pure
Society's cure
our future
Walking models on your best behavior
Praise God let it be our saviors
The rich, the beautiful, the socially accepted
It's almost as if Jesus himself has been resurrected!
Save us great and powerful ones with your money and your guns
Correct us for all of the wrongs we have done
Judge us for we are weak and unworthy
The broken and blasphmeous at your mercy
The second coming standing tall
Here to eradicate us all
Smiles May 2014
The cruelty of few have made me who I am
A monster amongst you
A goat amongst lamb
You may blame me; to that I say fine
But every great creature needs his Doctor Frankenstein
People can create monsters out of the people  they hurt. If you're told you're stupid every day of your life you will believe you are stupid. If you're told you're a monster because you hurt yourself and attempt suicide and have an illness you start to believe that too...
Smiles May 2014
I wake up every morning with this feeling of dread
Can't escape this groggy feeling left in my head
So I continue to just lay here in my bed
I don't even get up to eat I just sleep here instead
I lay and decompose as my skin starts to shed
Wasting away all the blood that I have bled
My arms dangling off the side drenched in red
My existence is pointless I might as well be dead
I don't care about anything I'm unmotivated this feeling embed
Sew my eyes and my mouth shut with needle and thread
Tie me down and pump my stomach with meds
Take a gun to my skull and fill me with lead
My sin is sloth you haven't misheard and you havent misread
I'm not okay don't believe those lies you've been fed
My deadly sin.
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