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Nigdaw Nov 2019
Let me describe the curve;

It is smooth as carved stone
Yet soft and warm
A texture like silk.
From where it begins
You can run your hands down
To describe a perfect pear.

Savouring each caress,
Let your hands feel
A hardened excitement
Electrifying your senses
Infecting the mind
With a passionate madness.

The curve can re-form,
Still described perfectly
Leaving everything in place,
Perspective changes
Enhancing new features
For fingers and tongue to explore.

You can become part of it
Melt into the sculpture.
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
And though I know he has a wife
I cannot help myself I've realised
Every night in my mind
This man i lust for is already mine
I rode  his ****
slow wine on the tip, bounce on the head my ***** grips him tighter,
juices flowing on his ****
He held my waist and pull me down ******* his **** as it gets bigger inside of me.
  The harder I rode , the sweeter it felt
  I bit my lips......moaning and groaning...... Then he spanked my ***
His **** keeps hitting my spots the right way,
making my body quiver as my breast sways
I can feel the tip pressed against my womb,
His **** teasing me, sending me over the edge,
My muffled screams filled the room

you take my breast into your mouth
my ******* become rock hard
and sensitive to your touch.
I begged you to rub my **** as you drive your **** in me,
drawing my ****** closer with every voracious stroke.
I love this sensation so much
My legs became weak and my arms can no longer hold onto you,
the sensation you created in me is bursting out if me like a tsunami.
My ***** floods your **** with its love juices,
And you filled my convoy with your entire army
His hands ***** my ******* and he continue to ravage my ***** with his almighty ****,
He bend me over,
insert his **** into my quivering *****,  fingers caresses my ****,
my ***** pouring it's content onto his **** my body grows weaker to his  touch,
Of this amazing phenomenon I can never get enough

Head down,My legs wide apart,
my *** raised high in the air
He enters my promise land with ease and ravage my secret garden to shreds.
I can feel you in me baby, your **** vibrating into my core,
your desires throbbing deep inside me,
my body heats up and I feel you quiver,
the rage in you pours out and the pleasure within my soul burst out,
mixing together as we both ******, breathing heavily, too tired to move,
to satisfied to think.

In the morning when I wake
I know that things will be the same
But every night I go to bed
This fantasy I'll replay in my head

              *La Vida Love
This piece is extremely ******
I hope no one eats my head off for it.
I do hope that whosoever reads this is to age

I look forward to the comments

                    Thank you

— The End —