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Ruheen Jan 2019
Black rose,
There's no hope.
The colors fade away.
All there's left is pain.

Black rose,
Let it go.
There's nothing else left.
Watch the flower melt.

Black rose,
Don't you know?
Don't be crying.
Create a silver lining.

I'd rather be dead,
Than stuck in my head.
Drained of color.
It can't get any duller.

Like a black rose,
I let it grow.
I let the darkness
Engulf me long ago.
the black-rose Dec 2018
a certain glisten in her eyes,
like a star fallen from skies.
an orchid bloomed in place of heart,
she stands alone,
she stands apart.
a phenix driven by the waves among the sea.
so many parts you cannot see,
a mystery.
a vignette art,
so rare,
nobody else can be.
consists of magic
to fulfill,
your fantasy.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
I legit never knew the beauty black roses possess.
I stared at one day after day.
She looked like she didn't want to be bothered.
Still she'd look and stare.
She grew differently than the red ones.
Prepackaged, given to others in mass quantity.
She'd sit alone and read amongst herself.
With arched eyebrows and shapely dress.
Most were afraid of her thorns. Despite all the beauty she possessed inside.
They only saw her outside.
Reason her thorns were so sharp.
The misconception that she was to be feared.
When in reality they protected her.
They made her to think that she was ugly.
The red roses that surrounded.
They'd bunch around her in fear of their own self conscious.
Attempting to stop her smile.
The more they tried, the more she stood out.
Grounded in her faith she grew out of her insecurity.
Being the regal beauty that she was.
Realizing the heroine she searched was inside her the whole time.
Her petals testimony to her root.
When I spoke she cheerfully replied with a smile.
I walked by day after day
Poetic T Aug 2017
Crimson shimmers
bled from
when love died.

A carcass of
         emotions darkened
filling a void. A black rose
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Your kind is ancient, your skill is an art
The belief of your existence
Is of which most have part
At the sight of dust, there's a smile on your face
For the darkness brings the urge for a particular taste
You lurk in the shadows,
Awaiting your next victim
This exotic taste is the fuel found within

You sit at his right hand
An feet or two, maybe three, no further
For he is ruler, king and also your father
His voice echoes through the walls of the covernant
With only a glance, he killed dozens of tyrant

The days are so beautiful,
Yet you are in dispare
For where the sun shines
You can never go near
A creature of perfection in every single way
Yet your beauty shines its radiance most at night than day
With skin so soft, the rays of light burns
And as is tradation,
To dust you'll turn


             *La Vida Love
Annie Oct 2014
Behind this mask
You can't see
But its still there
Even if you can't believe

This black gown
And a black rose in my hand
This black mask
And a dark place where I stand

Here I call names
But you can't hear
Here I call for help
But you can't be here

Leave me alone with cannabis
In this incredible masquerade
No one ever listens
But I can see your skin colours fade

Everybody here thinks I'm perfect
They can't look inside
Everybody can't apprehend the laughter
Because they want it in concise ~
Its about you and pain.

— The End —