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Soeka laborde Nov 2016
I kicked, i boxed
I punched and screaned
This whole ordeal feels like a dream
And though I fought in anguish
The flames never seems to be extinguished
I kicked and punched with all my might
And still, it seem like a one sided fight
I gave it my all, though it was not enough She looked into my eyes and called my every bluff
Her words pierced my soul
Her touch metal cold

Me, myself ,I and her
The battle line was visible
The war seems impossible
Yet that tiny voice in the back of my head
Pleading with me not to roll over and drop dead
Kept me alive, and I aim to survive
No matter the cost of this battle
It has to be fought
Whether is may be through storms or drought
I'll defend my fortress without a doubt
Even if its something I dread
I'll defeat those voices in my head

*©La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Nov 2016
A Black Woman is proud  
She respects herself and others.
She is aware of who she is.  
And knows that everything has its place
Even the smallest flower
She neither seeks definition or expect praise
Nor does she seek attention or the latest craze

A  black woman is hopeful. 
Never in phsycal rage or woeful
She is strong enough to make all her dreams come true.  
She's independent enough to put faith in a few
She knows love, therefore she gives love.
She have felt pain and and knows it makes one strong
She has been young and naive
She knows right from wrong  
She recognizes that her love has great value and must be reciprocated.  
If her love is taken for granted, it soon disappears.

A black woman has a dash of inspiration, a dabble of endurance.  
She knows that she will, at times,
have to inspire others to reach their potential
She accepts responsibility with ease
And is quite capable of articulating her needs

A black woman knows God.  
She knows that with God the world is her playground,
but without God she will just be played. 
And though she's been hurt, abused and betrayed,
in gods hands her troubles are layed

A black woman knows her past,
 understands her present
 And moves toward the future.
She doesn't live in fear
because of her past.
She understands that life's experiences
are merely lessons,
She takes her mistakes turn them in blessings
Which brings her closer to self knowledge, self awareness and unconditional self love.  
she portrays the grace of a snow white dove
*©La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Your kind is ancient, your skill is an art
The belief of your existence
Is of which most have part
At the sight of dust, there's a smile on your face
For the darkness brings the urge for a particular taste
You lurk in the shadows,
Awaiting your next victim
This exotic taste is the fuel found within

You sit at his right hand
An feet or two, maybe three, no further
For he is ruler, king and also your father
His voice echoes through the walls of the covernant
With only a glance, he killed dozens of tyrant

The days are so beautiful,
Yet you are in dispare
For where the sun shines
You can never go near
A creature of perfection in every single way
Yet your beauty shines its radiance most at night than day
With skin so soft, the rays of light burns
And as is tradation,
To dust you'll turn


             *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
We've been together for so long
But I cannot claim to know him
When we met, thoughts overwhelmed me
I became scared,
Scared of myself, my emotions
My wishes, my desires
He's close yet so far away
Within reach yet still secluded
Familiar, but a stranger in so many ways

I've bottled up so much
So much hurt,
So much pain,
So much tears,
My heart is filled with misery
My soul, with sorrow

I've wished to never have to leave you
I've wished to be with you, in the oneness of love, forever
I've wished I never had to lean on the arms of the devil
I've wished to never have shared his throne
I wish to wake up every morning
To see the breaking of the skies
Knowing that you're laying next to me
And that you'd be there for eternity

The heart craves for many things
Some of which are never meant to be
Love breaks all barriers
Love transcends all understanding
Love is void of reason
Love is trust
Love is sacrifice
Love is the ultimate price

     *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Did it hurt,
When you fell
When the earth opened up
And took you in

Did it hurt
As your hand left the knife
As you watched him slip away
And ended his life

Did it even hurt
You looked him in the eyes and lie
Told him you'd stay
While you packed and left anyway

Did you feel anything
When you broke his cord
Cut his rhythm, stopped him mid melody
When you left him an orchestra of broken synergy
Did it hurt your black heart
When I wrote him a new symphony
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
And though I know he has a wife
I cannot help myself I've realised
Every night in my mind
This man i lust for is already mine
I rode  his ****
slow wine on the tip, bounce on the head my ***** grips him tighter,
juices flowing on his ****
He held my waist and pull me down ******* his **** as it gets bigger inside of me.
  The harder I rode , the sweeter it felt
  I bit my lips......moaning and groaning...... Then he spanked my ***
His **** keeps hitting my spots the right way,
making my body quiver as my breast sways
I can feel the tip pressed against my womb,
His **** teasing me, sending me over the edge,
My muffled screams filled the room

you take my breast into your mouth
my ******* become rock hard
and sensitive to your touch.
I begged you to rub my **** as you drive your **** in me,
drawing my ****** closer with every voracious stroke.
I love this sensation so much
My legs became weak and my arms can no longer hold onto you,
the sensation you created in me is bursting out if me like a tsunami.
My ***** floods your **** with its love juices,
And you filled my convoy with your entire army
His hands ***** my ******* and he continue to ravage my ***** with his almighty ****,
He bend me over,
insert his **** into my quivering *****,  fingers caresses my ****,
my ***** pouring it's content onto his **** my body grows weaker to his  touch,
Of this amazing phenomenon I can never get enough

Head down,My legs wide apart,
my *** raised high in the air
He enters my promise land with ease and ravage my secret garden to shreds.
I can feel you in me baby, your **** vibrating into my core,
your desires throbbing deep inside me,
my body heats up and I feel you quiver,
the rage in you pours out and the pleasure within my soul burst out,
mixing together as we both ******, breathing heavily, too tired to move,
to satisfied to think.

In the morning when I wake
I know that things will be the same
But every night I go to bed
This fantasy I'll replay in my head

              *La Vida Love
This piece is extremely ******
I hope no one eats my head off for it.
I do hope that whosoever reads this is to age

I look forward to the comments

                    Thank you
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
She's your eve
Your body, her apple
Biting into your core
The serpent uncoil
Venom dripping , burning the soil
Juices fueling her passion
Craving you more

Sins of the body
Thoughts of the mind
Feelings of the soul
Desires multiply ten folds
The longer you hold

You sense it, don't you
What you have is list
Nothing surreal
Canal desires
Animalistic rage
Hormonal beast uncaged

You're my Adam
I'm your Eve
Sin with me once more
In this Eden of lustful pleasure
Our minds precieve

*la Vida
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
I am picture perfect
Within a broken frame
Cut myself numerous times on glass
Fixing my mirror so it'd last
Reflecting and image, set in Steel and gold
Shining, beautiful yet perplexedly cold

Turn ashes to fire
Life's a balancing act on wires
Preforming the same tricks
Over and over, top of my class
Glue glitter to a broken mask
Risk it all for victory, never lost
I'm on fire, I know, i've watch me burn
Chin up , shoulders back, big smile
facade checked ,double checked
Rouse pt 2
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Since Facebook turn to shade
Some of y'all need to go home and bath
Talking bout this on fleek, that on fleek
But dem cockroaches flying
And dem baby mouse starta squeek
Tryna break up a good home
Cause your skanky *** can't make your own
Talking bout hot gyal this and hot gyal that
Well hot gyal don't scrape out another gyal ***
Hot gyal can read and write
And know dem worth plenty
Only thing some of you ******* can do nowadays is take ah selfie

Y'all make me sick with this ***** mentality
You see, a sista can't talk to a mister
Without some ******* thinking he's ******* her
And she can't go out looking fine as hell
Without some ******* tryna get with her
And these so called misters
Seems to me like dem waist blister
Cause dem pants always dey by dem *** like some prisoners
Talking bout "man ah gangster yow"
***** please, you ain't no gangster, you ah "Gyow"
Instead you people go look for a job or educate yourself and ****
Y'all out here looking like a bunch ah ***** *** *****!

    *La Vida Love
This piece is written iny local dialect, my apologises if you don't understand
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Why didn't they run away
Every fiber of their being
Screaming to jump the gun
Their hearts, racing for miles
The heavens, spun at their smiles
The earth, shook at their embrace
The universe sounded an alarm
Blinded by each other,
Eyes that wouldn't see
Took a gamble, place a bet
And lost...
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Ink stain upon milk white heart
Tender touches tore it apart
Sharp, shocking pain
Crimson blade embedded within
It sort of feels like that
When the blade pierced the back

On shaking knees,
A daring escape
Blood splattered path leaves a trail
Further and further, closer it seems
Final step, broken body on bending knees
Strike quickly
I'll smile through the pain
Tell me you love me
Just before you **** me again

No, don't do anything
Let free my blood
Let me have it my way
Let me die in love
Let me be free
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
I've never Skipped rocks
Nor made ripples in a pond
Never paid attention to the bees in the garden
Nor the ants marching in unison
Never stopped to smell the roses
Nor stick my toes in the sand
Never gazed at the sunrise
Never awed at the sunset
Nor have I ever been spellbound by the stars perfectly positioned in the heavens
Never went camping or pitched a tent
Never show my anger
But somehow I always vent
Now I look back in my haste
I wish to regain the time I've waste.
*©La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Sep 2016
The passion in your eyes
The subtle way you make me smile
The warmth of your embrace
The way you make my heart race
I truly believed that you were mine
Then I say you getting friendly with her
And it hurts

I imagined her, clinging to you
Your hands Tracing her slender frame
Vows of romance silently spoken
My heart broke, and those shards were broken
I watched from a distance
Time stood still, my mind race
Couldn't bare to look at your face
I cursed the thought out of my head
And tried to forget the void it fed
But it hurts

You look into my eyes, you see my smile
Yet you are blind to my pain
For my soul cries and my mind ache
Everything I believed in is at stake
But I couldn't bring myself to say anything to you
For it hurts

The irony, for you, the bringer of my sorrow
Never saw my pain, and it hurts
More than a thousand blades thrusted into an open wound
Yet still, you never heard the screams of my soul
And that, that hurts.

                      *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
So strange, how thou love to be alone
Silent roars bellows,
echo's on in solitude
And so whispers the silend cackles
of knowledge's tone
Drift on the winds of melody,
sets the mood
Harps of silent tears bellows a symphony
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Love should be loud
Like thunder across that gray black skies
Love should be wide
Vast as the sea and time
Love should be strong
Like the arms that holds strong when falling into the void

Love should be sweet
Like the water of life trickling from thirsty lips
Love should be divine
A blessing bestowed
Love should be pure
An innocent heart from an untainted source

Love should be true
No smoke and mirrors
A reflection of the inner you
Love should be honest
A sacred bond
An unbroken promise

Love should be kind
A gentle smile, a piece of mind
Love should be firm
A steady hand to guide when the tides come along
Love should be a healer
Mending pieces too small for the eyes to see

Love should be boundless
Transcending all boundaries
Untamed unshackled, unrelenting
A thriving flower amidst choas ridden plains
Love should be loved
When all else fails
The heart is worth more than the Holy Grail
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Like a river flowing by
That's how the tears fell from my eyes
You hurt me so bad, in so many ways
I worked for your love like a penniless slave
My days are lonely, my nights are cold
Just like a kingdom on empty throne
You looked at me while I walk away
We both knew there is nothing left to say
But old habits die hard
And temptation is begging me to let you stay
I could take you in my arms
And never let you go
I can fall in love again
But you'd only hurt me more
My heart is broken, I'm lost in the dark
All that surrounds me is silence, cold and hard
But with time to heal, I'll mend these shards
From this day forth, you'll hurt me no more
I can finally spread my wings
and let my lonely Heart soar
So I thank you and the father above
For he kept me through it all
And you helped me learn that there's much more to life than love.

  *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
I saw him coming from a distance
His eyes gleamed with the curiosity of  a wild beast
He licked his lips, my knees grew weak
I lost it all when he repeat
"I want want you" he whispered, his words cut sweet

I felt the murmur in my covers
As I beckoned to his call
Gentle hands chills up my spine
I feasted on tender lips, so divine
My lips move under sweet surrender

He grabbed to me, pinned Me Against the wall
Oh, to this moment, I desperately remember
My legs held him close, my arms pulled him near
Be gentle my love, my knight, my aggressor
For I am tender, light and raw.

Oh God! The estacy of this gracious, glorious sin
His passion explored from deep within
My sheets became saturated through the ****** of it all
As I an exhausted between these walls

So please my love,
my knight in moon lit armor
Tease me pleasantly, and be gentle
Forever in this darkest hour of midnight

So tonight, I'll be ready, in dream land you await
when I lay my head to sleep
I pray to God for a repeat
And I shall endure this pleasant torture
Night after night, always and forever
For he is my light, my love, my law

   *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Mystery Lady
She smiles and heads turn
Lick her lips, hearts skips
Sways her hips and jaws drop
And when she dance, time stops
She likes her liquor on the rocks

She has a flare for big numbers
Six figures and up, nothing under
She cares about your financial status
But her interest is self serving and bogus

In love with being at the front of the line at the club
So she pop a button on her clevage exposed top
And if you look closely, I bet you'd see the bouncer's eyes 'drop'
She uses her looks for short term gain
Her friends are like her, and are quite few
She has a knack for the money makers
She probably charmed you that way too

Its funny though
She never uses her "assets" for any long term goal
Simply because she doesn't need any or doesn't want to
I think she doesn't have any, truth be told
A person like that has a shallow soul filled with multi dimensional black holds
She climbs boyfriends like a cooperate ladder
One over one, higher and higher
Each one richer than the other
Could be a doctor, lawyer, pastor or even your father
She's way out of your league
So be cautious how you proceed
Her only aim if for her pockets to get bigger
In case you haven't already figured it out
Our mystery lady is a 'gold digger'

          *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
He pressed his hips against me
I melted into the bed
"You little **** teaser" he purred
I've watched you for so long
Wearing these outfits, teasing the men in town
******* like you deserve everything you get

"Please" I begged
My words fell unit deaf ears
The glow in his eyes deepened my fears
He bore his fangs and I tried to scream
His hands cornered my mouth like something in a bad dream

"Please stop" I cried
Not only was I about to loose my innocence, but also my pride
And then I died...
His fang sliced through my once pure flesh
I prayed to god and asked for death

"This is all your fault" he cooed
Little ******* like you shouldn't be so rude
He ****** harder, faster, deeper, more and more
Tears flowed from my eyed affixed to the door

"Please stop" I plead
I promise not to say anything
If you'd just stop this and leave
"Please stop dad, please, stop" murmured
"You're not my Darm daughter!"
And he ****** harder, harder, faster

"One word of this, and you're dead!"
I lay there muffling my cried limp and frail on my tear filled bed
"This is my fault, ******* like me gets what they deserve" I repeated over and over in my head
Dear God, I wish I was dead...

          *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Eyes wide open
Searching for the light
Hands numb, shaking
Nothing in sight
Journey of a single step
Taken a thousand times
Along the same twisted route
Expecting changes by noon
Darkest before dawn they say
Darkness always come, casting shadows upon a crescent moon
Ripples dances over a pond of sorrow
Thoughts lingers on the future of tomorrow
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
How'd you get so cold?
Your skin burn
Your hands I can no longer hold
Constant chill running through your bones

Why'd you get so distant
The light in your eyes died
Your spark no longer dance
Disrupted your melody
Scattered my rhythm

What turned your heart so dark
Blew out my fire
Every time I lit a spark
Ate my light with your shadow
Without warning, without a chance to fight

When did you get so weak
The eyes looking back at me
Are not mine
The hands reaching for you
I do not remember
The black flames creeping through my being
I've once tried keeping at bay
Have I surrendered?
Soeka laborde Nov 2016
I  stumbled from the ashes of my disdain
Like a Phoenix, I was reborn

I rose to my feet, dusted my knees
Slowly then faster
One foot before the other
Walk, walk, jog, jog, run, run, run
Run without restraint
My heart feels so light
I just might faint
Run to the mountains
Cross the seas, settle in the valley
Finally, I am free
Free to fly
Free to soar
Free to discover so much more
Free to be alive
Free to choose life
Free to refuse the negativity's cries
Free to greet the morning with a smile
Free to relax once in a while
Free to weather any storm
Free to be rebuilt, reformed, reborn

*©La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
flawless doesn't exist
Perfection is a rouse
A smile is just another tool
One we so choose to abuse
Incompatible with our true feeling
A mask to hide our pain
A story to stand behind of
While seeking recognition and fame

Smile, chin up, shoulders straight
Don't let them see the weight you carry
Hurry, before its too late
Bite your tongue to, show no frustration
And if your lucky
The train of façade, won't leave you at the station
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Hell bent on a quest
With no map to call your guide
Searching far and wide
Asking questions you don't want answered
Looking for answers to questions you haven't asked
Rhetorical  questions and answers
Laced with fears.

The you'd say I'm 'complicated'
Well you've got to be out of your mind
For you have me underaged all this time
But, its not all 'black and white' as you'd say
I'm covered in shades of gray
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
I am the vessel of your betrayal
Sorrow is my body and anger  is my blood
And though I have inherited the monsters of your sin
Unknown to the twilight of truth
Nor known to the eclipse of life
Withstood pain to create an illusion of happiness
In order to face the distain of reality
I could never understand
How could you?
After all that we've been through
Disregard the pains of many
For the acceptance of a few

So now, I've built my walls into a fortress
Yet my chains still rattle with every step
Stretch my wings towards the sky
Reaching for the light
Only to have it snatched from my grasp
And though I have gain strength
Swimming in an ocean of my fears
These hands will never truly hold anything
And so I pay the ultimate price
Of every chain bound, light starved, love stricken fool
Eternal, unlimited, everlasting pain

                  *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Third eye pieced open
dust clears , reality sets
Did I ever really love you
Was I ever truly happy
Now that the truth is clearer
Watched while your demons come
You watch while I silently run
Now that i neither shines nor shimmers
Was it just smoke and mirrors?

Soeka laborde Apr 2018
What is it that you cant understand?
Im hard wired to be headstrong
My pride?...polished !
My shame?...discarded !
Goals set, no reservations

Questioning my intent?
Wondering whats on my mind?
The answer will come in due time
Unwilling to accept the inevitable
Hit the road jack!
Ive get no time te waste on a
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
We were caught up in the moment
I was hot and heavy, his guns were loaded
He didn't know me from a can of paint
But, sorry, it was too late cause
He had already hopped up on it
It was crazy cause ,
he didn't even know my name
Such slight details wasn't needed
We were already boning.
And what's strange is that
He didn't even reach for the ******
That I was tryna push up on him
He was like "nah babe, we straight"
Didn't hesitate to start stroking

And me, I'm just as bad as him
I know I don't know him
But he's ready and im ready
And god ******, I was soaking
He embrace and caressed me
And I proceeded to bust it open

But, there's something I was holding
I guess you can call it a secret
It wasn't like he gave me a chance to tell him about it
He was moving so fast, he practically begged me to keep it
It aint my fault he was more concern
With what's underneath my Victoria Secret
Than for him to know what he was getting from it
He should be more careful with whom he sleeps with

And I heard he had a girl....
Well, he should be more careful with whom he creeps with
Cause you can get burned in more ways than one
When you 'pop up' in 'em sheets quick

That's the same thing that happened to me
And on my first time,
Can you believe it??
I didn't kno what man had 'IT'
I was too busy focused on " Darm, that man is fine!"
Hence the saying " looks can be deceiving "

The same thing that happen to you
When you focus on me ***, breast and thighs
You now gotta learn to look at life with a different set of eyes
Well, now you have my secret package
To take to your girlfriend
To share for the rest of your lives

                       *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
The darkness drew close an the end drew near
He looked into my heart and saw fear
Heart racing... Lungs burn
Darkness torments at every turn

Dinking deeper into an eternal void
Darkness robs my soul of its joy
Colors flashes by, I say his face
My body yarned for his warm embrace

Engulfed in darkness, fear, and lies
So scared of love passing me by
Thinking of heaven, don't wanna die
On my way to hell, God knows I've tried

Reaching out to take his hand
The distance grew, the void expands
Pulling me further, faster into the ebis
I grabbed for his hands, once again I've missed
Lost in the silence all alone
The darkness turned my soul to stone

He spin me around and around
Can't keep my feet on solid ground
So afraid to take a stand
I kept holding on to his hand
Don't know if its dumb luck or faith
But one day, well meet at Hell's gate

                   *La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Who am I? What am I to be?
Work day in, day out, its rough
Future so uncertain often times I fail to see
Even through the hardest of days, I remain tough

Everyday nine to five, trying to build  life
climbing the ladder, one foot over another
others quest to find husband and wife
Is this  worth it, why even bother?

Inhale positivity, is that some brewed tea
Dear miserable fight, why have you chosen I?
Exhale negativity, all this breathing is making  me hungry
Would it be okay to curl up and die?

Nothing beats a failure than a trial she would say
Sorry Nana, maybe I'm just meant to succeed another way.

Soeka laborde Apr 2018
After the dust has settled
The battles coming to a close
The final whistle about to be blown
We rise
Against all odds
Against all I'll sentiments
Against all discouragement
We rise

though you wish for us to fall on our faces
To trip over ourselves, and be a disgrace
We climb higher and higher
One foot over the other
Our hands reaching for higher heights
One step at a time
With our goals set, our destination in mind
We rise to claim what's ours
To break the monopoly of power

Against the wind and the rain, we rise
Against the thunder and the flames, we rise
Against the tides, with determination in our eyes, we rise
Against the fury of your despise, we rise
We were born as warriors
Groomed to be solders
blessed with victory from the skies
We were born to *RISE
Soeka laborde Sep 2016
The ghost of you lingers on my mind
The echo of your words tangos across my heart
The feeling of excitement of falling in love in cyberspace
Sexting without remorse or grace
A friendship that hits below the waist
Intelligent conversations that strokes your passion and ignites your fire
I wonder if I'll have anything left to offer
Or would the sight of you take me higher up the ladder of my sinful desire

Your words drive my imagination wild
The touch on my skin, your fingers, lightly caressing my spine
This image in my head is so divine
Seriously hoping that one day, this feeling will be mine.
Pictures and thoughts exchanged on a whim
Something strange grows from within

Intellectually stimulating every part of me
Zeros and ones creates a digital reality
Here I am, imagining being in your arms
The sweetest words you whisper in my ear
My soul yarns for you to be here
Feelings your warm body against mines under the cover
I long for you, my WhatsApp lover

                         *©La Vida Love
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
If I had a wishing rock
I'd wish for so many things
I'd wish castle or a golden bird that sings
I'd wish for a meadow filled with creatures
So I can watch nature go by
I'd wish for eternal life
So I'd never die.

If I had a wishing rock
I could wish for lots of things
I could wish for luxurious riches
Or really shiny blings
I could wish for a mansion with a pool and lots of cars
I could wish for a rocket ship to take me amongst the stars

If I had a wishing rock
I would definitely wish for love
One from another
And one from the father above
I would wish for someone to kiss and hug
So that I could fly on the wings of a dove

But I don't have a wishing rock
So I can't wish for these things
All I can wish for
Is that , to my heart,
Joy you'll bring

                *La Vida Love

— The End —