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Mystifying Chaos Sep 2018
I won't let them hurt you,
Even when we are nearing towards our end
Remember, You have the blood of the wolves coursing through your veins
You were born to be beautiful and wild
You have the power to massacre an entire village,
Yet, I know you'll choose to be kind
For you have a heart that can't see someone cry
You'll be dauntless and free throughout
But dare they restrict your freedom,
Dare they tame your wild,
Dare they point at you with the sharp end of the knife
Never forget that you're a hound in a sheep's disguise
Rip out their throats if they force you to fight
Unleash your power,
And revel in who you really are
Let them know that you bow to no one
Let their fear be your strength
You were born to be the predator
Stop being treated like a prey
Howl until they finally set you free
Be glorious; you are a warrior
And thats what you were destined to be.
Mystifying Chaos Aug 2018
Only my heart knows
how much I yearn
for you to return,
Even at the cost
of you leaving me
all over again.
Mystifying Chaos Jun 2018
She smelled of love letters and spilled ink,
Wrote down the words of wisdom,
As she sipped on her caffeinated drink,
She lived in the world that resided in her head,
Didn't find salvation in money or fame,
But in the library instead,
She looked beautifully surreal in pink,
As the sun rose during the early morning of spring
To kiss the daisies that grew near the brink,
She bore prophecies within her eyes,
One couldn't challenge their veracity,
For it would be like questioning the vastness of the skies,
People always thought she didn't fit in,
Just because she found peace within the books,
And the words had built a home under her skin.
Mystifying Chaos Jun 2018
Now that the sun has finally set,
And the moon shall no longer rise.
The moth will drift away from the flame;
The prophet knew that this friendship won't survive.
Memories that turned into ashes and flew away with the wind,
Treacherous betrayal often hurts more than the sharp end of a knife.
Broken promises and white lies, no more secrets left to exchange,
Except for a heavy heart that'll cherish the past till the end of time.
Saudade; A Portuguese word which is mostly considered to be untranslatable roughly refers to the soul-rending sadness, flavored with longing and melancholy.
Mystifying Chaos Jun 2018
Winter emerges, as I grief for something that was forcefully taken away from me.
I'm the one who rises from the sea,
I control the currents; the waves thrash with the mere mention of my name.
The earth tremors at my wake.
I'm not made up of angelic grace,
I have thunder brewing within my veins.
Don't be fooled by my innocent face,
I may appear harmless but I was born tainted with the blood of Hades.
I seek no redemption, for I'm the judge who sits on the grand pedestal.
My violence knows no bounds,
It shoots and kills
And in this game, no survivors are allowed
So my blood reeks of vengeance
And my soul seethes,
As all the gory deeds and sacrifices fuel up my needs.
I'm the chaos, the primordial entity that brought you into being.
None of the gods can ever catch me, for I'm just a mirage,
I appear to be close but I'm always far out of reach.
Mystifying Chaos May 2018
Would you dare to flirt with the tempest as it swallows everything in sight?
Thrash around with the current that resides in his eyes?
Drown yourself to bottom of the sea, lose your senses as everything turns eerie?
Fall and rise just like the tides, as he commands the storm with an ominous twinkle in his eyes?
No hold over reality,
No control over the mind.
You have succumbed to the tantalizing darkness that had started to crawl up your spine.
You fell in love as he smeared the gasoline over the path that will lead you to your demise.
He brought out a lighter and offered you the chance to burn,
Slowly with agony you start to squirm, afraid that he'll send you to a place from where you won't be able to return.
Now.. Would you dare to date the devil as he stares right into your eyes?
Takes you out to dance at the dead of the night just to possess your body and leave you to die?
Mystifying Chaos May 2018
The words that I once wrote upon your soul have merged with your skin and bones.
Now the poetry flows through your veins and it's poet remains unknown.
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