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Enas Sep 22
‪Wistfulness is the state of my existence..constantly returning to the place I come from..always feeling like a soul floating on a star ceiling watching over my surroundings..blended in a distant place that doesn’t bend to the measure of quiet detachment from the world true to my realities shift condensing together at if I already experienced reality in an incomprehensible, hypnotic stream away from my immediate present & all my five senses rendered surreal living in a constant dream..a concentrated flow to the center of my cerebrum..a view from the Rose window in the dark cathedral of my mind..where the tiny light particles in the sun beam passing through pulsate in my sight and the deep waves of silence echoing in the corners ring in my ear..where even darkness speaks dancing specs of iridescence..and colours weep intricate opaque gleams..concealed in an omnipotent and brimful beauty that passes never captured or unfathomed sacred language I can only feel..with fey farseeing  eyes and a tranquil faint a scenic sophist..where everything in a word has a world and weight as real as anything else I can overwhelmingly see & touch..and everything around me becomes one with my own soul..‬
Enas Sep 22
When you truly love..
You love elusively..
You love with no bound..
You love without rules..
You love freely & unconditionally..
You love against everything..
You love your beloved in their light, in their strength..
You love them in darkness, in their fragility..
You fight for their light..
You protect their soul..
Their happiness becomes your happiness..
You love them in wholeness..
You love their very existence..
You love to their last breath..
You love them beyond time..
To truly love, you open your heart..
They possess your most vital *****..
To break, to do as they please..
To truly love..
You love with your life..
You love in purity..
You love with the wholeness in you..
You love in holiness..
You love in transcendence.
You become at distance from everything..
You feel a separation from the world..
You watch it from your own window view..
It is so is so simple..
You love in love in death..
You become in this internal state of bleeding..
You feel it seeping through your chest..
With your life in your lungs..
The weight of the world inside you..
A magnitude in your small mass..
You feel every thousand deaths..
Your greatest grief..
Your greatest silence..
You speak less, you smile less..
You listen see more..
You are humbled..
To truly love you feel an excruciating curse..
To truly love, you see God’s gift..
To truly love..
You love from the depths of your soul..
You love in eternal light..
You love in love elusively..
Enas Sep 22
27th. August. 2014

Once, a promise..

Stronger, kinder and wiser..

A silent seeker..

Today, a creed..

Tenacious, gracious and sagest..

A singing sophist..
Enas Sep 22
May 1st 2017..

The sky is not blue..

It’s broken pieces of lapis lazuli..a diomand prism setting fire at the’s breaks of light..A blend of almost seeming bright..a brimming sight of black, gold & silver linings..It’s a breaking balance of bold beautiful colours & so is life.
Enas Sep 22
Did you know?..

That your eyes..are exactly like your father’s?..

Eyes full of darkness, like a sky full of stars..

But you-only you in the world have eyes that can smile.
Enas Sep 22
Who are you?..

Where did you come from?..

You are the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

Are you real?..

I can’t see..

I can’t reach..

In you I’m lost in total darkness..

For you are nothing but a beautiful brilliance..

A red saturated sun..

You’re the man by the sea..

I am in awe of who you are..

You confuse me..

You confound me..
Enas Sep 22
Sāfar Ar Rūh..
A cosmic traveler..
Traveling in silence..
By the moon..
Beyond the sun..
Writings on the stars..
You will never know..
All that you know is gone..
Eden, a fall from grace..
Eve, a celestial embrace..
Reading between the lines..
Māktūb, in eternal signs..
To pages of the sky..
Holier than heaven..
Hallower than hell ..
Exalted above Al A’arāf..
An awakening, absolute..
A resolve, resolute..
A sacred verse..
A destined course..
To pensive paths..
In soulful senses..
Like seraphic kiss..
Of eternal bliss..
A place so refined..
A rose coloured mind..
A fate fine tuned..
A concealed meaning..
An omniscient feeling..
A sublime surrender..
In chaos asunder..
The skies are torn apart..
To painted red rose..
Blooming at the close..
A crimson sky in bloom..
A Rose of Devine..
Wārdatū Ar Rahmān..
A creation so fine..
Oh, Ancient of days..
In mysterious ways..
In magnificent design..
A moment, all mine.
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