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GM Aug 2016
When thy rose buds part
Sweet nightingales song
Whispers upon the wind once more
GM Jul 2016
I'm moving to London Town
To find myself
With 8.6 million people around
Hectic calm surrounds me
Reminded I have nothing to fear
With strangers standing by my side
Conversations in my head disappear

I used to dream of being alone
No soul to interrupt my solitude
Allowing my thoughts and mind to roam
Through the lands of sour regret
Imagining I'm better off self abused
Than to chance a casual thought of you

And yet here I am in London Town
With 8.6 million people around
And still, not a sound
GM Jun 2016
When I'm out on my own
These thoughts that cross my mind
Of you and I laughing in the rain
Sitting on a park bench drinking champagne
I have always loved you
When I'm out on my own

Your eyes light the drunken night
Navigating our dreams in the sky
Your hand fits in to mine
Only when the hazy stars align
I have always loved you
When I'm out on my own

But I don't miss you when you're gone
And I don't need you like you wish I would
In the morning I'll be boarding the fastest train away from you
But I will always love you
When I'm out on my own
GM Jun 2016
Dream big
Small talk
Running wild
Lost in thought
Keep quiet
Never question
Small talk
Lost in thought
Small talk thought question dream
GM Jun 2016
He can't settle down
Wandering the world from town to town
Hungry for more than what he was given
Tasting the sweetness of that which was forbidden
Can't settle down
Exploring the world one town at a time
Drinking love from those his heart held hostage
Thirsty for knowledge
Can't settle down
GM Feb 2016
Skin tingles
Blood boils
Life flashes
Burning midnight oil

Eyes twitching
Fingers scratching
Feet tapping
Tossing and turning

Pressure for perfection
Mind racing
Body pacing
Criticising every inch

Panic set
Calm exterior
Of feeling inferior
  Feb 2016 GM
Adam M Snow
My Insanity
Written by Adam M. Snow

Falling weak, I lay my head;
resting now I feel dread.
A ghost am I,
forever nigh;
a mute yet blind;
this world, my mind
held insanity,
my humanity,
lost to eternity,
by mortality.
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