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Surya Teja M Nov 2017
I found happiness
In the deepest
Corner of depression

When I say this
People say, "impossible"
But, I say, "everything is possible".
Surya Teja M Nov 2017
The crowded streets,
The empty nights
Were the same;
Scary and dreary,
Till I met you.

Whether it was spark,
Or it was dark
I was the same;
Numb and dumb,
Till I met you.

You showered love
In oddest times,
Trained me seeing
Beauty in everything,
Accompanied in loneliness,
Exhilarated in clumsiness.

The sense of you
Had woken my eye,
The strike of your light
Ignited my mind,
The pill of your pleasure
Had cured my heart,
Hymns of your wisdom
Enlightened my soul.

Oh! Books!
I'm grateful!
Surya Teja M Nov 2017
You introduced the world to us
By carrying us on your back
You fed us our stomachs
By tilting hard clay with your bones
You exchanged our love letters
By travelling miles without tiredness
You made us rich
By selling your fur, skin, meat and even eggs
You gave us life
By dying in medical research
You gave us love
By caring, kissing and hugging when we are alone
We are humans
Because of your sacrifice, dear animals and birds
This is not our intelligence alone that made us humans but, the animals and birds who were and are always a part of our achievements
Surya Teja M Nov 2017
There is a world
outside me
There is a world
inside me
You can see the first,
but not the latter.
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Surya Teja M Oct 2017
I feel proud
When Sun tires
Of melting my frozen heart;

But, I fear
When Sun rises
In the morning with hope.
attempt with commitment is a the key of success
Surya Teja M Oct 2017
I dive into
The chasm of
Your heart-
In the search
Of the halo
That once sparkled
Surya Teja M Oct 2017
Starving: don't know what I am starving for
Waiting: don't know what I am waiting for
Searching: don't know what I am searching for
Sticking: don't know where I am sticking in
Loosing: I know, I am loosing my mind
Killing: I know, I am killing the hearts
It is about fickle mind
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