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Heavy Hearted Dec 2022
Twenty six years, a companionship spans
The length of an entire lifetime.
What can be said of future plans?
Inherent, flawless design.

Now with my art three stanzas stretch
Scribbles in the cyberspace
A fleeting truth, for you to fetch
Deceptive pasts to face.

This last writing of the year
To Stephen I now dedicate
May life's kindness reappear
N like a melody, placate.
Peace poem tribute past
Heavy Hearted Nov 2022
Beauty's rose wilts 
 and petal by petal,
shard by shard;
Faster than fantasy-
time relapses
Beauty's rose wilts-
it's soils all settle
Erosion by erosion,
slower than springtime;
the future arrives.
Beauty's rose,
But a wilt!
without trophy or medal,
condolences, by condolences,
at our own paces-
the past persists.

Black flowers, wilted with time,
without beginning, nor end-
are seen;
   &  through the stained glass gaze of love,
are shimmering.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Here I lye with you-
you don't listen, so my words
write reversed haikus

I don’t need your drugs,
but I do need you to know
no one deserves this.

I choose to let you
treat me like I’m blindfolded;
Still, I gift to you-

Graphite and color
a blank sketchbook (with this piece)
Inscribed in the front.

Art is all I know
so this opportunity.
to express it all-

Has such strong power,
you might never truly know…
Still- I hope you do.
5 stanza Haiku letter

I wish he could have known about this.  Written in his gifted sketchbook (from me) while he was finally asleep after almost overdosing on fetynol and me saving his life, over 7  hours of horror.  When he woke up I went to the washroom, came back, and he was smoking it again. He overdosed- stopped breathing-  I called 911, they resuscitated him. and rushed him to the hospital, then before he could be released, died.

He was only 19.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Dear Dad,

We close our eyes, and we retreat
too a very special place-
Away from worry, away from doubt-
familiar teardrops trace.

So, when I see you, sleeping –
the phone right by your seat-
I cannot help but lay parallel, with you-
& forego frantic defeat.

I cannot help but lay with you
& Join your slumber deep,
Knowing that one day when you leave this earth-
that we can always meet in sleep.

Love, Eric
to my 77 year old father, to whom I owe it all.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Ill write this down - again
I don't enjoy being alone-
especially when I'm right here
with you-

You're a wilted rose & I'm an empty crowd-
With enchanting prose & voices loud,

I don't enjoy being alone-
especially when I'm right here

Still beside you.
at the end of a moshpit or our time together, my last letter to Zuzu.
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
Is it true?

That my words are now spilt- broth pushed against the brim,
Liquid to big for its container-gracelessly,
it mimics the wild
of unbound tides.
Wherein a fleeting salvation; is oh so frantically exempt-
Its within my linguistic inability
lies my failure's false contempt.

The mundane English word was once my spell to cast
An arsenal of adjectives & repertoire of verbs.
Yet in English its still heard,
communication's magic,
Wielding the awe of expression-  Cured-
I try to print back into begin

salvage my fading ability to write
Heavy Hearted Oct 2022
There's freedom to-
and freedom from,

Freedom to run, from everyone.

Free to do-
And freely undone,

Free to run

from anyone.
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