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The human body only allows the consciousness to activate and expand
Every great story comes to an end
What can be worse than being an inmate
A life of jealousy, we like to intimidate
We don't love ourselves so we try to imitate
Only to break out with a mind that can liberate
False leaders only want to control us
They create lies and tell us we are born impure and imperfect
never realizing we were created to be perfect
with a mind so susceptible to manipulation
we believe and believe, but all paths lead to the same door
I've opened it,  we all  hold the key to end this war
Be wary that there are those who view others existence as a mere opportunity to use, or create profit off of. These people will barricade themselves beneath a facade, that will lead many to believe them. These people view their fellow human beings as property, and will use them for their own selfish-desires. These people are afraid of intellectual thought, and promote a sheep-like lifestyle. Some may try to use your imagination and destroy it, using you for their experiment.
Life holds so much beauty. Even if you tell yourself there is no meaning, it always finds a way to show us it exists. Acts of kindness, or the sun glowing in a sweet orange sky, our purpose is to create and enjoy this world together. There are only exterior forces which stop us from achieving this, and those forces are merely an illusion.

— The End —