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8.5k · Dec 2014
Single Sentence Paragraph
Damaré M Dec 2014
If you are single do not stress it, mainly it's because you understand the complexity of the relationship recipe you're a child of destiny and a victim of intuition, morally gifted, respectfully lifted, GPS couldn't follow your mission, eagerly itching; but if they don't cut the standards you know how to dismiss 'em, If they're not sharp enough they have no place in your kitchen; not smart enough they don't deserve a compound sentence PERIOD
It's a difference between being "stuck up" and having suitable standards.
6.9k · Oct 2016
Damaré M Oct 2016
When she left she couldn't help but to leave that soft and sweet fragrant scent behind. You right, love is blind. There are other senses which make me miss her. Don't get me wrong, she is a enthralling flower. However I'm only reminiscing on the way she lingers, I'm drawn in by every 'come here' gesture of her finger. The openness of my nostrils, the little chill hills which coexist with my follicles. Jasmine... she is so honorable.
You could've been my body scent forever.
3.4k · Jul 2013
It's like a Juggle
Damaré M Jul 2013
It's like a jungle sometimes it make me wonder 
It's like a Forrest sometimes it help me flourish 
It's like a desert sometimes I find myself exerted 
I don't know how to word it, so I gather up a excerpt 
My momma always used to blurt it but since I always heard it , Things didn't make sense until it hurted 
Unjust situations did a service , I can't remember the last time when I was nervous
I tried my hardest not to become heartless 
In poverty stricken and drug infested apartments 
They raised us in the slums 
So we raisins in the sun 
Get to the league then our fathers come and try to bake us when we're done 
Already came from out the oven 
Already clubbing and already loving
Been making mistakes 
Got seasoned without his marinade
He never made us a plate 
Forced to be a renegade 
He never made us feel safe 
We're out running from everything 
Then don't know what to do when we make it on base 
Flour for the chicken
Flowers in the vase 
Gun powder in the smith &
Baking soda for the base 
I can't stand the rain coming through my window and we never had drapes 
Slim fast was our ******* so fiends never got in shape
Rent was only $50
So we never had space 
Halloween we had the mask but we Couldn't afford the cape 
So it was only fly if you sold super weight 
God's gate or cell 5 gate
Was our only escape
But we had to share a sub sandwich 
Waterfall a club soda
That's why we relate 
Dozens of "cousins" 
Saw each other everyday so that's why we debate 
It's like a ocean sometimes it makes me hopeless 
Marco Polo never get played, it's real
We dying by waves of violence 
It's like a battle field sometimes it keeps us crying 
Retaliation celebration 
10 years of frequent, but temporary triumph 
It's like a jungle that's why today I'm humbled 
Try to stay away from trouble 
Lost a lot of brothers, so the ones thats left I muffle 
It's like a jungle with tigers, apes, and snakes 
We pray everyday not to become prey 
It's like a jungle 
Only enlightened by thunder 
The trees help us breathe 
The trees bring a breeze 
But the trees is like a tease 
Disable us to follow our dreams 
We can't see the nearest sea 
So we just hunch by the tree stomp 
It's like a jungle 
At times it keep me thinking how do I keep from sinking 
It's like a jungle sometimes it makes us a believer that we gotta have fever just to meet our diva 
It's like a jungle sometimes it make me crumble because the crumbs feed the hunger 
It's like a agglomerate sometimes I forget when the last time I ate 
It's like a collage eventually I can't picture if I have a future 
It's like a jungle where
Lumberjacks never stumble 
Allow our dense vegetation 
To cloud our inspirations 
We come from jungles 
Get older and just want a happy huddle 
And a warm cuddle 
And finances to bundle 
When we make it through our rubble 
From a jungle 
We wonder 
That's all we can do is wander 
That's all we can do is juggle
That's all we can do; is hustle?
3.2k · Dec 2012
Animal Kingdom
Damaré M Dec 2012
You ever wish that you were a wild animal?

Sounds a bit indecent, but reckoning the sense of freedom, order, and understandings
;then, you'll look at it through a bird's eye

Doesn't it seem like animals have no issues at finding their purposes?
They seem to know exactly what is it, in which what they are living for
Oppose to us humans, they seem to be less frightened by death
Do you think animals have religious beliefs?
Some divine stranger they must let control their life.
Or are they responsible enough themselves?
And/or only have faith in what it mean to live
...Just live

The things in which they used to do is still their tendencies today.
Give me one lion that don't hunt anymore?
One pack or tribe that is ran by female?
One chimpanzee who think swinging from trees is out of style?
One shark who think blood is disgusting?
I never met a gopher who wasn't hip enough, who didn't "dig"; digging wholes
Every cat I know rub their skull, ribs, backbone, tailbone and tail; in one motion against other creatures for what I figure as comfort.
Shepherd, Yorkshire, or hound; however, they all get on the mailman's nerves

Humans... We just seem lost
Not knowing where we belong
Steady trying to figure out right for wrong
Attitudes always going up or down
Need to much to crack a smile
The slightest ordeal can make us frown
A successful human is visioned as having access to the whole world

Do you ever see a honey bee left behind in a swarm?
Or a polar bear climbing a tree when it's warm?

Their world has no critics
No trends
No high expectations

Just eat, sleep, and ****

Is that it?
Or there's more to it?
Two separate lives
But I'm influenced
3.2k · Jul 2013
Letter to Promise Land
Damaré M Jul 2013
Dear Arjana,
Isis told me that you left your paradise for love in disguise 
Camouflage love 
Erroneous love 
Inaccurate love 
Artificial love 
Mimic love 
Man-made love 
Substitute love
I can't trust the "fact" that you wanna desert me only to hydrate a man who's life is so sparse with affection 
Can't you tell by how devoid his life is of women? 
He can't storm into your life and bring forth lush 
He can't be your sunshine and make you feel tropic 
He can't have you sprung and spring you out of your glacial phase 
Bottom line Arjana babe 
Is that he cannot draw the line between your north and south poles where it's typically warm when I'm around and rock your equator wild as a 200 miles per hour cyclone Lol!!!
He just can't 
And I could 
So why do you even give G-Gwa-Gwala a chance? 
However you say his name! 
You need to come back home to your paradise 
Before you end up a dystopian 
Please reply =-|
Sincerely Masika "Zola" Oluchi
Name meanings:
Arjana- Paradise
Isis- goddess
Gwala- coward
Masika "Zola" Oluchi- one who was born during a monsoon "to love" work of god
2.3k · Oct 2013
This Monday
Damaré M Oct 2013
If Tuesdays are bad news days 
Fridays are always sideways 
Trembling stuttering 
Impolite utterances 
Misguided mothering 
Distant cousins 
Conditioned lovers 
Struck by thunder 
No structure to govern...

Monday is gonna come...

No matter what goes on in your life Monday is going to come 
Give me one time that Monday have not approached? 
Hold your head 
You'll be alright 
If not 
Monday is still on it's way 
If you stay stuck in muck 
The world isn't 
It will move onto a new week
2.1k · Dec 2012
Damaré M Dec 2012
The exact day... He took a ride in that hearse
Down King st. And First
I was hurt
I tried to inflict that pain elsewhere
It didn't work
It made things worse
Made me know that I was gonna get put in the past tense
Makes a little sense why I don't have sense
I been tense every since then
But the things I do; don't invoke as amends
So am I hurt, or am I jus selfish?
I'm just lost
I'm just helpless
So I only do what I know
What I was taught
What they showed
Who is they?
Should I repeat something I learned from them?
I try to consider what I learned from him
But the words he spoke is not audible, to a mind that can't think logical
A heart that is sorrow
And a life that doesn't care about tomorrow
Is that even a life?
Well I'm alive
But I'm not ripe

I love to do what have been done to me
I don't like how slow she sings, but I help keep the record on repeat

Contribute to the hostility of the streets, which make each corner so bleak
Keep families weeping
Throwing away possessions

Bringing congregations together,
Tearing mutual amities apart

Not valuing life
Maybe I will when the light shines on me

Until then my path is dark
He's dead , how do I follow my heart?
This is for the people who fill the streets. With no where to go and the town they call home is broken into many pieces. I come from a difficult background but I don't let that define me. I move on and try to do whatever's necessary to be healthy at body, heart, and mind. There's hope , but we have to go get it. It don't wish on us. So someone out there feel me on this and can relate. One love
2.0k · Sep 2013
Damaré M Sep 2013
Where do thugs go?
Who do they run to? 
Where do they call home? 
Not a house that they go to, but a place where they feel belonged 
How do they cope with the scarcity of love? 

Thugs, not the kind that most women think they are attracted to; therefore, not the imposers
Not the kind who landed at the bottom of the hill, sliding from the top only to scrape off their rot 
Not the ones who were born with all the right people in their corners, but boxed them off while trying to fight to be someone that they are not 

Thugs, the ones who momma loves? Because he appreciates her worthiness, her works 
She's the only real love he ever had since birth 
Thugs; who can't really go places because trouble doubles 
It multiplies whenever he is with his guys 
Because they all know how it feel not to live under a roof 
Neither one of them have anything to lose 
His dudes are equal to himself cubed 
They rely on one another like proofs 
And they are radical from the roots 
Living in a negative atmosphere trying to multiply it by itself 
So that they can make it to where the grass is greener and the sun does shine 
The other side of the number line 
Where the gunfire and homicides are divided
And the dope is reduced 
All their lives they have been thinking that they are enduring the truth 
That they "cannot amount to nothing and cannot be put to use"

They are neck deep in the streets 
And the authorities is at their throats like a crew 
But nothing around them is cotton 
So when their fingers symbolizes a "V" they are only representing the place where they have to be 
And they are not weak, but sometimes they wishes that they can take off a week 

Black cats can't chase yarn
Mexicans don't have a specific day for casual dressing 
Asians don't get any waivers 
Cubans can't take less hours for a semester of schooling 
Haitians don't get vacations 

The **** life is given 
Difficult to make it
As it is to escape it 
It's hard to deal 
When all they know is reeling in deals 
To people who are saltier than Dill's 
While at the same time trying to act real... Kosher
Without a companion to share meals... How do they find closure?
Too busy being tyrannical 
Never learned how to be grammatical 
So **** just got "worser"
Interviewee for a job 
Or being suave to a child's mom
Besides their eyes,
Their oration is just exposure 
Not knowing their duration to exist on this surface 
Thugs need love 
It's hard to tell through his mean-mug 
But he's hurting
Damaré M Aug 2016
How I wish I knew you, oh im almost absolutely positive that things will be much simpler. I would no longer chase the race of these small minded women who constantly run away from their true escape. Too frightened to heighten their righteousness. A real man in 2016 is intimidating but not for you he is. You're a goddess who only should be standing aside a man with a Godly frame. The look in you're eyes explain to me how a dude with small hands cannot complete your task. I have to ask. Are you finish settling for these dull minded homosapiens? You are the idol of mankind who any ol' kind of men cannot apprehend. If you look into my eyes, press up against my forceful figure, without words witness how the heavens speak wisdom to our spirits. As we have connected eyes an exchange take place. You take my strength and I take your weaknesses. Oh how I hope to get to know you.
this one's for you.
1.8k · Dec 2012
Feel free...
Damaré M Dec 2012
She dropped my heart
But, I'm still falling in love
(Of course, not with her because when she had it; it splattered)
Someone else gathered it
Scooped it
Knitted it
Tethered it
Right aside her own
Right where she felt it belonged
...On the left
Beating the same chest
Assisting the same breath
I breathe to keep her pleased
Because I didn't ask please
Yet, she dropped to her knees and raked up a potential disease
Rolled up my cuffs
Stuck it up my sleeves
Allowing me to huff and puff
Before I was crying and sighing
Fast talking and lying
Creeping in silence
Hurting, but disguising
I just wasn't able to see women as woman
Because I thought the world of girls
Only involved with the ones that's immature
Today I can adore
Ladies thats like
Unlike ******
Her caress is the cure
No patches
Nor scratches
Scar tissue
Pain or leaks
I'm worry free
Picture a surgeon, without the fee
A doctor who make their job personal
A dietitian that's proactive
She don't just attack the symptoms
A cardiologist who doesn't just study
She believe the functions of the heart is lovely
So she used the defibrillator
And it shocked me I didn't think I can feel so deep
So intense
So immense
The same pulse is in my temples
Thriving through my brain
...I felt it first
Then I made up my mind
She the one who controls the ups and downs
... Of my life line
1.8k · Aug 2013
Extinction Treatment
Damaré M Aug 2013
I think we're going extinct
I hate to even blink 
I remember when we were in sync 
But things changed 
We will act strange over change 
Being caged and attached by chains is voguish 

Are we hopeless? 
Why can we polish our pinky rings 
But leave rust on our linkage chains? 
Our words don't bond anymore 
Our words are shackles 
Our words are like crooked spurs 
And unbalanced saddles 
Yeah It travels 
But lies are to be told 
Only to smear what we really withhold 

I think that we're going extinct 
I hate to blink 
As my eye lids flicker 
More and more existence spills from our mankind 
We're turning into the kind of men 
Who emotionally melts when we see celebrities 
Where's our rectitude? 

I think we're going extinct 
I hate to blink
Where's my natural woman?
Every time I twitch 
More and more she accepts the word ***** 
And in no time a guy can become exposed to her hips 
Where's our morality? 

Are we going to expire 
All because we create our entire empire with desires? 
Desires and thirst that require us to hurt 
We smile and we smirk 
We loath from good work 
We poke at nerves
We drown our minds to swerve 
We absorb potion 
Only to tranquil our motion 
We indulge in copulation 
With a stranger 
But somehow for consolation 
We are endangered 
We are a few more trends away from complete annihilation 
Our tendencies are cancerous and if we keep being patient 
We will need medication 
I don't feel any radiation 
To not become subject to our decimation

I think we're going extinct 
My instincts tell me that
Though we're a percentage and a contributor to this nation 
We are approaching ruination 
My instinct senses that I am one of the few who mentions devastation 
And if I blink one more time 
And if we keep wasting time 
We'll be wastage 
You and I 
We'll be ejected from the race 
And they'll use a prosthetic ethnic affiliation for our replacement 
Can we come together with cooperation 
Resisting this operation 
May we all stand up 
Before they go through with this amputation ! 

Lets see
Damaré M May 2013
"I wanna tell you , but I can't. I mean I could, but I won't. You won't understand".

(And wonder why you're not fulfilled. You right I won't understand)
1.7k · Oct 2016
Came To My Senses
Damaré M Oct 2016
If I was blind I could still see you.
If I had no mind, my thoughts will still think of you.
Without legs I will be chasing you all over town until my arms become dead.
No lips but I will still yearn for your kiss.
Picture me without a face, yet grinning everytime you open your arms for my embrace.
What if I had no hands? I will still hold onto my every plan, to be your perfect man.
One day I will be without a heart; however, loving you like I did from the start.
1.6k · Nov 2012
Damaré M Nov 2012
Last night I had a blast
It was just me and her the entire 8 hours
From 1am 'til 9 something this morning
I cannot remember when we exactly departed
Thanks to that stupid muscle car outside I had no chance to say goodbye
I remember a glimpse of me saying hello
Everything seemed to happen so fast
Though the scene grew slow
We were in a setting that I saw before
But it didn't really make sense to me
However I felt every little detail
Our mind is Amazing
One's thoughts can contradict a lot
Do our actions always have to oppose the freedom of our mind?
We were holding hands tighter than we've ever done before
We got the chance to laugh about things that usually would have resulted in bitterness
Never before have we collaborated with such tenderness
Last night was the first time in a long time that we came together w/o domestic belligerence
A few people was present to witness
But they're not gonna remember this like I will
Not even her...
I loved her
I hugged her
I didn't bug her
I didn't shove her
I kissed her
I miss her
Even though she's just up the way in her dorm
Everything changed within an alarm
I may not ever get to see her smile like she did
We weren't irresponsible
Although it wasn't planned
However we had kids
...Little princesses
I'm trying to remember where we lived
We might have been living without sin
Because she had a ring on her finger that had a Rose-goldish blend
Around 10a.m I got up and checked my jeans to see if she gave it back to me
I may go early tonight to see if I can finish with what I've started
Hope I can somehow make her believe
Hope one day I can treat her like my Queen
Just the way I did in my dream
1.5k · Oct 2013
The Black Woman
Damaré M Oct 2013
The black woman
She's an antagonist at birth 
The oppressor is aware of her capabilities 
Yet, they value her worth 
Black men are in a phase of tranquility 
Yet to know that they are obligated to the original her...
The lady who was civilized first 

The black woman 
They failed to keep her safe 
She escaped the rapes
They tried to sterilize and vaccinate 
They couldn't sedate this woman with hate 

The black woman 
Mind sharp as a dart 
Back built like a cart 
Carry her youth through truth 
By words spoken from her heart 

The black woman 
She's everyone's favorite 
However she have been degraded 
So often times her smile growls 
Her laugh howls 
Funny how her cry is hysterical 
And her enjoyment is terrible 
Because she have been let down by her spouse 

The black woman 
The dark men owe her their respect 
She can use their caress 
They have to vow to never again neglect 

The black woman 
The creator 
Her creations are more than just labor 
It's a ****** of love 
A future king or queen being flung from in between 

The black woman 
The black woman
The black woman 

Check her demeanor 
Despite her distractions she is still determined 
Fighting through a handful of disasters that attempted to destroy her 
She came a long distance to be dismissed 
She is still devoted to her destiny 
But it is so difficult when her men volunteer to diminish 

The black woman 
The black woman is not a ***** so why do he dog her? 
Her body represents the best figure so why do he abuse it? 

The black woman 
It's amazing she keeps on giving them chances 
She turns to the other cheek and he slaps her again 
Only time he pay attention to her is in a discussion amongst friends 

The black woman 
How is it that she know the importance of a black man, but in favor he cannot comprehend? 
If it's not ****** relations he don't wanna relate 
And if he impregnate 
He miss every anniversary of the child's original date 

The black woman 
But... (Shaking my head)
The black man
Damaré M Sep 2013
It's not suicide that's on my mind 
It's ****** that sits behind my eyes 
That awaits to appear before my pupils 
That anticipates the visual through my lenses 
That contemplates the bare face without a mask 
Violence is on my mind 
But is it out of my grasp? 
As I sigh, it's testing for me to blink 
My eyes envision the scene 
Standing over the sink 
I'm standing there with myself 
About something else!!!
****! Where did that come from? 
I don't need help
I refuse, because I'm not confused 
I need to do this 
Momma always told me that wants are just taunts 
So I take her words and try to define and categorize my choice 
Credible: check 
Eligible: check 
Inevitable; yes, I have the perfect excuse despite the notion of being rightful 
Momma didn't counsel that etcetera 
So I don't even think of the sentencing 
The authorities aren't as preventing 
So they don't know what I'm thinking nor do they know what I'm doing 
Until it's done 
They might catch me because I will neglect to hide or run 

1st degree 
My 2nd attempt 
My 3rd resort 

In this case is my mind my best resource? 
If I recourse and explore my feelings 
I will still have a passion, maybe to do it in a more gruesome fashion 

A murderer's mind is like fish's eyes 
(how so when the attention is steady on the potential victim? 
Although, but Is this really being considerate?)

I have plenty of lifeless bodies in my psychological attic 
One time I got this guy looking spiffy and brought him into the living room where I tried to sit him upright on the sofa 
It was a pain in the *** for my brain in the past 
I thought about his family more than of him, overall it effected my comfortability at home 
So often times I found myself in the basement 
Heart racing 
Quick movements and fast pacing 
Thought I was drawing attention 
For revenge to trace it 
So I tightly secured my spaces 
Kept two firearms adjacent 
I think about the things that I do 
Thats dreadful enough for comrades to contact taboo 
I hope retaliation was only nightmares and don't become déjà vu 
Because if that's the case then if I can remember the handle was still lodged into my waist 
As gas operates and bolts rotate from the Izhmash make 
Majority of the exploded cartridges run stray 
I run in between Subway and Chase 
Where I can take cover 
And aim my muzzle 
Before my corpse completely turn into rubble 
I was penetrated too well now to move with bustle
Then I suddenly remembered my mother 
I wanted to stay alive 
I couldn't cry because I seen this before 
Just from the other side 
But who cares? 
I just wish those men would look me in my eyes
As I would 
But they rather witness my demise from a distance 
Here I am 
Criminal minded 
From any 
Uummmm I don't know 
Natural state or thought 
But guess what? 
Guess who I'm studying while i'm placed in front of the mirror? 
Noooo I said guess 
You'll find out soon enough
(Shoulder shrug)
I guess
1.5k · Apr 2015
Damaré M Apr 2015
I know I cannot have your sympathy
I just ask you to understand

The truth is
I understand the land
But I'm tired of standing under another man
Only to be perfectly misunderstood purposely

Inside of my ferociousness
It's hurting me
Because I know there's always a start, but never an end
Have you ever fought a continuos fight that you can never win?
You can never understand
You knew beforehand so there's no emergency to you
1.4k · Nov 2013
Sightless of Righteousness
Damaré M Nov 2013
Can someone please trade me eyes?

It's unknown how they still have sight 
Every since I was 6 the sense have witnessed gruesome events 
Now my eyelids flicker past them very seldom 
My lacrimal glands have trouble producing saline 
I find it nearly impossible for beatitude to gleam from my eyes
And I cannot search for something that my eyes feel sorrow for 

Let me at least borrow yours? 
So I can see how it feel to grieve 
So that tears of joy can travel down my cheeks 
I want humor to cause me to wink 
I want my reflexes to cause me to blink 

I stand there in the face of danger 
When I should be aware 
Instead I just stare 
No glare 
Just dispirited 
The statical behavior that my eyes inherited 
Suppress me from all charity 

I'm begging you 
No one looks me in my face and feels warmth and comfortability 
All that they see is two white igneous rocks
When I wish that they can see marshmallows 

That's why I need your help 
The optometrist said there's nothing that he can do 

That's why I'm coming to you 
I just wanna be inspired by life 
Can you show me how the world look again just for one day?
1.4k · Oct 2013
Hope I'm Not Too Flawful
Damaré M Oct 2013
Considering my flaws and all
Could I still be the love of your life?

I'm friendly with majority of the population 
I hope it doesn't shy you away 
And give you the impression that I am a attention seeker
I utilize my mind almost too often 
I hope that it doesn't seem as if I'm heartless 
I can talk a little bit too 
But I don't think it substitutes for my actions though
I'm violent first then violet second 
I'm only careful after I've been clumsy 
I had grey hair since the 7th grade 
Does that take away from my grade? 
My skin texture is somewhat dark, but a bit lesser 
My sensitivity is not a mystery 
I like to go astray for days 
Does that makes you impatient?
My ******* is still in place
Does it take away from the depth of my *******? 
Sometimes I don't practice what I preach 
But I don't mind being called on my hypocrisy 
I hope you don't become obsolete 
My flaws and all 
Considering all of my flaws I hope you do not withdraw
1.4k · Aug 2013
All Sooki to the Rookies
Damaré M Aug 2013
Do you have to get high to feel more fly? 
Soft *** stoner 
I'm more blunt when I'm sober 
Excuse me to the real dudes who use ****
I know how it be 
But if you only smoke because it's trendy 
Right now your life is pending 
Because you not downloaded 
You buffering 
Losing connection 
I can't respect it 
Your life isn't hectic 
You had to use other folks addresses 
Just to get public school lessons 
Never got a suspension 
Detention because you wasn't paying attention 
You wasn't throwing pencils 
Or raising up dresses 
Or erasing the "warm up" messages
Or guessing during benchmark testing 
Word I heard you was a nerd 
And that's cool
But don't have tape in between 'yo glasses then grow up to gain bad habits 
That's backwards 
Thought life was all about progress 
You have a background which is flawless 
But for acceptance 
You start making exceptions 
I do it for the breathless 
And of my God I don't question 
To all perpetuation 
But hesitation 
I don't condone perpetration 
Why dissemble on some **** that isn't providential?
Everyone who practically had no choice now want a way out 
Little *** kids you didn't even weigh in 
How did you find your way in? 
That's from real men being pliant
For all you cats who trying 
Stop 'yo lying 
When I'm around Amateurs come in silence 
Like what's a scavenger to a lion? 
About time for all of you late bloomers to become compliant
1.4k · Aug 2013
Damaré M Aug 2013
My allegiance to be a leader 
Leader of my culture 
Vow to righteous cultivation 
Raise my right fist 
And I tell you this 
I will never quit 
Low souls I will always lift 
My determination is greater than or equal to my liberation 
Truly in the past I've gotten content 
Forgot why I was born 
I ask for your forgiveness 
While I'm a realest 
I know I have to be rigorous 
And stay consistent 
Because now days everyone who's put in position loses their coherence and fear the consequences 
Like why work so hard to be a star?and get everyone to witness, 
Get everyone's attention 
But don't have a mission!
I hope I don't speak this into existence 
Because all I need is a microphone with my voice coming through the PA system 
It's a shame that I might need security 
But it's not strange that I might need security
If I attract too many brown faces and people who come from unfortunate places 
That's where they draw the line,
Speeches for memorabilia 
But my work will be erased 
Hope I don't sound incredible 
I would not sound ridiculous if you remember our intellectuals 
They don't accept anyone who's exceptional 
They don't want to see anyone who has a big dream in their retinal 
Hopefully I can manage with 
About 30 plus years of residue 
Give up? 
Naw that's just what the rest will do 
Fight for our lives 
And take a chance with my life 
Whatever it takes to restitute
1.4k · Jun 2013
Notoriety OR Morality
Damaré M Jun 2013
Lights! camera! action!
Pretending that events are accidents
Appointed laughter
Framed gatherings
Steady buffing
Turn your face into a masterpiece
And your fashion into a catastrophe
Then your catastrophe into outcasting
Take away normalcy then preach you blasphemy
Then wonder "why are they after me"
X then dotted line just says "that you're mine"
It says "sign neatly" and "read briefly"
And now that he's gone...your the repeat
And if you leave...they gotta 3 peat
*** will get you a check
And if you thirsty for a disbursement... Burp out controversy
And swallow grade A *******
You'll get applauded for being a first class fool
Who didn't graduate
But there's still fans who gravitate
While your old class mates are still someone else's class mates
The former students now have degrees
The ones you call to design your foreign furnished mansion
The ones sold you that million dollar car
The ones you pay to fly your private jet
The ones you pay to manage your career
The ones who indict you for your drug possession
The ones who over the counter prescribing you your addiction
The ones who will do the incision to try and maintain your drunk liver
Miss and mister
They demand their respect
Surviving grueling semesters
The newly alumnus
Will retire after they make a difference
A difference for our children
And by the time that your contract has ended all you talked about is killing
Rims spinning
Money getting
Blunt twisting
Liquor sickening
Girls stripping
Discharge sipping
Jewelry glistening
Stomach itching
Teeth missing
Thread stitching
Eye twitching
Thirst quenching
I don't get it
Albums full of insignificance
But your not trippin'
Because you won't fall as long as you don't walk when your boss tell you to crawl
If you rock shows
Wear clothes that you never chose
If you pose to live a life that's another man's role
You'll soon believe that you're not from this globe
And you'll soon speak how satan stole your soul
Everything you value is so extraneous
And for that you're famous?

So it's only one recipe
If you wanna be a celebrity you must lose your integrity
I don't hate people who are on television I just dislike a lot of things in which they deprive themselves of their decency and allow themselves to take a part of. I really dislike the fact that people who are televised has millions of people's attention and never consider themselves as teachers nor do they try to be a little philosophical and put some of their time up for use. Maybe I won't worry as much if I knew that our generation didn't  rely on celebrities to define us. Them people live a totally different life and not because I said so its because that's what they want and get. However, there's exceptions to my claims today some of them people mean well
1.3k · Jan 2015
Misleading Brochure
Damaré M Jan 2015
Have you ever flown first class to heartbreak island?
As I soar overseas back to loneliness looking at the body of water so emotionless the land was welcoming but this flight through disappointment seem much more homeliness...

...I didn't know that I was just on vacation though
Damaré M Apr 2014
It's getting late 
Why don't you want to be here 
Beside me, for me to watch you 
I need you 
I want you 
If you afraid... Don't be 
If you afraid... Don't be 
Don't be scared, I won't hurt you 
Like he did... Twice babe.
I want you to like the method to my manliness 
See I hope that you make an exception for my friendliness, because my tenderness is splendiferous 
I am quite a gentlemen, however it do not stop my urge to dive deep into your sediments and kiss all over your floetry... Is that alright? 

All you gotta do is say yes 
Set aside your stress 
As I flex 
And I caress 
We make a mess
I whisper, close to your year 
"There's is only one for me, you have made that possibility" 
So I don't mind taking that step to "sea"
Your wavy shore 
Before I walk along it all you have to do is say yes 
You sure? 
Then you say "right there"
Followed by how I "make you so, so, so" 
Open up your mind, because it's getting later
Don't deny if I'm making you wetter 

It's almost late 
You're here for a reason 
Beside me 
Watching me watch you 
Knowing I'm needing you 
Feeling me wanting you 
I can see that you're afraid... Don't be 
I can see that you're afraid... Don't be 
Because I'm cautious about hurting you 
Twice is more than enough 
My method of manliness 
Is the reason why we're breathless 
Why do I question? 
The clock? 
Because my big hand and your little hand has attracted 
After we latched it 
We traded keys 
Your trembling knees 
My laughter 
Is assurance 
That I plan to be here happily after 
Just say yes 
And i'll be here until the morning 
Then i'll be here for the excitement, and I'll be around when it's boring 
Not only appearing when I'm ***** 
I can taste the lineage because your family is supportive of my decisions 

It's really late 
For you to be afraid 
The lights is out 
But trust that I'm right here 
Wiping your tears 
Afraid of losing you 
We're both scared 
For you it's being hurt twice
For me it's hurting a woman again 

It's too late 
You basically said yes 
By wearing my shirt as your dress 
By not denying your head to my chest 
Your temple to my peck 
You finally mumble I'm the best 
And only thing I had left to say is "yes"
"You make me so, so , so ... "
Legendary RnB Musical Group: **Floetry** "It's Getting Late" and "Say Yes". I combined the two and added my twists to it
1.3k · Sep 2013
My way
Damaré M Sep 2013
Why can't I disrespect her situation and utilize manipulation!!!? 
How can I make her lacerate
Leaving him to ******* 
While her and I gravitate
Am I wrong for trying to captivate? 
To cause a tragedy 
So that I can place her in my cavity 
Count on their delinquency 
So that I can hit the jackpot like treasury 
I must put a result to their destiny 
When I see their pictures 
My jaws quiver 
She needs to be hither 
I'm thinking I should be sly 
And slither 
Or should I be blatant and invite her to dinner?
Right in the face of her mister 

Excuse me ma'am 
Have you ever seen otters afloat the waters? 
When I see it in my studies 
I always get cuddly
I have a California king with only blankets to cover me 
I have no buddy 
I have friends 
But no ones lovely 
Can we hover the lake 
Holding hands so that we won't 
Drift away 
You will be cute as the otters 
I don't know why would I even bother 
No groom; I'm all scruffy 
I look ok alone
But you gone make me look ugly 


Come here 
Hug me 
Is this your hubby? 
That's why his shoulders is shrugging?
And his face is mugging?
He know if you escape his disgrace and come to my cubby 
He'll be in the hole 
Ain't that right man? (Directed to him)
What's your name? 
Hey how are you doing Stanley 
I'm digging your girl like my last name is Yelnats 
And I'm trying not to disrespect 
But it's testing 
You have the great big book of everything 
And a queen who can be on the cover of King because she's **** 
But look at you 
How'd you do it? 
Here you go take my number down and dial whenever he's around so he can know where you're about to go 
See you later 
Which approach is better? 

I like both 
Should I be smooth or rude? 
I have to make up my mind soon so that I can make my move
1.2k · Jun 2013
I Got The Blues
Damaré M Jun 2013
I got the blues like James cotton and the crew

The blues in my hands
Like the crew and James c.o.t.t.o.n

Not like k.r.a.f.t
More like zatarains r.i.c.e
...A lonely mans meal
The blues
For crying out loud my ol lady left me
Every 5 minutes for 9 minutes
I cry without tears coming down my eyes
So no need for a bucket
My cheeks are dry
I cry through my trumpet
My cheeks are cramping
I cry so often and so long
The way in which my feet tap you can't tell that it's a sad song

I thought I would've Lost harmony when Monica left
But my harmonica explains the exchange of breaths going through my chest

Yet, blues explains my mood
On stage with my dudes
Audience in-tune with my news

The blues
I got the blues
Can you relate?
Did she escape?

No wonder why you're rapping and sagging
Bluffing and bragging
And your not huffing; puffing , and nagging
To get a case of the blues the love between the two once upon a time had to be true

I got the blues
And it's hard and complicated
I am strung like the guitar
There's no contemplation
Nor hesitation
I abandon my mentals
And create instrumentals
I got the blues
And to prove I have the bruise
Heartache and headaches
Allow me to groove
The blues, skies, teals, turquoises
No lies, tears nor voices

Real blues like fats, Percy , Ruth, king, archibald "stack-a-lee", hank Williams "nobody's lonesome for me"

The blues
My aching trombones
Drug free, but my bass is laced
I let my fingers rake
The blues
She don't know what she had
Hope that I can put down my flask
when I move on to jazz
1.2k · Apr 2013
I can see through your eyes
Damaré M Apr 2013
I can see through your eyes

Dark pigment
Surrounded by a colorless horizon

Lids and lashes act as curtains

But as you become surprised they rise
Your eyes are wide

The reflection I get makes me think that I'm in the picture
But reality tell me that everyone else sees themselves within you

I can see through your eyes , but I can't tell who you're looking forward to


Do we all make your eyes sparkle or is that just the only thing that divorces me from the other prospects?

The other prospects keep looking just as I do, so I know that it is something that they want

...Your eyes

Your eyes become my shining gold when your cheeks elevate and suppress , leaving wrinkles right next

Your upside down rainbow, I mean ... your smile

So kaleidoscopic and polychromatic

Dynamic and emphatic

What creature wouldn't be attracted?
Whatever natural specimen with a good sight that can see through your eyes.

Someone with similar vision, but nonidentical decisions to I

I know your smile is moody
Your heart is choosy
And your eyes are gluey

And yet I dissociate myself from your gallery

Believing some day that you'll just shut your eyes and become blind to all the other guys

How do I disregard the signs that I'm instructed while seeing through your eyes

The signs that show me how you flourish off of all the concentration that you get

I'm posing inside of a picture that I know is framed by faces that do not have placement

Your art steadily draws attention
so as soon as you get glimpses
You start your bidding

Your craft is so worthy but so inexpensive

As if you put your body up for sale and mark down the price, only to stay top seller to the cheap consumers

How do you allow to have a allowance upon yourself; moreover, place yourself on clearance

The real question is why do I window shop knowing that the quality of the product is so unreliable

I don't think I really wanna see, what I really see when looking through your eyes

Wishing you weren't so prideful about your high demand of men

If yu weren't so disdainful maybe you'll blink more often and try to
Shun from keeping eye contact with me

Instead you proudly advertise yourself as the best deal yet

I hate that I can see through your eyes

Because I hate to witness a beautiful woman with such a bargaining mind
1.2k · Aug 2013
Tropic Of Cancer
Damaré M Aug 2013
Isn't it wonderful how you thought that I was the best as it gets and all of a sudden another man came to override that thought?
Like I always told you 
"There's someone out there who's better for you than I am, you just watch"
That truth probably wasn't meant to be understood at the time that I made it vocal
All because if you would have believed me; it wouldn't be so impactful now 
There was a reason I always told you not to settle
I mean I'm oooooookkkkkk fooorrrr yooouuuu.. Yeah I'm ok 
... But nowhere near as good as the man who I knew would appreciate you more 
H­e's honorable so don't allow your mind to wander and stumble upon me anymore 
He will bring you difficulties from time to time 
Perfect for you 
I didn't say he perfected life 
Who has? 
When the both of you are going through adverse times 
Stay as devoted as he will be 
Don't let them times be the times when your name suddenly appear in my call log 
I'm not worth it 
Our love turned into horror and left you open 
I always told you that he'll bring forth closure 
I was horoscoping 
Our heart to heart connections would always arrest like cardiac 
That's why I kept you in harmony with your zodiac 
I knew that you would later share a calendar with someone who's much more reliable than I am
I also knew that you would stare at the stars with someone who bring a better atmosphere into your company 
I saw all the signs and symbols 
Good things are only cyclic 
Bad things are provisional 
I saw him for you
I was necessary for you to experience 
If you wouldn't have dealt with me then you'll still be settling and making deals with apportioning men 
So don't regret me 
Love me for being able to love him 
And you should aware him of his zodiac 
Maybe you'll be his astrologer in order for him to be with the woman who he was born to be in position with
1.2k · Jun 2013
"Thee Generation Sex"
Damaré M Jun 2013
-Mariah: "what makes you different"?
•Johnathan: "I don't want you, I need you"
-Mariah: "what do you need from me"?
•Johnathan: "I need your heart and I need to give you mines"
-Mariah: "What are you gonna do with my heart"?
•Johnathan: "I'm going to cradle it right aside my own, I'm going to compress them together so I won't miss a beat of your life"
-Mariah: "well you already missed every beat up until now. My heart has taken a beaten and I don't think you can heal it"
•Johnathan: "I can't heal it by myself you have to help me"
-Mariah: "If you're good enough of a man then you can do it alone"
•Johnathan: (interrupting) "wrong"
-Mariah: "I need a man to be able to carry the load. I'm right I don't think that you can do it, and if you can't do it by yourself you can't do it"
•Johnathan: "So you're telling me that you want a man who put up all the effort to comfort and please you but in return his heart remain empty; what are you gonna do to keep love loving you?"
-Mariah: "I usually make a guy prove to me that he really love me before I can show him my love, I'm worth it. Right?"
•Johnathan: "it's not all about worthiness. Worthiness doesn't always consist of how much value another person place upon you. Especially if a person don't get the results from what they invested all their time and mind in. If the person isn't satisfied themselves, they're only tired, then where's the "worth" in that deal? That's only gambling"
-Mariah: "So you're telling me that I'm not worth it"?
•Johnathan: "Mariah listen do you think I would be here trying to fix something that's broke if it doesn't mean anything?"
-Mariah: "I don't know would you? And how am I suppose to know that you're not just trying to break me more?"
•Johnathan: "because if I was trying to break your more I would tell you that you're only useful for pleasure. Besides if you remember, I said that I wanna give you my heart as well; therefore, I'm putting my feelings on the line too. I can get hurt as well as you could. You do know men can hurt huh?"
-Mariah: "Every man that I came across seem not to care, so from my experience I don't know if men hurt. Men only seem to think and feel with their penises. Look I heard it all and I'm tired of men I don't wanna hear anymore lies"
•Johnathan: "Well have you ever thought that it was just the men that you are attracted to? And have you ever thought that you are attracted to boys and not men? And have you ever considered the fact that boys only do exactly what it is that they think they can do? So mistreating you, lying, and relying solely on ****** relations they thought was well within their rights; moreover, the rights that you granted them".
-Mariah: (She storms off angrily without saying anything)

The truth is blistering to lies told and  lies lived.
Hearing the truth kills all disputes
But if she's scared of the truth then she'll find herself comforted by lies
Men try to be supplementary to souls
And boys deter lives
They chase thrilling moments
And if she run off of fun as well, then let the games begin
But the heart is so dramatic that excitement always ends
Serious men...
Come along and by then pain is plain
She's used to it like a pilot in a plane soaring over terrain
And love is a joystick
She only had a demo
Mistakenly she judges the entire franchise from the games that the rookies played
Discrediting hall of fame names and the ones who has not yet been  inducted
She handed her heart to freshmen and they muffed it
They were too inexperienced to coach her that when she  hear the truth to trust it

Mariah is used to liars
Johnathan is a honest man
1.2k · Dec 2012
On The Field with No Goal
Damaré M Dec 2012
10-13 is the score
We are down
2:46 left in regulation

1st and 10 on the opponent's 20 yard line
We run between the right guard and tackle
Make a 11 yard gain

1st and 10 again
Same play, but towards the left
Gain of 5 (we'll accept, but not what we expect)

2nd and 5
And to make up for our lack of yardage
We go long
Something's wrong
There's pressure
Never expected

Due to 3 and out
And good field position
We huddle again
1st and 10
On our own 47

Quick slant
4 yard gain

Quick out
5 yards and out
Clock stopped
No need for timeout

3rd and 1
The sound of yelling, and beating drums
Makes 10 deaf
And 1 dumb
A few steps away, we run away from what's been working throughout the day

On the opponents 44
Drop back; play action
Receivers slanting
Bump and run
Couldn't catch it

:45 seconds left
4th and 1
44 yards to go for a score
1 yard for a first down
About a 60 yard field goal attempt

(Mind you we have 212 yards combined on the ground)


When everything is on the line
(I'm not surprised)

We're punting...
In general, when everything appears to be going good as a unit we are here for, and with one another.
But, Soon as the going gets tough we then mention this word called trust and give it all up
Damaré M Oct 2013
She denied me bail
I wish I would've known this before I thought it was cool to be in jail 

Now the walls of the cell
Is like the flames of hell
Just because I advertised that life but I didn't even sell 
I wish I can snitch my way out of this but only time could tell
Only if your honor would've known my parents raised me well
But I just failed
Officers locked the door after me and to my knees I fell
Praying to my God who I bailed from 
Scared to read my children's mail 
Frightened that I'm painting the worse picture to scale 
Illustrating that the Afri-Can 
Do nothing more than be held in restraint 
Now it's too late to step on the base 
They have me on tape 
And the judge says she'll never rule me safe 
I struck out 
With only away games
Because they're sending me place to place 
As if I have a barcode on me 
Or a serial number on my face 
Chaining us from ankle to ankle 
I feel like I'm a part of the only population of people who are declared as equal 
We all have the same attire and the same desire 
My voice means nothing in between these walls 
We can never come within the same harmony as the choir 
So I remain quiet 
I silence the perspectives my parents worked hard to acquire 
Within me it all expired 
All because I'm in denial 
Wanting to be someone else 
I realized that the guys who I idolized 
Still have their life, because from the beginning it was their life 
And I wasn't living mine 
It's funny how now I get the picture 

But until I die I will only be seen as a wallet size
1.1k · Jan 2014
Motley Grin
Damaré M Jan 2014
Her upside-down rainbow that I mentioned sometime earlier...
Still to this day guides me to my *** of gold 
A 24 karat gleaming heart
Illuminating the gap between my lungs 
Flaring right through my chest 
Her upside-down rainbow is so variegated 
It forms without rain, but my eyes become misty every time her upside-down rainbow become straightened 
I need her upside-down rainbow to arch and become prismatic 
In order for my *** of gold to have radiance 
Right now my gold is dull 
Miners wouldn't have interest 
My heart is monochromatic 
Because her smile is absent
1.1k · Aug 2013
Damaré M Aug 2013
I'm sick and the cure is somewhere by your thighs 
Or what lies in your eyes 
When I get stricken by your pupils
My eyes don't lie 
I'm gazing in a area where I know it's amazing 
The imprint
Makes my jaws clinch 
That tingling feeling penetrates my mouth 
There's a puddle underneath my tongue 
Hold up let me take care of that 
Yeah the imprint 
And the tight denim that fit it 
Shorts that's well lifted
Thighs are real gifted
Glazed and smooth 
(Oops a drool) 
Back to the thighs 
The tender side
Right in the middle
Right before the gristle 
Can you see the imprint of my missile? 
Not all the way stiffened , but the pre still sort of drizzle 
I try my best to hide it 
As I think of how you can ride it 
Ride it
Ride it 
Ride it 
Let me think of sports 
Instead of ******* 
(Ok ima try it again)
Ok that space I don't know if it's declared as your waist 
But under your navel above your laced 
Spell my name with my tongue, scribble over it , erase 
Indent a few times
And skip to the next line 
Extra credit a perfect heading 
I can give it to you just right 
What? MLA or APA format? 
I can turn the page 
The page 
Your back page tacked upwards in the air 
Takes my breath away 
It's a work of art 
A mural so well put together and separated at the same time 
With a dark tunnel of sensation smack dab in the middle 
The best part of that collage is how you're looking back at me for confirmation 
And I just draw your attention to the opening of your tunnel 
Kind of crafty how you shake while I'm in place 
You have more definition than the 3rd 
Your silhouette makes me figure that you shape my life 
Your sketch draw the line between real and fake 
Your art is too curvaceous for any 'ol man hand's to trace 
Your art is just so fine and liberal 
Your touch is just so sensual and Midas 
Your feeling is more like warm apple cider breaking through my cold body
Your taste reminds me of cinnamon or fudge 
And when your milk drips I hate for it to miss my lips 
I miss those lips 
I wish that it was a button that I can click that don't stiffen my wrist to stimulate that ******* 
I don't need a GPS to locate my CVS 
Give it to me 
I'm in symphony 
Them old fashion home remedies
1.1k · Jul 2013
Tunes come in two's
Damaré M Jul 2013
"Don't take your love away"
Cuz "I wanna be close"
So if we "separated"
"My first love"
Will rot

"Since I seent you"
You've been my "diamond in the rough"
So my boys know
That I'll be a "broken man"
If "her heart"
"Float" away from me
"The point of it all"
Is "im a mess"
So "please stay"
So I can see "better days"
Quit tampering
A------ H-------

"When a woman loves"
She's "happy people"
"When a woman's fed up"
"I wish" that I can make her happy
I'm sorry, it's just "if I could turn back the hands of time" I would
You say that you love me
But "it seems like you ready"
To "step in the name of love"
In another mans "chocolate factory"
Hope I'm not being petty
R. -----

"A house is not a home"
But "if this world were mine"
"If only for one night"
I'll give you "endless love"
"Here and now"
"Always and forever"
You'll be my "superstar (don't you remember)"
When I told you that It's  "never too much" of your love that I can have?
Without you I'm lost
-----r V-------

Why are you "playing possum"?
Tell me a lil "sumthin' sumthin'"
Spread your "pretty wings"
And soar to "whenever wherever whatever" you want to go
My "bad habits"
Makes "this woman's work"
And when I see her cry
I can't help but to have a "fist full of tears"
In my "lifetime" I never been so
"Fortunate" until now
My "ascension" never been so high until now (don't ever wonder) us falling
Because it will "stop the world"
"Know these things: shouldn't you"
If so don't ever bail

It's not just your "chocolate legs"
That I crave
"I wanna be loved"
And "sometimes I cry" when I can't
"Spend my life with you"
Don't leave me for lonely "Harriett jones"
We have "real love"
Don't go stray
E--- --n--

"Me and those dreamin' eyes of mine" wishes that you were my "lady"
I wish that we were "cruising"
I Wish that I could take you "higher"
But since you're "untitled (how does it feel" to be my "brown sugar"?
Do you "feel like making love"? Huh?
Like Animals

"U got it bad"
"You make me wanna"
"Let it burn"
But I got a few "confessions" to make
When I "love you gently"
And go "nice and slow"
"You remind me" that I should toss them "papers" away
Tonight I want it "my way"
"Can you handle it"?
I love her and lust her

"I'm tired of being alone"
But "how can you mend a broken heart"?
How can I reach "love and happiness"
And stay harmonious when we're tied by "unchained melodies"?
Can we ever just be "simply beautiful"?
Not just a cute couple?
Do you believe?
-- --een

Your art
Your mind
Your eyes
Your heart
Is described by our artist
Your art is painted in their lyrics
Sing songs as long as you belong
I long for your love
So my ears are plugged with earphones
As I sing along
Fill in the blanks
1.1k · Feb 2013
Universal Remote
Damaré M Feb 2013
If I was in control

If the remote was in my grasp
I will aim it
The Channel
I would change it
Change it to back in the days
When we were on the same page

You'll be programmed
To no man
Except me

As I am reminded
I would rewind
I would use my heart as my guide
Re-run when we had the best times

Record it
Fall back in love by the adornment
Recollect the enjoyment

But most important, I would record over the reasons for exploring

I would delete everything that was annoying
I would mute all of the distracting noises
And I would have never pressed input
Therefore I couldn't have played games with you

I would have turned it to channel 5683
And pressed enter
Just like Lifetime
It's love

Then I would have stopped it there
And stared in your face
Clasp my hands together
Say my grace

Press play

Do the right things
Turn on the captions
And watch what I say

Fast forward to today

Now the scenes are; our stomachs aching from laughter

We act like nothing ever happened
So we can live happily ever after
1.1k · Oct 2016
Damaré M Oct 2016
She answered the door half naked and almost woke. As I closed the door behind me slowly, she attempted the route to her bed until I interrupted "Stop right there! Put your hands up and place them against the wall. You look dangerous and I'm about to frisk you". She surrendered.
Let's have a troublesome
1.1k · Dec 2012
We're gathered here today...
Damaré M Dec 2012
The doctor ... says...  I have a serious issue...
He say it's life threatening you guys
I don't know what I'm gonna do...

All this research
This inaccurate treatment
Being high to distract my lows
Not really knowing what to suppose
He gave me a date...
He claims it's an estimate, but if I keep feeling like this; this could be it.

He sends me home each visit, telling me that this is rare, but common
It happens, but don't normally conclude in such trauma
His coat, or stethoscope doesn't always mean that he has the antidote
As for the symptoms:

•The dry skin,
She used to help apply the Shea Butter
•My hair all over my head,
It was funny when she brushed my hair, she didn't know what she was doing
•Long nails,
She HATED that
•Morning breath the entire day
I would chase her all over the house trying to give her a kiss
•chill bumps •shivers •teeth chattering
We used to cuddle to stay warm, so we didn't use the furnace
•starvation •no appetite
She cooked 5-7 times throughout the week
I could not fall asleep until she got in from work
•angry •outburst • complaining
She always said "ahhh shut up and get over it punk"
•Listening to the talk radio station LIPZ 102.5 to be exact
I gave her my undivided attention
I loved her

That's why it's difficult for Dr. Carmichael to prescribe me medicine
How am I suppose to treat this?
There's no special enough specialist
No surgeon so precise
Not even the smartest scientist,
divinest pastor, or
The most thoughtful psychiatrist that can save my life...

I'm doomed
All I do is sit on the couch in the house that will soon be a tomb
My hope is fading
My pulse has feinted
My arms are folded
My back is *****
Back and forth
My rock is steady
... My soul is light
And my eyes is heavy
I'm taking the departure hard
Love can be deadly
1.1k · Jan 2015
The Relay
Damaré M Jan 2015
The relay we tend to play, a selfish race of people who passes the baton but never get it handed back to us.
I'm running from someone, who is running from someone aswell, while I am chasing another, who is running from me and chasing someone else. The question is who will be selfless and end the functioning of this roundabout tract by turning around and giving reciprocity? My heart goes out for the anchor
1.0k · Sep 2013
United States of Hysteria
Damaré M Sep 2013
You are killing your own people 
You are killing off our sequels 
You're dying 
If I told you that you'll be ok 
I will be lying 
On the ground with you 
We're united by a state of hysteria 
So pledge of allegiance to your own grievance if you want to 
Our allies realize our lack of participation within the United Nation 
They know that's it's a race of the racist 
It's hunger and starvation for ******* 
So they don't support our sport 
They don't get a kick out of our matrix 
Master the skill of being manipulative 
And maltreat our own citizens 
Who will have our back when we're getting attacked?
For sure not the group of people who our history once beset 
Wait reset 
Why strain something that isn't our stress? 
Hold up quest!
Consistent warfare give us a rest!

Do we ever handle things professionally? 
There's pros and there's congress 
And according to our constitution 
It's precedent that every president 
Is only present 
Im a skeptic of their effectiveness 
They're just a face for this place 
A image so when things cringes 
We can look at him in disgrace 
Sometimes I think I've been misplaced 
Taken away and placed 
In this place full of waste 
Place full of wasted minds 
Place full of wasted minds who waste their time 
Place full of wasted minds who waste their time trying to waste everyone else's mind and keep others below their waist line 

United States of Hysteria 
Where you have to equip yourself with a personal barrier 
The superior preys 
The inferior pays 
And the wealth relays 
The baton get passed to relatives 
This is where you can cross the finish line first and still be without work 

So we pledge of allegiance 
With our right on our heart 
Stripes and stars is for
Lashes and strikes to stun our awareness 
Our apprehension just blow effortlessly in the wind 

They cover their flaws 
The gover-meant to **** us all 
Is there a such thing as a war on war? 
We nuclear our own fears 
And air strike on our own tears 
Use Sub Atomic Bombs against our own peers 
Chemically engineer everyone who's mere 
All hail U.S.A 
All hell U.S.H
1.0k · Oct 2013
Ready and Willing
Damaré M Oct 2013
The things that I do
The things for you
The things that I say
The things that I May
March, from the start until New Years Eve
June all the way to Spring
I've been falling for you like leaves
Every time the earth sneezes
Hot; aren't you
August is flawless
April when the Maples are healthy and green
And the shade is colorful
The water stream sound wonderful
Lush platform is comfortable
As I stretch amongst you
We are damaging dandelions
Don't worry about timing
**** the Mayans
I'm steadily reminded by nature
That love is natural
It's been tested by my scientific method
Explains why we are naked
And I haven't even injected it
However we're still infected
Our immunity can't neglect it
So we're well rested
Without a bed, nor boards over our heads
Just grass and a quilt over the plants to spread
Sunlight appears bright onto your legs
While my arms assure you that I'm a man
Veins bulge when I hold you
I flex my chest to correct any other mammal who attempt to connect
Intense defense to secure my nest
I would sin to protect my den
My cavern
My burrow
My lair
A pack or pride of us created by our love and lust
I hope that you trust
That I will hunt
With no collision of our feelings
I do these things because I'm willing
1.0k · Jan 2013
Buy or bye
Damaré M Jan 2013
You are so funny
So cute
Am I worthy?
What about my humor?
My looks?
My brilliance?
My reliability?
My responsibility?

All the things that I see in you
That you can't notice in me

I wonder is you even looking
Because everyone else seem to realize

Maybe I'm too close to you
...and you're farsighted

I foreseen this
But the impression you gave me
I couldn't have backed down

Maybe there's someone standing behind me
And you are distracted

You could have told me along time ago that you were looking for the perfect person to suit you
And you didn't too much care to fit that persons life in return

Why do it **** you to say or do anything nice?
Oh I know
All of your energy is getting put to use someplace else
So when I come around you're already tired

Well I once was told
To only use someone who is useless

For Someone who is applicable
Either you leave them on the shelf
You invest with all that you have left
1.0k · Aug 2013
Hip-pop artist
Damaré M Aug 2013
You only got a buzz and a little fizz
'Cuz you became introduced to soda pop 
I call it soda pop cuz you really "can"
Did everything you can to bottle up your hip hop life 
So that you can appeal to some new fans 
That's what that mountain do 
You get to the top and start foolin with that cola 
Shaking up the crowds 
But you getting ran over 
Then it all spills 
So **** gets real 
Then you figure that you false started 
So you try to run over 
You now follow 2 liters so here comes the Royce's and the rovers
Now you rocking with the rollas 
Guitars and Crown Vic motors 
Got you a six pack for the core 
Security guards attached to your arms 
Dr.pepper spray on his waist 
You didn't spring from that kinda soil 
You say that you were towing the 40 while you was drinking the 40 
Now you root beer 
And 7 up
Just forgot about us 
No more grits and pop tarts 
You doing it for the popular charts 
But I call that **** minute maid 
Cuz you getting paid to do sweet **** like lemonade
Damaré M Sep 2013
I knew the prettiest lady 
She had more flavor than gravy 
Her hair came all the way down there 
And when she grab me she leaves streaks that's ashy 
Manicure on her nails 
Her eyes are rarely surprised and water never pour from her wells
Well, well
Oh Where oh where oh where could she be 
As I'm searching I started to say oh well
But oh I can see 
I can tell the reason why I couldn't see 
Her is no longer she 
She allowed the salt of the sea to waiver 
So now when I wave to her 
She performs as a stranger 
I'm thinking how to tame her 
Put a lapse to the substance that claims her 
When we were in school she used to be my major 
I studied everything which made her lovely 
Now everything is fuzzy 
With minor putty 
Indicating that 
I never accepted her insulation 
In fact 
We never drawn a line 
So when we separated 
Her course; I traced it 
Of course not blatant
Though curious and tenacious 
I was waiting and waiting 
For this??? 
I remember her ample lips 
And her apple-shaped hips 
Take a lick of her stomach and tasted a hint of apple crisp 
Her thighs reminded me of pie 
And when her juices trickled down it sparkled like cider 
Waited for this? 
Now I wish I can erase her face out of my cerebrum 
Never mind all that I had to say about her
Forget about it 
This is the part when I walk past her like I don't see her 
1.0k · Mar 2015
Beautifully unhealthy
Damaré M Mar 2015
Your beauty in relation to how warm you make me feel; however, remind me of the reddish-pink sun that illustrates the skies when the air quality is terrible... I want you but I don't need you
1.0k · Oct 2013
King of Heart
Damaré M Oct 2013
Some people have ***** 
Better known as ignorance when reacting onto a matter

Others have heart 
Those who engage their feelings with the cause; although, the conclusion might result in heartache 
The risk is worth taking 
No blame nor shame 
Life is what you make it 
And decisions should first be feelings 
No one should answer life lessons 
With ******* clinches and chest flexes
995 · Dec 2013
My Soul Sistah
Damaré M Dec 2013
Sistah soul
Foundation like my soles
Warmth like the sol
Strings attached like you sew
Invest your feelings so you stow

My sol shines from you
My soul is proud of you
The arch of my feet rely on you

You keep me from shivering
You keep my feelings rendering
And my feet from blistering

My soul
And soles

Solely my soul sistah, lover, friend, and homie

Just you and I knitted together
Hope you and I stay crocheted forever
Tethered tightly
And sewed by our souls staggeringly

You are my Soul Sistah

I love my soul
I love you so
987 · Oct 2013
Lovin' Productions
Damaré M Oct 2013
Do you mind if my hands clutch your curvaceous margins?

Do you care if I get a slight taste of your gravy?

Would you allow me to put a little work into your comb? The deeper; the more you moan

I have a thing for your eyes
I'm attracted to your smile
I have a crush on your thighs
I like your hair
I'm attached to your laugh
I love when you are bare

Inside of your parenthesis says (ooh) (ahhh) (uh huh) and (grunts)
The subtitles of us making love
The rehearsal (foreplay) and role play
Kissing from bottom to top
Positioning from prop to prop
As I come down stage
I forgot my lines
So I improvise
Lick it from behind

This is graphic but I wouldn't label it ****
Because this is to adore
Our character's chemistry is
Action packed
Musical, for whoever in the other room
Touching, for whoever witness our groove
Inspiring, to the audience as we continue to perform while being tired

As we call for the last scene
Soon as you pass out
The buckling of my knees
The stage grow silent
The house applaud
We bow
The curtains fall

Everyone leaves
Then we work on the deleted scenes
Damaré M Aug 2013
Moving mountains 
We come a long mileage 
But in moving pictures 
They film us to illustrate bad depictions 
Our motivation is missing 
Because in the movies we act as floozies 
Thrive to become individualized, but remain a groupie 
All we want to be is cinemac's 
And HBhoes 
Never teaching ABC's to our family 
Or thinking about our Lifetime 
Just chasing the USA dream 
Steadily trying to visit TV land 
Oblivious and careless humans 
Forget that this is a Animal Planet too
Do you wish that this world was yours? Yeah I BET you do 
Just take a ride down the Discovery Channel and OWN up to your origin 
The truth might sound like SyFy to you 
Until you understand that there's manipulation in every truTV
972 · Jun 2013
Original Fit
Damaré M Jun 2013
One size never fits all
She hates when I suit her perfectly
And make her feel regular

If I don't make her feel special or unique she doesn't feel oblique
She hates when things are even
Even when she's a believer

She's acknowledges that I'm a great guy
She says that she know I have good intentions
And that I am careful
And cheerful
Which makes her fearful
And even more tearful

She is more comfortable if the fit is snug or skinny
Boot or loose

Just right do not compliment her curvaceous past experiences

She said that in past experiments
She was always wrong when she thought a guy was just right

So now she like them to come scuffed, cut-up, dingy and stained

The defects don't allow their incapabilities to turn into pain

They are now ruined from the time she run into them in the isle, so when they happen to be foul she just wince with a owww
"If I flood her with love she's bound to drown"

She once told me that I was "too good to be true"
She stated how she feels "that if I feel too good about something that's a bad sign"

And I just feel that I came into her life at a bad time
If she would have been tried me on she would still be comfortable
Me and her
Her favorite pair

Now she stay with bags in her hands as if she have eight legs
A pair for any day and any way that she feels

I left the rack, but she didn't remove my tag, then she kept the receipt to return me back
My kind is that neat pile
My kind is out of style
955 · Nov 2012
Wishy Washy
Damaré M Nov 2012
I wish they made only one bottle
Made only one pair
Made only one style
Only made her size
I wish her eye color was rare
Her body type was distinct
If she didn't act similar to others that'll be nice too
I wish she didn't walk past me like strangers do
What if her conversation was deeper than greeting a new friend?
I wish I wasn't only funny to her As I am to the audience
Wish my texts or calls meant more than just another guy trying his luck
My wishes may never come true because I'm wishing upon a girl that I should have been hopeless about from day 1
But the little time spent makes me annoyed by the replica of her scent
And why can't Tide wash away them cuddled nights?
Dre Beats cannot send bass through my head to replace her laugh
Sleep cannot put her smile to rest as I dream
And the way she use to look at me, me and this girl with similar glazed hazel eyes gazed in the same fashion
Another time I was behind and I sped up to tap her on the shoulder but.. It.. Was.. Not ... Her...
I wish
I wish
Oh I just wish I knew it is over just how she's sure
And I only wish society will help me forget her
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