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Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
Opaque colors.
Shapes of many.
Illuminated wall decorations.
Paintings made from shards of glass.
Stories among each piece.
Colors of different meanings.
Red belongs to the blood of Christ.
Love/hate to fill these pieces.
The color brown brings death and abandonment.
Copper strands to mend them together.
Hidden beauty.
We take advantage of this broken glass.
Appreciation is dwelling.
Unintentionally forgetting the uniqueness.
Stand and stare at stained-glass windows.
Let the light shine through.
Bring joy,
Death and sorrow.
Each is unique.
One of a kind.
Filled with many surprises.

Stained-glass windows.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
Time stands still.
For you perhaps not.
Here, right now. Time stood still.
A deep breath in.
Out when the clock strikes midnight.  
A clean break to a brand new day.
The moon is high in the sky.
A few stars peeking between the dusting of clouds.
Owls hooing in the trees.
Enjoying the little things.
Laying here in darkness.
Listening to the sounds of the wind scraping the roof.
For that spilt second worry about nothing.
Let emotions out the window.
Let your body relax.
Open your mind to the possibilities of tomorrow.
For tomorrow is right now.
Go to sleep knowing you’ve made it another day.
Hopefully it’s as spectacular as the day before.
Maybe better.
Maybe worse.

But there’s always tomorrow.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
Blueish clear waters.
Pebbles on the bottom.
Green leafy bits to the side.
A castle built for one?
Never caring about their surroundings.
Clam and quiet.
Ever so often blowing bubbles.
Swimming and sleeping.
Taken advantage of for being so oblivious.
Never given the love they deserve.
Unintentionally forgotten.
Takes what they get, lives with it.
Alone in a fishbowl.
Feeding ourselves often.
Loving each other freely.
Wishing to be in an ocean full of gold fishes.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
Daydreaming kisses
Dandelion wishes
As the sky is blue
The grass is greener
No one knows which way the wind blows

We tell our story
Through words written on paper
Our toughest days
Happiest pleasures
Sadden by death
Joys to the rest
Confronting our fears never the less

Let’s be happy through all of our pain
The sadness will disappear
Black bruises fade to shades of blue
Making others happy for we all belong in a zoo
Not really sure what this is...
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
So quiet you can hear coyotes howling in the distance.

So dark you can’t tell when your eyes are open.

You lye in bed thinking.

Why can’t I just close my eyes?
Why can’t I fall asleep?
Why are there different shades of darkness?

My eyes open, burning to be closed.

Eyelids begin to get heavy.
My body begins to relax.
I am numb.
Sleep is calling my name.

Now I am awake for it is the next day.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
In a room full of darkness.

Open your eyes.

The light will find you.
Julieann Jonson Apr 2019
to the silent
raindrops ever so
gently falling chaotically.  
Numbing as they touch my skin.
They are timeless, ordinarily unique.
I am amazed at how relaxing and calming
these tiny spherical drops of water are. Refreshing.
The best way to wake. Splish splashing to the ground.
Simply falling from the sky. Different shades of blue.
Rainbows and sunsets of many colors hiding behind
clouds of grey. Thunder & lightening tend to almost
always follow. So sit and listen to the sounds
and breath in all the smells of fresh
raindrops, falling.
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