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To me its so important smell in life
A fragence tells me all I need to know
If a meal smells good it tastes good
Some flowers I like others just not so

I can even smell the oncoming rain
I love the smell of first drop dry ground
I love my personal after shave deodorant
A smell talks volumes without a sound

Some womens perfume stops me dead
I love the smell of scones freshly made
I love the smell of natural countryside
The oceans salty oxygen of highest grade

I can always tell if my mothers about
Besides the fact shes been dead for years
Her Lilly Of The Valley how it lingers
My fathers tobacco same deal same tears

Smells are to me everything I need to know
Mostly good plus a few somewhat bad
I don't need to see as long as I can smell
They make me happy sometimes sad

terrence michael sutton
copyright 2018
 Jul 2018 Damaré M
She was allergic
To pollen, but she jumped in
Flowers anyways.

She was terrified
Of thunderstorms, yet she was
A storm of her own.

She said she didn't
Know how to love, yet she loved
Him to perfection.
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
Eye Light
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
i hope to God
that your eyes are filled with the light of at least a few of the watts you give to brighten up mine
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
why am I warped,
wrapped up
in you,
and you,

just tread water,
like nothing
shifts, but everything        
           shifts, is fluid,
and drips
this pane.

this pain
smacks, stains, and
red to strawberry cheeks,
blood wreaks
havoc, unfurled and blooming,

my tomb is
his apathy.
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
a prayer
 Jun 2018 Damaré M
...i must be still now... allow the celestials and heavens to change me to are different now my friend...

   ...and the sky falls out of my eyes...
...I cannot contain...

...such/such is this/such am I/such a time as this... ... s uch..

                  please don't let me go...

...I will not move/help/I wait...

                                     ...please don't let me go
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