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Anaya c May 16
Writing to what is already broken is a lock with no key
I know what you have found in her
you couldn’t find it in me
i wait by a lonely ocean
oh how i sing to the sea
my unconditional love for you
that you could never see
Nathan Raux Jun 2017
From thin to thick,
Varying in width and height,
Glasses they cater,
Like food in a buffet,
To that lacking in eyesight that shows beauty and color,
True color as I believe,
Can only be seen by the blind,
To learn to appreciate what you have none of,
The advantage of that of the unseeing,
That is what we should truly see,
Like expecting the unexpected,
We should see the unseen,
And with that,
Love is blind.
Damaré M Oct 2016
If I was blind I could still see you.
If I had no mind, my thoughts will still think of you.
Without legs I will be chasing you all over town until my arms become dead.
No lips but I will still yearn for your kiss.
Picture me without a face, yet grinning everytime you open your arms for my embrace.
What if I had no hands? I will still hold onto my every plan, to be your perfect man.
One day I will be without a heart; however, loving you like I did from the start.
Toby Lucas Apr 2016
They say that love is blind.
Evidently it also has no sense of smell.
And come to think of it,
Love has poor taste as well.
Summer 2015
Damaré M Jan 2015
Now we are living in a new era...
When love developed eyes
All the other senses are missing
mark deo biongan Jan 2015
why is love blind
why when inlove we always bind
to the play this game of heart and mind
on which there are no ways to you find

we dont see but we follow our feelings
we trust without hesitating
if what we do is contradicting
or just being inlove is addicting

so why are we loving if we could get blinded
on things we do for love were not guided
we suffer of being a ***** of love
But still we smile even when we are treated like a grub

i guess that love is blind if following the heart
better you think of it before you start
because it will be too late once you begin
you'll get blinded within
by the love that opens your heart
blinds your sight apart

— The End —