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Soeka laborde Oct 2016
We were caught up in the moment
I was hot and heavy, his guns were loaded
He didn't know me from a can of paint
But, sorry, it was too late cause
He had already hopped up on it
It was crazy cause ,
he didn't even know my name
Such slight details wasn't needed
We were already boning.
And what's strange is that
He didn't even reach for the ******
That I was tryna push up on him
He was like "nah babe, we straight"
Didn't hesitate to start stroking

And me, I'm just as bad as him
I know I don't know him
But he's ready and im ready
And god ******, I was soaking
He embrace and caressed me
And I proceeded to bust it open

But, there's something I was holding
I guess you can call it a secret
It wasn't like he gave me a chance to tell him about it
He was moving so fast, he practically begged me to keep it
It aint my fault he was more concern
With what's underneath my Victoria Secret
Than for him to know what he was getting from it
He should be more careful with whom he sleeps with

And I heard he had a girl....
Well, he should be more careful with whom he creeps with
Cause you can get burned in more ways than one
When you 'pop up' in 'em sheets quick

That's the same thing that happened to me
And on my first time,
Can you believe it??
I didn't kno what man had 'IT'
I was too busy focused on " Darm, that man is fine!"
Hence the saying " looks can be deceiving "

The same thing that happen to you
When you focus on me ***, breast and thighs
You now gotta learn to look at life with a different set of eyes
Well, now you have my secret package
To take to your girlfriend
To share for the rest of your lives

                       *La Vida Love

— The End —