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 Apr 2019 Julieann Jonson
Stolen moments -
a touch of hands.

Does it belong to me?
To you?

One thing is
for sure:

I'm falling
and I can't stop myself.

I just hope you're there
to catch me.
 Apr 2019 Julieann Jonson
I yearn for love that is blind,
but I long to hear that my
eyes and lips are pretty

I champion love that is mind over matter,
but I cannot help but trace the shape of your body
and be happy that it is beautiful
 Feb 2019 Julieann Jonson
when I die
do come to my funeral
bring me a white rose
and place a pen on my casket

and if people ask who you were
tell them
"I'm the subject of her poems".
Room temperature beer,
Petal pink bra,
Grey sweatpants that should be in the wash.

A sip of beer
And then a deap exhale.

Ink smudging my fingertips.

Two pillows,
One person.

One person,
And a lukewarm beer.
 Feb 2019 Julieann Jonson
The moment someone knows me
The moment someone sees
I exist
I am present
I am back to being me

And so I go where noone knows me
To where I'm openly not seen
To not exist for a few hours
Is such a blessing
Not to be
The January Lasts

It's not about non-existence. It's about getting away from the self without reset. It's about being... Refreshed. And we all do that differently.
 Feb 2019 Julieann Jonson
Drip drip drip,
My love slides between your lips.
Sweet honey,
Your hands, soft on my hips.
Don’t waste it,
My mom would tell me not to waste it.
Hazy in your love,
Do you like the taste of it?
Your skin with drops of cold night dew.
A whisper to myself
I won’t tell you but, I like the taste of you
I shouldn't love you

Yet you have a way of manipulating


I fall for you even when standing still
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