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Damaré M Dec 2016
Know year is knew
No year is new

Unwrap your conscious from the habit of resolving issues every 365 days.

You're practicing a maze with no escape.

We revolve around time, time doesn't revolve around us.

Flip through the pages of Life's calendar, not the world's

Ideas will tend to exist for longer.

Goals once reached will have infinite significance.

No year is new

No birth is old.

No soul is dead.

One day you won't *know the years you knew

Graduation onto a eternal diurnal

As of today you'll keep killing and reviving yourself by the end-to-start of every complete orbital cycle.

We revolve around the sun, the sun doesn't revolve around us.

Give yourself some space.

It's time son.
It's time.
Damaré M Dec 2016
He can never be sorry if all he do is make his guitar cry.
My man... Don't apologize.
Damaré M Nov 2016
I knew you were all ******* with him, but I doubted that the rope was sturdy. How sudden the both of you unraveled when I laced you up was music to my ears like attached strings, you know guitars and things? Ha but anyway I'm about to get dressed can yu help me with my tie? Oh you thought I was about to hang around like a noose? I'm not that type of guy... Im into assortment... Hit me on my cordless.
Hello, goodbye.
Damaré M Nov 2016
That 1 lengthy and detailed conversation we had as I fixed her a hot bubble bath, it was very necessary to figure out the pattern in which each of our souls orbited around one another's life. Life. It seems that in the seams of this biographical regime, we get lost in between 2 wings, steering without a true tale, leading with our beaks instead of our two feet. Finding elation through impatience. Determination to fly without defining our own matrix. At that particular time I just wanted to slowly sit your soft body down into that pool of lavender scented steamed water, but everything you had to say nearly drowned me. The invisible crown I continuously placed on your head suddenly vanished as my imagination panicked. I always thought that my mind was backed up by my heart which was backed up by your art. Oh how gentle you scribble. I have to erase line by line, direction by direction, affection by affection, disconnect on top off disconnection. Difficulties I'm having while looking at you lather but no longer seeing you in the picture. Watching you lave as you give me your take on how our relationship was shaped was a bit unfitting. In my mind "it's inevitable that she's open for bidding". I'm lounged against the sink in a bind. Bonded by your fondness, then detached by your honest responses. How blunt you are and how drunk I'm soon to be. Wasted vibrations, my mouth began to tremble. Somehow I find an idea to cause the both of us to tickle. Temporary bliss. Moreover all of my hard efforts that night turned out to be the worst shift. I went from pleased to please. Expectedly you never tried to appease by appealing to my needs. Draining water like my decaying heart. Drying off reminds me of my suffocated feelings. Lotion as I drink this 40% potion. Hoping of hydrated coping. Can you leave? So I can shower, attempting to rinse away the most beautifully devastating hour.
Damaré M Oct 2016
If I was blind I could still see you.
If I had no mind, my thoughts will still think of you.
Without legs I will be chasing you all over town until my arms become dead.
No lips but I will still yearn for your kiss.
Picture me without a face, yet grinning everytime you open your arms for my embrace.
What if I had no hands? I will still hold onto my every plan, to be your perfect man.
One day I will be without a heart; however, loving you like I did from the start.
Damaré M Oct 2016
My dominant aura and her keen instincts was so telepathic, we disregarded words and just walked away with each other.
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