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knowing him that (big) guy
(in the sky) will do
he can
to foil my plan but (as we
all know) even
the devil
has to
Do not distribute or use without my explicit permission.
  Nov 2015 Elizabeth Thornton
To you, my one and only unknown love, I bestow unto you my heart and burning desires.
I've dreamed of our wedding day, and much more to come.
But still with a blank slate, for you, my one and only unknown love.
a pinch of truth must
season every falsehood or
the palate rebels
moments and tales that kissed the world.
These Are My Words
they weave.
These Are My Words
fireflies flew.
These Are My Words
tried and wrapped my fist.
These Are My Words
face free.
These Are My Words
being brave I saw demonization
These Are My Words
bravery loved dance
These Are My Words
dignity denied darkness
These Are My Words
flying constant
These Are My Words
she likes treason
These Are My Words
busted mouth and bruised cheeks
These Are My Words
an old flower leaving
These Are My Words
wrong school
These Are My Words
here comes young weight
These Are My Words
a thing called justice
These Are My Words
blue skin and ***** air
These Are My Words
god in his infinite wisdome
These Are My Words
placed a heart here, now -
These Are My Words
breathe and seek consequence
These Are My Words
hide hands
These Are My Words
thank god for your deluded bliss
These Are My Words
but inside she wonders
These Are My Words
dark and bittersweet
These Are My Words
  moments that only meant deceit
These Are My Words
work through change as I clench teeth
These Are My Words
gnash and outlive those old memories
These Are My Words
she is a rude stringy blonde beauty
These Are My Words
looking, yes, looking
These Are My Words
years later
These Are My Words
she thinks faster and has out ran
These Are My Words
the villainous monsters make mistakes
These Are My Words
leaving her with her one and only gift
Dedicated to Caroline - your mom never regretted giving birth to you
This is the unintended sequel to "Fireflies" - Go and check that out! <3
Do not use or distribute without my explicit permission
everyone who had once headed west

now runs with abandon to the east

everyone who had once tried to change things

now is content to only rearrange

everyone who had once meant to be greater

now is satisfied with only being better

everyone who had once fought for something

now stand for nothing

everyone who looked beyond the moon

now is willing to search among the stars

everyone who looks for fire

has been appeased with ice

*and they look to a god for answers - knowing he's the one who is damning them in the first place.
Do not distribute or use my work with out my explicit permission.
i know better then anyone how words can just get mixed up in your head as you try to explain the complex wisdom the sole being that is you - and sometimes fear hold me...down....who am i? to question ? ?. The bettwer question is who are you to not ) look beyond the fear of something seemingly far far away. Let the words clutter and mixxxxxxxxx. Until they have become soup and you are able to pour them down correctly and create a beauty-full picture on which the entire world can understand you - no you.  but who gives a care what they think...i think. they sing and sometimes scream....who says you're not perfect? when you're the answer to the universe - the very wisdome in the stars and the solving of a thousand constallations - minus Sirius. because even dreams have limits - it's our capibility that does not.
Do not distribute or use my work with out my explicit permission.
that his world is so dark that
he sometimes thinks
that if he ran faster
he  would outlive the monsters
that live inside him
he wonders at the moment
that precious moment when
he will be free from all
that  has plagued him so

*that he could be free...
Do not distribute or use my work with out my explicit permission.
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