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Matt Berkes Jul 2019
I wonder why
The windows weep.
I wonder will
The thunder keep
Me awake
To reap
The thoughts
Where my
Doubts steep.

Counting sheep.
I want to sleep
But I think
The windows weep
For the way
My brain will leap
At any cheap comment
That can heap
More coals
Onto my insecurities.

The water's deep
And I know
I shouldn't keep
Swimming down
But a few
Stray words seep
Into my head,
Urging me to creep
Farther and
Down here
I can't see
The windows weeping
Matt Berkes Jun 2019
Hopeless, hopeless.
Try to focus,
Mind's atrocious.
What's my diagnosis?

Sealed in my steel head
With a piecemeal
Brain of sand
And every thought is
Helium in my hands.

Darkness mutters,
Heartbeat flutters,
Shadows clutter the light
And morality stutters.

Sinking, sinking,
Tired of thinking,
Mired and shrinking,
I can see the devil winking.

Doubt instilled in me
By the truths I fought.
Every forward step is oblique.
Isolation is vulnerability
When every idle thought
Plays hide and seek
With the devil.
Matt Berkes Jan 2019
Time floats with the dust
And hangs in our silence,
Mulls in our laughter,
Hides our reliance
On trust.
Oh say it if you must;
We can watch the
Metal rust
On our support beams,
Grow old and
Talk of dreams
Unattained nostalgically
But it seems
Like we'll always be
Blown together
On a gust of chance.
And if it's true,
Let's entrance
Ourselves in
Harmonic wanderlust.
Matt Berkes Dec 2018
Blades of grass
Slice like swords
Up the mountain towards
Divinity and
Portage Pass.

Ripples make
The water's mirror
Obscured but clearer
Is my mind at
Gold Cord Lake.

Sailing towards
The deepest blue
Where nature's hue
Harmonizes in
Kenai Fjords.

The mountains wield
Their crown with pride,
And skies abide
The reign of the
Harding Ice Field.

The sky is dark
But a giant looms
And light assumes
It's silhouette in
Denali Park.
Matt Berkes Dec 2018
Glass bent dreams,
Refracted moonbeams,
An indigo patchwork
Of stars
And fraying seams;

In streams and bends,
The scene amends
What reality pretends.

By my force of will,
Even the Amazon unbends.

I dream the world anew
Where light turns askew,
My kingdom in the blue,
Built for two,
Built around you.
Matt Berkes May 2018
Thought, like
A gunshot.
Like the noise the
Lightning wrought.
Like a crashing wave
That drags me back
Into the tide I fought.
I sought my peace
Inside a void
Where the pressing fears
Might cease.
Where my demons
Would release
But it was all
For naught.
In my darkness,
I was found.
The sporadic,
Enigmatic sound
Of my neural network
Run aground
On the void I used
As a shield around
The fears I loathe to feel,
Saw my defenses
Swiftly drowned,

And I thought.
Matt Berkes Jan 2018
Blaring. Glaring.
Why is everyone staring
At the sky?
They open their mouths
With sounds of sirens
Like bombs fly,
You'd think the inky blue
A graveyard but
Only clouds die
Staring. Blaring.
Like the whole world
Is swearing to hear
Nothing else but
The siren's prayer.
Is it for calamity
Or welfare?
I think even the
Staring, screaming statues
Don't know
And I'm worried
They don't care.
But still they sing,
Their voices ring,
Howling the siren's fanfare.
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