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Adrian Ware Mar 2018
Listening to the thoughts that roam
Words that leaves one making progress
As one that stress about having less
The other that has more lends a ear
For though you seem to have less
You are happy
The rest is temporary
The luxurious car says things like
Don't search deep inside of me
For there is nothing there
Most won't lend a ear
© Adrian Ware
Happiness is not found in material wealth
Adrian Ware Jan 2018
I died in a mist and disappeared in the fog
When my spirit left the earth
My body was ripped apart by vicious dogs
I haunted the earth until I seen a chance
To dive into someones flesh
So that I could live again
I awoke in a body that was so different
I died but came back as a poet
Due to reincarnation
How could my spirit be the same when everything else has changed
I guess reincarnation is something you really can't explain
For this is not my blood that I shed
This body means no more to than
a hotel room that gets rented out weekly
Which means this form is only temporary
Because in actuality
you only get one chance
Even if you get reincarnated
You still ain't living the life that you were once living
©Adrian Ware
Adrian Ware Jan 2018
Could you picture yourself walking up to the sound of gunshots that's  ringing out worldwide
Or seeing a little a boy holding a gun in the parking lot
Standing over another lifeless young boy
Telling him he just has been sparked with hot
I know it sounds drastic
But this is what it has come to
Our streets have became a battlefield
Making you a target if you walk through
As you watch your surroundings
You'll see little kids changing before you
Kids as young as age ten are pulling triggers on human figures
So I ask
Why so violent
Do we possess the power
To turn even the smallest person extremely violent
©Adrian Ware
Let's stop the madness
Adrian Ware Dec 2017
Are your eyes open
Cause I was hoping that we could dream forever
Not of stars but of each other
And bring our focus to another level
To something that is way greater than our looks
Because to me you are like book
So I want to memorize every part of ya
From the smile that you hold
To the imperfect place that is your soul
©Adrian Ware
Adrian Ware Nov 2017
You can always crash but your never a post to burn
Because if you just crash then you escape with cuts and bruises
The whole purpose is for you to make it through this
Take your scratches and consider it a lesson learned
Whatever you do
Do not burn
Become a tank in disguise
Cause they crash all the time
But their momentum never dies
This is what your spirit should look like
Don't let your life crashes turn your spirit into ashes
For if you crash get back up and go back at it
©Adrian Ware
Adrian Ware Nov 2017
I apologize on behalf of my gender
For they know not what they do
Some of them don't have a clue that they are hurting you
They are just individuals who never developed a real mans mind
So they use slander as a defense
In a attempt to try and hide their true feelings
But part of it comes from the environment they lived in
And I'm not trying to make excuses
The line has been drew
Good men have been separated from bad men
And it's up to you to choose
©Adrian Ware
Adrian Ware Nov 2017
My body works like a computer
If I feels that you are something like a virus
I will push you away
Because my heart is like a hard drive
It won't let you do any harm to me
And I compare myself to a computer
Because a computer is smart
And their hard drive is similar to a heart
I tend to push people away
Which is why there aren't that many people close to me
It's something that came naturally
So if  I push you away
Don't take it personally
I'm just being like a computer
I'm trying to protect me
©Adrian Ware
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