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Damaré M Jan 2015
If you don't see the beauty in love I don't know how/why are you still alive
Damaré M Apr 2015
You don't have a twin?
I hate to have only one chance to marry someone like you
Damaré M Feb 2013
Aching in a place where I only thought love was generated.
Frustrated in a area where I thought, my thoughts sought and fought for understandings

Chilly, shivery, nippy, bitter,
Like the runt of a litter

Tired; not drowsy
Tired; not sleepy
Tired; not sluggish or slumberous

Tired as in worn, burned-out, weary...

It is not only that you do not feel the effects,

You don't even see them on my face

You look at me everyday,
I just look back
If you don't have a clue
If you don't ask, or don't care
That's a clue
That's my Q
Dont ask Y
When you become my X
At night I've been losing Zs
I have to start paying more attention to I
I gave up all of my energy, and now I'm running on E
So now I don't give a F

LOL (Lost Our Love)
You lost it too; I'm J/K (Just Knowing)
I'm glad IDK (I Didn't Kneel)
Now I have to B.S (Block Sensitivity)
And ***** (LET MY ******* ANGER OUT)
Damaré M Dec 2012
The best Christmas I ever had ...
If I can remember I was about 6
My little cousin was like 2
But I think this year can top it all
If I spend it with you
Damaré M Aug 2013
Do you have to get high to feel more fly? 
Soft *** stoner 
I'm more blunt when I'm sober 
Excuse me to the real dudes who use ****
I know how it be 
But if you only smoke because it's trendy 
Right now your life is pending 
Because you not downloaded 
You buffering 
Losing connection 
I can't respect it 
Your life isn't hectic 
You had to use other folks addresses 
Just to get public school lessons 
Never got a suspension 
Detention because you wasn't paying attention 
You wasn't throwing pencils 
Or raising up dresses 
Or erasing the "warm up" messages
Or guessing during benchmark testing 
Word I heard you was a nerd 
And that's cool
But don't have tape in between 'yo glasses then grow up to gain bad habits 
That's backwards 
Thought life was all about progress 
You have a background which is flawless 
But for acceptance 
You start making exceptions 
I do it for the breathless 
And of my God I don't question 
To all perpetuation 
But hesitation 
I don't condone perpetration 
Why dissemble on some **** that isn't providential?
Everyone who practically had no choice now want a way out 
Little *** kids you didn't even weigh in 
How did you find your way in? 
That's from real men being pliant
For all you cats who trying 
Stop 'yo lying 
When I'm around Amateurs come in silence 
Like what's a scavenger to a lion? 
About time for all of you late bloomers to become compliant
Damaré M Dec 2012
You ever wish that you were a wild animal?

Sounds a bit indecent, but reckoning the sense of freedom, order, and understandings
;then, you'll look at it through a bird's eye

Doesn't it seem like animals have no issues at finding their purposes?
They seem to know exactly what is it, in which what they are living for
Oppose to us humans, they seem to be less frightened by death
Do you think animals have religious beliefs?
Some divine stranger they must let control their life.
Or are they responsible enough themselves?
And/or only have faith in what it mean to live
...Just live

The things in which they used to do is still their tendencies today.
Give me one lion that don't hunt anymore?
One pack or tribe that is ran by female?
One chimpanzee who think swinging from trees is out of style?
One shark who think blood is disgusting?
I never met a gopher who wasn't hip enough, who didn't "dig"; digging wholes
Every cat I know rub their skull, ribs, backbone, tailbone and tail; in one motion against other creatures for what I figure as comfort.
Shepherd, Yorkshire, or hound; however, they all get on the mailman's nerves

Humans... We just seem lost
Not knowing where we belong
Steady trying to figure out right for wrong
Attitudes always going up or down
Need to much to crack a smile
The slightest ordeal can make us frown
A successful human is visioned as having access to the whole world

Do you ever see a honey bee left behind in a swarm?
Or a polar bear climbing a tree when it's warm?

Their world has no critics
No trends
No high expectations

Just eat, sleep, and ****

Is that it?
Or there's more to it?
Two separate lives
But I'm influenced
Damaré M Oct 2013
She denied me bail
I wish I would've known this before I thought it was cool to be in jail 

Now the walls of the cell
Is like the flames of hell
Just because I advertised that life but I didn't even sell 
I wish I can snitch my way out of this but only time could tell
Only if your honor would've known my parents raised me well
But I just failed
Officers locked the door after me and to my knees I fell
Praying to my God who I bailed from 
Scared to read my children's mail 
Frightened that I'm painting the worse picture to scale 
Illustrating that the Afri-Can 
Do nothing more than be held in restraint 
Now it's too late to step on the base 
They have me on tape 
And the judge says she'll never rule me safe 
I struck out 
With only away games
Because they're sending me place to place 
As if I have a barcode on me 
Or a serial number on my face 
Chaining us from ankle to ankle 
I feel like I'm a part of the only population of people who are declared as equal 
We all have the same attire and the same desire 
My voice means nothing in between these walls 
We can never come within the same harmony as the choir 
So I remain quiet 
I silence the perspectives my parents worked hard to acquire 
Within me it all expired 
All because I'm in denial 
Wanting to be someone else 
I realized that the guys who I idolized 
Still have their life, because from the beginning it was their life 
And I wasn't living mine 
It's funny how now I get the picture 

But until I die I will only be seen as a wallet size
Damaré M Jan 2015
I especially love Ex's when they're in one another's presence. The chemistry is still there; just have to apply the energy
Damaré M Jun 2019
The sun is so close

The Fahrenheit is
The energy is
The growth  between you and I both

The synergy is
The emptiness is no kin to me

I feel the space quite sensually
I appreciate the life that’s lent to me

I wasn’t giving the discipline to live a abstinence history

Without damper; look what the rain did to me.

Happy camper

Kinetic sampler

The Sol is adjacent to the soul

Is there a dome?
Is the light in or beside the body of the globe?

The opposing solstice
Where’s the sun? It’s so cold

The elements are so loud

All of my tears are in those clouds

My outbursts are disguised as thunderous sounds.

The sun is still young.
All fights starts of you.
Damaré M Mar 2015
Your beauty in relation to how warm you make me feel; however, remind me of the reddish-pink sun that illustrates the skies when the air quality is terrible... I want you but I don't need you
Damaré M May 2013
Where's your make up honey?
What happened to your hair?
New style
That's a different pair
New attitude ; that's cool
Realization that the new trend is rude
Huh? What you say?
You said at this rate the next fashion statement have to be ****
No more clubbing?
You tired of sharing spaces in places where you have to refer to Men as "dude"
Strangers steadily attempting to intrude
Now you making plans with family and friends
I heard you saying that you rather enjoy yourself with the people who been with you since the long ways
Recollecting the old days
I'm glad that the feeling is now mutual
And that you are finished with trying to be cute
Because you are already simply beautiful
Damaré M Aug 2013
Can you keep a secret of mine? 
When I give it to you I want you to have it ok? 
It's yours 
Yours and only yours 
If I tell you this, promise to never judge me 
Promise to never tell anyone 
Pinky (confirmation) 

I release her smallest finger slowly and gently 
She takes a long and deep breath 
Stares at me softly 
Of course her looks always tenderizes my mind 
Especially when she starts to smile, it allows my heart to chime 
She smiles out of concern and anxiety 
As she urges me to hurry up 
Ok ok ok ... 
Bring me your face I say 
She brings her ear near 
Her smile disappears 
As mines climbs 
My lips grazes her lobe 
As I tell her


My whiskers, whisper and bass of my voice makes her moist 
Now aloud I tell her to make a choice
So she chooses 
Our bodies instantly fuses 
She couldn't hold the secret 
She tells more and more 
As I get deeper and deeper
Damaré M Jan 2013
The dude that never wants problems, or
Do not have a thing for danger
Always gets confronted by trouble

That's why I make danger my business
I'm the suspect
The accused
The guilty
Not the witness

I never got into picking on someone who feared me or just wasn't dangerous at all

It's the head first collisions
And blood baths
That make my **** hard
Everyone isn't like that though

If you don't have *****
No matter what position you are in
***** **** *******
Even soft butts

So you know what?

Grow some nuts
Damaré M Sep 2015
Black women you're so assorted, makes us wonder how can we afford it? We see you doing yo thang, and how can we support it? If we on ah mission, no longer will we abort it. You have many attitudes and soar to so high of gratitudes, why would we destroy it? I see we gotta get on our job, so we're seeking for future employment. But first you gotta understand we're in love with your body already, you don't have to exploit it. The more you spill it out; you drain it, I well rather you to sustain it. I hate to be complaining, but I'm witnessing your giftedness become tainted. How can I explain this? I love your mind so I will hate to deranged it. With that said "what's so sweet if consumed in the start, have a after taste of reality that comes to the senses as being ****". That's not even the crazy part, which is... We cannot go without seeing your art.......
You're beautiful, nurturing and intelligent. We know that, and that's why we love you. But if you keep shaking it, you are disgracing it. Hard to grant you your elatedness. But at the same ***** ****** time you are so ******* artistically created
Damaré M Jan 2013
You are so funny
So cute
Am I worthy?
What about my humor?
My looks?
My brilliance?
My reliability?
My responsibility?

All the things that I see in you
That you can't notice in me

I wonder is you even looking
Because everyone else seem to realize

Maybe I'm too close to you
...and you're farsighted

I foreseen this
But the impression you gave me
I couldn't have backed down

Maybe there's someone standing behind me
And you are distracted

You could have told me along time ago that you were looking for the perfect person to suit you
And you didn't too much care to fit that persons life in return

Why do it **** you to say or do anything nice?
Oh I know
All of your energy is getting put to use someplace else
So when I come around you're already tired

Well I once was told
To only use someone who is useless

For Someone who is applicable
Either you leave them on the shelf
You invest with all that you have left
Damaré M Dec 2012
Who understand me more than myself?
That's why I never look around for help
Love been scarce every since I was whelped
Into this world when no one cares if you whelm your resistance
Here, there's no value of tradition
No nature of culture
Just individuals
Lack of spirituality
So many different religions, but no one speaks to humankind
...Just their own kind
If it doesn't matter to them they don't mind
If you don't see it how they visualize, then you must be blind
Leave it up to them, they wouldn't even want the rest of us to synchronize
The world run on the fact of us being divided
And it is the innocence in me and you that is being misguided
I was raised to be a menace
But The things I witnessed
Made me wanna change positions
Come to realize
That good intentions can conclude in your non-existence
But don't let me persuade you to resistance
Especially if you're not from the bottom of the hill
If you never had to deal
If you always had cooked meals
Always had crisp bills
To me all the things that seemed so surreal
But I still know how you feel
No one get a break
But coming from where I'm from
We were never fixed in the first place
Only thing free is negativity
Shaped to destruct the streets since elementary
Teachers weren't even supplementary
Everyone who surrounded me was drowning
And if we tried to sniff out a plan we were hounded
They never prevented crimes, they just enforced the law
So we got what we wanted, but we couldn't keep it
They allowed us to do our dirt, in order to sweep it
That's why I'm offended when America fear me
When all I did was play defense
I'm trying to put a end to this disastrous sequence
Someone told me I was too ridiculous
And that I needed to show lenience
I replied
That's the reason why our entire skin tone has been living with grievance
We just need all allegiance
We don't need no alliance
The hell with compliance
Amongst ourselves we must have reliance

Because without everyone's input we will never reach our triumph
Me, some people refer to me as pro-black, and duh I'm concerned about the way my ethnicity approaches our issues here in America. I value family, culture, and all around love; so, I do try to attack my people's issues first because it effects me heavily. Me, I'm pro-life, pro-laughter, pro-love... Any means necessary and all of the above.
Damaré M Oct 2016
If I was blind I could still see you.
If I had no mind, my thoughts will still think of you.
Without legs I will be chasing you all over town until my arms become dead.
No lips but I will still yearn for your kiss.
Picture me without a face, yet grinning everytime you open your arms for my embrace.
What if I had no hands? I will still hold onto my every plan, to be your perfect man.
One day I will be without a heart; however, loving you like I did from the start.
Damaré M May 2013
"I wanna tell you , but I can't. I mean I could, but I won't. You won't understand".

(And wonder why you're not fulfilled. You right I won't understand)
Damaré M Aug 2013
Moving mountains 
We come a long mileage 
But in moving pictures 
They film us to illustrate bad depictions 
Our motivation is missing 
Because in the movies we act as floozies 
Thrive to become individualized, but remain a groupie 
All we want to be is cinemac's 
And HBhoes 
Never teaching ABC's to our family 
Or thinking about our Lifetime 
Just chasing the USA dream 
Steadily trying to visit TV land 
Oblivious and careless humans 
Forget that this is a Animal Planet too
Do you wish that this world was yours? Yeah I BET you do 
Just take a ride down the Discovery Channel and OWN up to your origin 
The truth might sound like SyFy to you 
Until you understand that there's manipulation in every truTV
Damaré M May 2018
She’s bronze with a knotted crop on top

With Diamonds for vision

And a soul full of gold

Oily skin

Ivory smile

A prancing resource

That I will protect with force.
Damaré M Oct 2016
The position I'm in is like a deserted island. A lot of time to have man to man discussions with myself. Steadily scheming on how to intercept my goal. Only two routes I can go. Cut into her directly or fade away. Im already standing in my own endzone so a interference is plausible. Thinking about how many times I let us down during this drive. I didn't tackle everything I had to, so with that being said I will run it back at any given time.
Initial Love
Damaré M Jan 2014
Dear April

I have no Sunflower 
And no seeds 

I have acres of space 
And one stem

I have a few women skipping through 
With Sun hats on without a brim 
So their eyes are squint 
They can't really focus in on their desires 
So they end up on the other side of the field where the lushness has expired 
In no man's land, but in everyone hands

I only want to be sprung by one woman's spring showers
April, may you rain down on me? 
March right onto my grassland and uproot a beautiful flora 
I wouldn't mind if you carved a river right in my bed 
A deep river 
With a steep Fall
That keeps us streaming through Halloween and Thanksgiving 

April my lady, currently how warm you make me feel I don't think there's no degrees below that can put our flow on hold 
So we'll never have to intervene throughout the blizzard or thaw out after winter

April can you be my sunflower 
And one day allow me to pollinate 
So we can have some seeds? 

I'm no longer interested in summer, although she is hot; however, summer has always been a drought for me 
Not anymore 
In June was the last time I allowed Julie to Lie to me (july)

April I've done all my spring cleaning 
Now can you comfort me with your yellow petals, and promise me a bunch of Florets closely packed in a spiral?
Damaré M May 2018
I Nevada want to Mississippi you like how I am anymore. Could you please just Texas me back? I tend to feel very Illinois when we are departed. When we are together we Connecticut so well. Like all of the Colorado’s on a rainbow, we can’t just let it Washington away. Let’s try something New York Oklahoma? ... Will you Maryland me?

From: Yo Maine mans
To: Delaware Kansas Louisiana
Damaré M Aug 2013
There's a handsome man behind this mean-mug somewhere I know it, but I just can't show it 
There's mellow eyes behind my ferocious stare somewhere I just can't let you see it 
There's a gentle touch behind my aggressive grip somewhere I just can't feel it 
How about my smile that lives inside of my frown,
Only if it was implanted where my heart is I'll know how to start it 
My sunken head that is placed on my sturdy neck,
Only if I knew how to flex 
I can keep my chin from being pinned in my chest 
Careless and fearless; when really I'm so considerate and startled by what holds of tomorrow 
It's just hard to know that side of me 
Hard to pry out what's inside of me 
All the knives in my back 
You would think people was trying to get to my core 
But it was done only to score 
The real me is detained 
I strain to show the sol that's inside of me because I'm drenched by rain 
My soul isn't overwhelmed by pain 
I don't let pollution penetrate 
...I filter 
And obviously I don't let my feelings 
Pour or strain 
The lemons of my life aren't peeled so my concentrate is unreal
I concentrate on adding water so I can purify my life 
Detained inside myself
Damaré M Aug 2015
OH MY GOD! You have the most thoughtful, detailing and creative mind ever known... My goodness
Life is by far the most creative and detailed concept
Damaré M Oct 2018
All that you’ve been through what am I suppose to do ?
Now you’re living your halftime
Seeing all these other guys trying to win the prize.
Shooting their shot.
What about mines ?
Do it **** being so fine?
      I’m stuck between being abrupt and sublime.
I know you just want a ***** to listen to you sometimes.
Hopefully I can show you something different.
But in reality I’m just like every ***** in the lunch line.
Hands out, pants down!
And hate being asked after we **** about where do we stand now.
      I aim to never bring you pain
My finger on the trigger but ima stand down.
      Bump into you months later
I see you still ****** wit a skater.
It appears to the world that I’ve found my savior.
You tell me “oh you playing now”!
Damaré M Aug 2013
I'm sick and the cure is somewhere by your thighs 
Or what lies in your eyes 
When I get stricken by your pupils
My eyes don't lie 
I'm gazing in a area where I know it's amazing 
The imprint
Makes my jaws clinch 
That tingling feeling penetrates my mouth 
There's a puddle underneath my tongue 
Hold up let me take care of that 
Yeah the imprint 
And the tight denim that fit it 
Shorts that's well lifted
Thighs are real gifted
Glazed and smooth 
(Oops a drool) 
Back to the thighs 
The tender side
Right in the middle
Right before the gristle 
Can you see the imprint of my missile? 
Not all the way stiffened , but the pre still sort of drizzle 
I try my best to hide it 
As I think of how you can ride it 
Ride it
Ride it 
Ride it 
Let me think of sports 
Instead of ******* 
(Ok ima try it again)
Ok that space I don't know if it's declared as your waist 
But under your navel above your laced 
Spell my name with my tongue, scribble over it , erase 
Indent a few times
And skip to the next line 
Extra credit a perfect heading 
I can give it to you just right 
What? MLA or APA format? 
I can turn the page 
The page 
Your back page tacked upwards in the air 
Takes my breath away 
It's a work of art 
A mural so well put together and separated at the same time 
With a dark tunnel of sensation smack dab in the middle 
The best part of that collage is how you're looking back at me for confirmation 
And I just draw your attention to the opening of your tunnel 
Kind of crafty how you shake while I'm in place 
You have more definition than the 3rd 
Your silhouette makes me figure that you shape my life 
Your sketch draw the line between real and fake 
Your art is too curvaceous for any 'ol man hand's to trace 
Your art is just so fine and liberal 
Your touch is just so sensual and Midas 
Your feeling is more like warm apple cider breaking through my cold body
Your taste reminds me of cinnamon or fudge 
And when your milk drips I hate for it to miss my lips 
I miss those lips 
I wish that it was a button that I can click that don't stiffen my wrist to stimulate that ******* 
I don't need a GPS to locate my CVS 
Give it to me 
I'm in symphony 
Them old fashion home remedies
Damaré M Oct 2016
Try being a writer who loves to express with words, however driven by deep emotions and most times words can not quite explain to your reader the depths of how you feel. Example phrases like "I love you" are understatements.
Take everything that I say and power it by 2.
Damaré M Apr 2015
I know I cannot have your sympathy
I just ask you to understand

The truth is
I understand the land
But I'm tired of standing under another man
Only to be perfectly misunderstood purposely

Inside of my ferociousness
It's hurting me
Because I know there's always a start, but never an end
Have you ever fought a continuos fight that you can never win?
You can never understand
You knew beforehand so there's no emergency to you
Damaré M Dec 2012
I really don't care to go down this road
It tend to put an ache on my soul
And a quake on my heart
A cyclone in my mind
A tornado as my spine
And... flood into my eyes
I don't think I can weather this letter
You telling me I have to get used to not seeing you?
Talk about a cold front that's moving through
And the fog that hog the image of my future
Everyday I try to stand in the midst of this blizzard
I ran out of tissue because the precipitation have gotten denser
My life gets even more polar when I think about why you get to feel so tropical...
Sub-zero temperatures every time I think logical
Why the enjoyment of your seasons get to be at leisure?
Skirts, dresses, blouses, sneakers
And I have on layers and layers of clothes just to stay unfroze
I suppose that since I didn't do it, then he
Had to propose
(Goosebumps filled my arms as I mourn)
You were too adamant on that type of gathering
We didn't relate, then you escaped
If you lost love how come it wasn't staggering?
I'm watching the hurricane through my window and my demeanor is static
Now I'm swaying side to side
Neck deep in tides, and I can't even panic
I swam away from the rescuer that attempted to save me from this tragedy
I told her to toss the life saver Gradually
Im suffering from this casualty
Yet I never speak with Blasphemy
Even though the forecast keep harassing me
We were in the eye of a category 5...
And I was the only one worried about a catastrophe
Damaré M Oct 2016
My dominant aura and her keen instincts was so telepathic, we disregarded words and just walked away with each other.
Damaré M Jan 2014
They say money makes the world go 'round
And from the looks of things it do
Industrially growing
Economically balanced
Consuming minds

But only love makes LIFE evolve
Damaré M Aug 2013
I think we're going extinct
I hate to even blink 
I remember when we were in sync 
But things changed 
We will act strange over change 
Being caged and attached by chains is voguish 

Are we hopeless? 
Why can we polish our pinky rings 
But leave rust on our linkage chains? 
Our words don't bond anymore 
Our words are shackles 
Our words are like crooked spurs 
And unbalanced saddles 
Yeah It travels 
But lies are to be told 
Only to smear what we really withhold 

I think that we're going extinct 
I hate to blink 
As my eye lids flicker 
More and more existence spills from our mankind 
We're turning into the kind of men 
Who emotionally melts when we see celebrities 
Where's our rectitude? 

I think we're going extinct 
I hate to blink
Where's my natural woman?
Every time I twitch 
More and more she accepts the word ***** 
And in no time a guy can become exposed to her hips 
Where's our morality? 

Are we going to expire 
All because we create our entire empire with desires? 
Desires and thirst that require us to hurt 
We smile and we smirk 
We loath from good work 
We poke at nerves
We drown our minds to swerve 
We absorb potion 
Only to tranquil our motion 
We indulge in copulation 
With a stranger 
But somehow for consolation 
We are endangered 
We are a few more trends away from complete annihilation 
Our tendencies are cancerous and if we keep being patient 
We will need medication 
I don't feel any radiation 
To not become subject to our decimation

I think we're going extinct 
My instincts tell me that
Though we're a percentage and a contributor to this nation 
We are approaching ruination 
My instinct senses that I am one of the few who mentions devastation 
And if I blink one more time 
And if we keep wasting time 
We'll be wastage 
You and I 
We'll be ejected from the race 
And they'll use a prosthetic ethnic affiliation for our replacement 
Can we come together with cooperation 
Resisting this operation 
May we all stand up 
Before they go through with this amputation ! 

Lets see
Damaré M Oct 2016
When she left she couldn't help but to leave that soft and sweet fragrant scent behind. You right, love is blind. There are other senses which make me miss her. Don't get me wrong, she is a enthralling flower. However I'm only reminiscing on the way she lingers, I'm drawn in by every 'come here' gesture of her finger. The openness of my nostrils, the little chill hills which coexist with my follicles. Jasmine... she is so honorable.
You could've been my body scent forever.
Damaré M Oct 2016
Jasmine although your embedded scent is faint, I'm still stuck here with a headache when all I want is rest. My sinuses is a mess. I don't know if I'm crying or lying. I tried cinnamon, turns out subconsciously I was looking for a synonym. I didn't get the same adrenaline. So now I'm lonely again. Wondering why did you leave, missing your semievergreen leaves, bless me with your presence as I sneeze. I want you to bloom, replant yourself back into my room.
Damaré M Oct 2016
The night is here and the wind is slightly rushing at our entrances; although, inside the climate has it's differences. In between the thermostat providing warmth, dimmed vision, television illuminating our faces, cinnamon scents floating through the vents, my arms are imprinted from your sudden firm grips. It's my lap you sit as we watch continuos scenes of outburst, followed by your hysterical vocal siren. Unsure if this movie is actually getting scary or if its because the Hennessy mixed apple cider is wearing. As the fallen leaves picks up by the breeze I can hear growing alerts of "trick or treat", which happens to be the most exciting sight of your night. Seeing you so enthused by the little costumes, loving how well you are with the young; therefore, it's blissful to witness you having so much subtle fun. Temporarily able to shut ourselves back inside and it is obvious that the gusts have been having it's way with your bun. Reposition as "Netflix and chill" get back real. You get your last shivers out as you find shelter for your arctic feet. Took us a couple of tries to agree on what's comfortable, finally. Now I'm back to supporting your marshmallow like body in my tightened arms when I'm stricken by this rush of paradise. The feeling of triumph, due to being able to give you what you ultimately asks of me. You didn't know you'll be spending nights like this with your superhero dressed in a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants. The uniform that none of the candy seeking children glorifies; however, they don't know how high I jumped, how hard I stomped, how straight I punched and how fast I had to run to save you from all those jokers.
Happy Halloween
Damaré M Dec 2012
She dropped my heart
But, I'm still falling in love
(Of course, not with her because when she had it; it splattered)
Someone else gathered it
Scooped it
Knitted it
Tethered it
Right aside her own
Right where she felt it belonged
...On the left
Beating the same chest
Assisting the same breath
I breathe to keep her pleased
Because I didn't ask please
Yet, she dropped to her knees and raked up a potential disease
Rolled up my cuffs
Stuck it up my sleeves
Allowing me to huff and puff
Before I was crying and sighing
Fast talking and lying
Creeping in silence
Hurting, but disguising
I just wasn't able to see women as woman
Because I thought the world of girls
Only involved with the ones that's immature
Today I can adore
Ladies thats like
Unlike ******
Her caress is the cure
No patches
Nor scratches
Scar tissue
Pain or leaks
I'm worry free
Picture a surgeon, without the fee
A doctor who make their job personal
A dietitian that's proactive
She don't just attack the symptoms
A cardiologist who doesn't just study
She believe the functions of the heart is lovely
So she used the defibrillator
And it shocked me I didn't think I can feel so deep
So intense
So immense
The same pulse is in my temples
Thriving through my brain
...I felt it first
Then I made up my mind
She the one who controls the ups and downs
... Of my life line
Damaré M Jan 2017
As I sit front row amongst an abundance of lushness I accompany a congregation filled with long-term friends. The holy ghost is in Canis latrans. Taxidea taxus isn't really diggin' it. Mephitis mephitis came into service smelling a bit reckless. Procyon lotor is all over Lynx rufus's shoulder. Castor canadensis just don't give a ****. Neotoma cinerea haven't said a peep and Glaucomys sabrinus is the flyest I've seen in weeks. The tunes that the Warblers are singing is sweet, with the Hawks hitting notes all the way to the peak and you know the Great Horned Owl cadence had to be deep. The gospel put all California Poppy, Star Tulip and Western Pennyroyal to sleep. Now everyone quiet down, all I hear is the river and the wind, patiently waiting for Giant Sequoia to speak. Drum roll please? Pileated Woodpecker knows the perfect beat. The deepest sermon goes unspoken. Nature is the religion and the earth is church. Praises to God for his Kingdom translating his words.
*Canis latrans* = Coyote
*Taxidea taxus* = Badger
*Mephitis mephitis* = Striped Skunk
*Procyon lotor* = Raccoon
*Lynx rufus* = Bobcat
*Castor canadensis* = ******
*Neotoma cinerea* = Bushy-tailed wood rat
*Glaucomys sabrinus* = Northern Flying Squirrel
**Scientific names of the given species**.
Damaré M Oct 2016
She answered the door half naked and almost woke. As I closed the door behind me slowly, she attempted the route to her bed until I interrupted "Stop right there! Put your hands up and place them against the wall. You look dangerous and I'm about to frisk you". She surrendered.
Let's have a troublesome
Damaré M Mar 2014
I long the lie of love that tells the truth tonight

The testament is usually in the pudding, but now the proof is in the mud

I'm hurting ,
So no wonder why I'm *****

I've been rolling around in the ooze all afternoon; since I heard the news

Maybe I wouldn't be so blue if I would have picked up on clues

That the lie of love is true

My true love lied to me,
Because her new love is surprisingly

Couldn't even dare remind her of me, nor would she recollect any average joe

gents cannot be gentle
jack cannot have her back
She elude from dude
Because every ******* was joking

Now how a cat like me suppose to land back on my feet, when felines is her hoping?

I'm not a hound anymore,
Though I can still smell the love that our bodies cook, and the hemoglobin we partook

I cannot believe; not even in my dreams, because I still go to sleep instantly waking up thinking how is it that I can make up?

But it ain't enough Mac in the world that can attract this girl

However, I take full responsibility for my lack of durability

We went astray about 48 months back, and it still effect my agility

But the psychology is hindering , so I am remembering how can you stretch your horizon with such great expansivity

I am skeptic of your security, considering that it is in the nature of anyone who is of femininity to react gently

What happened?
Don't you have muscle memory?

I never suspected you of this sort of mingling

I apologize if I have harsh opinions on these kind of atypical tendencies

I wish that you can understand my reasonings

Look if that's yo flavor then I respect your seasoning, I just hope that it's like Fall and not overall

But wait don't be annual, and even if it isn't me... I just want to remind you of what makes life substantial

Reproducing and evolution
Caused by interactions between the female's canal and the male's channel, I'm handing you back your manual

Gender roles
Gender roll
Gender woes
Damaré M Dec 2016
Know year is knew
No year is new

Unwrap your conscious from the habit of resolving issues every 365 days.

You're practicing a maze with no escape.

We revolve around time, time doesn't revolve around us.

Flip through the pages of Life's calendar, not the world's

Ideas will tend to exist for longer.

Goals once reached will have infinite significance.

No year is new

No birth is old.

No soul is dead.

One day you won't *know the years you knew

Graduation onto a eternal diurnal

As of today you'll keep killing and reviving yourself by the end-to-start of every complete orbital cycle.

We revolve around the sun, the sun doesn't revolve around us.

Give yourself some space.

It's time son.
It's time.
Damaré M Dec 2012
The exact day... He took a ride in that hearse
Down King st. And First
I was hurt
I tried to inflict that pain elsewhere
It didn't work
It made things worse
Made me know that I was gonna get put in the past tense
Makes a little sense why I don't have sense
I been tense every since then
But the things I do; don't invoke as amends
So am I hurt, or am I jus selfish?
I'm just lost
I'm just helpless
So I only do what I know
What I was taught
What they showed
Who is they?
Should I repeat something I learned from them?
I try to consider what I learned from him
But the words he spoke is not audible, to a mind that can't think logical
A heart that is sorrow
And a life that doesn't care about tomorrow
Is that even a life?
Well I'm alive
But I'm not ripe

I love to do what have been done to me
I don't like how slow she sings, but I help keep the record on repeat

Contribute to the hostility of the streets, which make each corner so bleak
Keep families weeping
Throwing away possessions

Bringing congregations together,
Tearing mutual amities apart

Not valuing life
Maybe I will when the light shines on me

Until then my path is dark
He's dead , how do I follow my heart?
This is for the people who fill the streets. With no where to go and the town they call home is broken into many pieces. I come from a difficult background but I don't let that define me. I move on and try to do whatever's necessary to be healthy at body, heart, and mind. There's hope , but we have to go get it. It don't wish on us. So someone out there feel me on this and can relate. One love
Damaré M Oct 2013
My eyes dream a lot
Dot dot dot

I don't know why but my mind sing a lot
La la la

I'm just caged into a phase that I cannot escape
Missing a few people that I cannot replace
Chasing a few others who's not in the race
But it's a tale of one girl that my mind is having a hard time to create
Is it that I can't relate?
Or is it that she's so real that I can't be awake?

I wish that she was mine, but my eyes are having a hard time
Everytime I blink I reset my connection
So I force my eyes to stay open, and I almost cry for reanimation
Then I look away, ...and there goes my elation

My diaphragm doesn't have any strength and my Adam's apple doesn't have any vibration

I usually can visualize, then harmonize upon divine relations
She's the only girl who can appear in my spaces
And make my mind and eyes go spacious
...just when I thought I was creative

I'm so tenacious, but my imagination is sedative
I don't know how my musical tongue became dumb
She's ideal to fantasize about and vocalize In regard to

My eyes are soft, but to paint the perfect loft, it's hard to
I try to stay on key but my lips are locked
I try to stay on beat, but when I hear the tap of her feet my heart drop

Why won't my unreality and melody write her a song?
Because it's only right if I wrote her a poem !
Damaré M Aug 2013
You only got a buzz and a little fizz
'Cuz you became introduced to soda pop 
I call it soda pop cuz you really "can"
Did everything you can to bottle up your hip hop life 
So that you can appeal to some new fans 
That's what that mountain do 
You get to the top and start foolin with that cola 
Shaking up the crowds 
But you getting ran over 
Then it all spills 
So **** gets real 
Then you figure that you false started 
So you try to run over 
You now follow 2 liters so here comes the Royce's and the rovers
Now you rocking with the rollas 
Guitars and Crown Vic motors 
Got you a six pack for the core 
Security guards attached to your arms 
Dr.pepper spray on his waist 
You didn't spring from that kinda soil 
You say that you were towing the 40 while you was drinking the 40 
Now you root beer 
And 7 up
Just forgot about us 
No more grits and pop tarts 
You doing it for the popular charts 
But I call that **** minute maid 
Cuz you getting paid to do sweet **** like lemonade
Damaré M Oct 2013
Considering my flaws and all
Could I still be the love of your life?

I'm friendly with majority of the population 
I hope it doesn't shy you away 
And give you the impression that I am a attention seeker
I utilize my mind almost too often 
I hope that it doesn't seem as if I'm heartless 
I can talk a little bit too 
But I don't think it substitutes for my actions though
I'm violent first then violet second 
I'm only careful after I've been clumsy 
I had grey hair since the 7th grade 
Does that take away from my grade? 
My skin texture is somewhat dark, but a bit lesser 
My sensitivity is not a mystery 
I like to go astray for days 
Does that makes you impatient?
My ******* is still in place
Does it take away from the depth of my *******? 
Sometimes I don't practice what I preach 
But I don't mind being called on my hypocrisy 
I hope you don't become obsolete 
My flaws and all 
Considering all of my flaws I hope you do not withdraw
Damaré M Mar 2015
I can't see it coming down my eye, so I gotta let the poem cry
My head held high, but my heart is in my stomach
My stance is sturdy, but I need to take a seat
A strong man who's afraid to show signs of being weak
Holding in all this emotion, is just making my eyes even more bleak
I'm usually good with coping with commotion, but as you get older the stakes get a little more steep
The stairs get a little bit closer
My eyes are dry so the stares got a little longer
Day dreaming all night
The fight is lingering around so I'm a loner
If I let it all out i'll be more resounding then a moaner, pounding an extensive *****

I can't see it coming down my eye
It almost spilled over this morning
The image in the mirror kept it from pouring
Reminded myself that self is the only help
But if I focus too much on that notion my eyes will begin to melt
So I show my back to that reflection
I'm hunched over in the house, but when I come out I suddenly get erected

I can't see it coming down my eye
But what can hurt if I eject it?
Why do I get the feeling that I'll be lessened?
But lemme teach you a lesson, that if it hurts don't be afraid to let the water works because your feelings will be disconnected

So I gotta let the poem cry
Each word is woeful
I can't see it coming down my eye
My iris is blessed, but my fingers is in distress
All this written whimpering I'm doing my fingers are twisted signaling the west

I can't see it coming through my vision, coming through my lenses, through my ocular instruments

So I gotta let the poem whine, the poem sob, my ink pen form salinity globs
Damaré M Jul 2018
My apologies Tasmanian Tiger, for the brute carelessness of the Hominid settlers. I was quite aware of you being one of the few marsupials... yes the sworn to be ascendant earthlings are out of pocket. Well I never got to meet you personally but I’m sure you was charged with great energy. Thank you for serving a purpose here on our heavenly body.
                                  P.S. maybe one day you’ll arrive again, and maybe us homosapiens will be expunged from this orb.
Damaré M Apr 2013
I can see through your eyes

Dark pigment
Surrounded by a colorless horizon

Lids and lashes act as curtains

But as you become surprised they rise
Your eyes are wide

The reflection I get makes me think that I'm in the picture
But reality tell me that everyone else sees themselves within you

I can see through your eyes , but I can't tell who you're looking forward to


Do we all make your eyes sparkle or is that just the only thing that divorces me from the other prospects?

The other prospects keep looking just as I do, so I know that it is something that they want

...Your eyes

Your eyes become my shining gold when your cheeks elevate and suppress , leaving wrinkles right next

Your upside down rainbow, I mean ... your smile

So kaleidoscopic and polychromatic

Dynamic and emphatic

What creature wouldn't be attracted?
Whatever natural specimen with a good sight that can see through your eyes.

Someone with similar vision, but nonidentical decisions to I

I know your smile is moody
Your heart is choosy
And your eyes are gluey

And yet I dissociate myself from your gallery

Believing some day that you'll just shut your eyes and become blind to all the other guys

How do I disregard the signs that I'm instructed while seeing through your eyes

The signs that show me how you flourish off of all the concentration that you get

I'm posing inside of a picture that I know is framed by faces that do not have placement

Your art steadily draws attention
so as soon as you get glimpses
You start your bidding

Your craft is so worthy but so inexpensive

As if you put your body up for sale and mark down the price, only to stay top seller to the cheap consumers

How do you allow to have a allowance upon yourself; moreover, place yourself on clearance

The real question is why do I window shop knowing that the quality of the product is so unreliable

I don't think I really wanna see, what I really see when looking through your eyes

Wishing you weren't so prideful about your high demand of men

If yu weren't so disdainful maybe you'll blink more often and try to
Shun from keeping eye contact with me

Instead you proudly advertise yourself as the best deal yet

I hate that I can see through your eyes

Because I hate to witness a beautiful woman with such a bargaining mind
Damaré M Dec 2012
Tell me how many times you gonna walk by?
Well just as many times as I won't say hi
Both of us just hoping
From a distance I try to adjust my focus
Through all the commotion
I'm still scoping
I would stare you down
Until you come around
Then I look away
Then you go stray
Now I can't wait ... to see your face
Just my luck
You pop up
I wasn't ready
I'm carrying something that's heavy
I look like I'm struggling
And you are looking ****
I would assure you that I'm strong
Only If you let me
I promise to you Katrina that I'm not weaker than the levees
I grab life by the horns
I'm built to last
And I run deep like a Chevy
... You wanna ride?
You can run
And you can hide
But here I come
Don't be surprised
What old head said
I utilized
Straight to the point
I never slur
I'm not sly
I thought you were?
I couldn't tell
I won't tell
Lets just bail
And go mingle
Even though you're not single
Say no more
But wait!
What you was looking for?
Why were we locking eyes?
Flirtatious statements
Smiles on faces
Anticipated conversations that were never created due to hesitation
... You faking
But I'm patient
I'll know when he not around
But I'm not waiting
Oh he left you?
I woulda left too
Now that I know
That yooooouuuuuu's ah h.......... !
Damaré M Jun 2013
I got the blues like James cotton and the crew

The blues in my hands
Like the crew and James c.o.t.t.o.n

Not like k.r.a.f.t
More like zatarains r.i.c.e
...A lonely mans meal
The blues
For crying out loud my ol lady left me
Every 5 minutes for 9 minutes
I cry without tears coming down my eyes
So no need for a bucket
My cheeks are dry
I cry through my trumpet
My cheeks are cramping
I cry so often and so long
The way in which my feet tap you can't tell that it's a sad song

I thought I would've Lost harmony when Monica left
But my harmonica explains the exchange of breaths going through my chest

Yet, blues explains my mood
On stage with my dudes
Audience in-tune with my news

The blues
I got the blues
Can you relate?
Did she escape?

No wonder why you're rapping and sagging
Bluffing and bragging
And your not huffing; puffing , and nagging
To get a case of the blues the love between the two once upon a time had to be true

I got the blues
And it's hard and complicated
I am strung like the guitar
There's no contemplation
Nor hesitation
I abandon my mentals
And create instrumentals
I got the blues
And to prove I have the bruise
Heartache and headaches
Allow me to groove
The blues, skies, teals, turquoises
No lies, tears nor voices

Real blues like fats, Percy , Ruth, king, archibald "stack-a-lee", hank Williams "nobody's lonesome for me"

The blues
My aching trombones
Drug free, but my bass is laced
I let my fingers rake
The blues
She don't know what she had
Hope that I can put down my flask
when I move on to jazz
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