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Eleventheshyone Feb 2019
Don't say I'm  blue
I'm not depressed
I'm blue
From seeing the sky
In all its glory
Eleventheshyone Feb 2019
The waves weren't our enemies
Being to close to the ocean was
Sculpted together
But not
Eleventheshyone Feb 2019
" "
My beauty
He used to paint the deepest part of the ocean
It was the parts out of reach
My unknown
Eleventheshyone Feb 2019
I painted my walls the color of his skin
I tried to renovated
  Feb 2019 Eleventheshyone
Loving you is the purest act
I' ve done in my life

Even if you don't care
I won't change a thing
Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Everyone is special
and so
are you.
Don't listen to what
others say,
just be yourself.
it's really just
the best!
Because you are you!
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