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Nov 2015
i know better then anyone how words can just get mixed up in your head as you try to explain the complex wisdom the sole being that is you - and sometimes fear hold me...down....who am i? to question ? ?. The bettwer question is who are you to not ) look beyond the fear of something seemingly far far away. Let the words clutter and mixxxxxxxxx. Until they have become soup and you are able to pour them down correctly and create a beauty-full picture on which the entire world can understand you - no you.  but who gives a care what they think...i think. they sing and sometimes scream....who says you're not perfect? when you're the answer to the universe - the very wisdome in the stars and the solving of a thousand constallations - minus Sirius. because even dreams have limits - it's our capibility that does not.
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Elizabeth Thornton
Written by
Elizabeth Thornton  U.S.
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