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Lost in my Head Dec 2020
There’s so much I wish I could say
But as the dam holds the floodwaters
It shall cease till the day breaks
And the waves finally crash down below
Quick and ***** one
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
I may be thick skinned but this situation is hard for me
Wanna be on the defensive but you raided my armory
Want you out of my heart but you’re in my arteries
Want the melody but you have me stuck on harmony
Trying to help being a personal pharmacy
But with you I seem to have hit the lottery
I just want this **** to all be easy
Lost in my Head Dec 2020
Staring me down across seas of iceburgs
Sifting through the flakes of snow
Looking for the key to you but finding none
A forgotten memory of the armors fault
The shield still to protect fell to the hands of a foe
The fault split between your fingers
A hollowed knight upon a sea of blood
Peaking through the mire
Don’t abandon me on my lifeboat
The wood is cracked and rot
The shield is a dagger to stab the ship
Sinking beneath the waves till tomorrow
It’s just been a long day
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
call me selfless
she said with a grin
yet behind the sinking smile
lay the actual chagrin

call me selfless
despite what we know
peering into minds
what secretly lies below

call me selfless
she said laced with pain
although it may have been stricken
the grief reigns supreme again

call me selfless
i respond with a tear
i’d give so much more
just for you here
Mind is wack
Life is wack
Idk but I’ll probably be posting more so there’s a plus
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
I’m a little teapot
On the stove
Here you can set me
With lies you wove

When I realize that
You aren’t right
Maybe then I’ll
Cut the blight
We do be vibing, figured I’d throw a little twist on the well beloved song
Lost in my Head Sep 2020
Putting the shell up to my ear brings sounds of the ocean
Oceans near
Oceans far
Perhaps somewhere between
The oceans of your eyes still linger
Dripping from the shell
The empty exoskeleton
Remove the shell from my face
Place it back on it's pedestal
Remaining till the sea shines through my mind
Once again
It’s been a while dude
Lost in my Head Aug 2020
Grow wild
Grow free
Mowed down again
Controlled by what tears you down
Try to fertilize
Cannot stop the blades
I just worry about some folks
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