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Emanzi Ian Aug 2020
Curves under your dress
Girl you really impress
Nights of drinking
Different kinds of smokes in the air
Constantly,cigarrette in between those beautiful fingers on your left hand
But still,kind as a saint
You share even the smallest in your possession
The way you are ever ready to hear out others and help them with their challenges,
Makes you even more likable
Shiny Bright eyes,fresh as a new day
You are such a perfect mess
Arousing attitude that makes you such a perfect catch
That smile with teeth so white like they are bleached daily
Your laugh so heartwarming like a well-made cup of coffee on a cold morning
Curves under your dress swerve, Left and right when you move
You are indeed such a beauty to behold
I love how you are ever so bold
Even when you are really old,
I guarantee that you'll still shine like purified gold
You are such a perfect mess,
I can never ever forget our first ever kiss.

Copyright Reserved By Emanzi Ian
1 July
Written On 1st July 2020 and edited the next day.
Inspired by the words 'Curves under your Dress' from a Kanye West Song.
Lisa Sep 2019
Love never said i love you back
All it ever did was stab me im the back
Seeing others happy with being in love made me feel like i was missing out on something all i was missing out on was lies,hugs,kisses
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
We've been together for so long
But I cannot claim to know him
When we met, thoughts overwhelmed me
I became scared,
Scared of myself, my emotions
My wishes, my desires
He's close yet so far away
Within reach yet still secluded
Familiar, but a stranger in so many ways

I've bottled up so much
So much hurt,
So much pain,
So much tears,
My heart is filled with misery
My soul, with sorrow

I've wished to never have to leave you
I've wished to be with you, in the oneness of love, forever
I've wished I never had to lean on the arms of the devil
I've wished to never have shared his throne
I wish to wake up every morning
To see the breaking of the skies
Knowing that you're laying next to me
And that you'd be there for eternity

The heart craves for many things
Some of which are never meant to be
Love breaks all barriers
Love transcends all understanding
Love is void of reason
Love is trust
Love is sacrifice
Love is the ultimate price

     *La Vida Love

— The End —