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Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Hell bent on a quest
With no map to call your guide
Searching far and wide
Asking questions you don't want answered
Looking for answers to questions you haven't asked
Rhetorical  questions and answers
Laced with fears.

The you'd say I'm 'complicated'
Well you've got to be out of your mind
For you have me underaged all this time
But, its not all 'black and white' as you'd say
I'm covered in shades of gray
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
After the dust has settled
The battles coming to a close
The final whistle about to be blown
We rise
Against all odds
Against all I'll sentiments
Against all discouragement
We rise

though you wish for us to fall on our faces
To trip over ourselves, and be a disgrace
We climb higher and higher
One foot over the other
Our hands reaching for higher heights
One step at a time
With our goals set, our destination in mind
We rise to claim what's ours
To break the monopoly of power

Against the wind and the rain, we rise
Against the thunder and the flames, we rise
Against the tides, with determination in our eyes, we rise
Against the fury of your despise, we rise
We were born as warriors
Groomed to be solders
blessed with victory from the skies
We were born to *RISE
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
What is it that you cant understand?
Im hard wired to be headstrong
My pride?...polished !
My shame?...discarded !
Goals set, no reservations

Questioning my intent?
Wondering whats on my mind?
The answer will come in due time
Unwilling to accept the inevitable
Hit the road jack!
Ive get no time te waste on a
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Third eye pieced open
dust clears , reality sets
Did I ever really love you
Was I ever truly happy
Now that the truth is clearer
Watched while your demons come
You watch while I silently run
Now that i neither shines nor shimmers
Was it just smoke and mirrors?

Soeka laborde Apr 2018
I am picture perfect
Within a broken frame
Cut myself numerous times on glass
Fixing my mirror so it'd last
Reflecting and image, set in Steel and gold
Shining, beautiful yet perplexedly cold

Turn ashes to fire
Life's a balancing act on wires
Preforming the same tricks
Over and over, top of my class
Glue glitter to a broken mask
Risk it all for victory, never lost
I'm on fire, I know, i've watch me burn
Chin up , shoulders back, big smile
facade checked ,double checked
Rouse pt 2
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
Eyes wide open
Searching for the light
Hands numb, shaking
Nothing in sight
Journey of a single step
Taken a thousand times
Along the same twisted route
Expecting changes by noon
Darkest before dawn they say
Darkness always come, casting shadows upon a crescent moon
Ripples dances over a pond of sorrow
Thoughts lingers on the future of tomorrow
Soeka laborde Apr 2018
flawless doesn't exist
Perfection is a rouse
A smile is just another tool
One we so choose to abuse
Incompatible with our true feeling
A mask to hide our pain
A story to stand behind of
While seeking recognition and fame

Smile, chin up, shoulders straight
Don't let them see the weight you carry
Hurry, before its too late
Bite your tongue to, show no frustration
And if your lucky
The train of façade, won't leave you at the station
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