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Chloe Apr 2018
Im addicted to sleep
And the absence of pain
The smell of the Earth
And the sound of the rain
Chloe Apr 2018
The teacher strike has been going on for 5 days. We can’t keep school out any longer without extra summer days. Mary Fallin has funded each student half a textbook and said teachers are asking for too much “like teenagers wanting a better car”. In this essay I will...
Chloe Feb 2018
We all are like plants I think
We start out small
And with a little bit of help
From our best people
We begin to grow
Sometimes we begin to wilt
And our loved ones
Help us to move on
And stay healthy
And continue to bloom

When you take a cutting
That plant is now living
With someone else
And has another life
This happens with people
When we give ourselves away
Our time and energy and love
To our friends and family
Our lives are now
Intertwined with theirs

Sometimes we get sad
And lose our leaves
When seasons change
And people change
But we learn to grow
Flower buds in the spring

Some plants grow well with others
And other plants are just weeds
The people we choose
To spend time with
Reflect the good plants
For one would not purposely
Fill their life with weeds
But even in gardens
Weeds aren’t planted
But they still show up
And block out the sun
So we must cut the weeds
Out of our lives

If you are not planted
In the right type of soil
You will not sprout
How you were meant to
But rather by
The dirt’s design
But if you allow yourself
To choose the right ground
You will blossom into
The best version of yourself

Water your plant
With content that will
Encourage your plant
To grow and develop
To its own best interest
Rather than content
That will slow down
Your progress

We must  be kind
To one another because
If we spend our time
Keeping other plants in the shade
We will grow the wrong way
We are all trying to create
A beautiful garden
Chloe Feb 2018
Oh God! I really just need to sleep
The situation is too much, too pink
How on earth can someone keep so calm
When the truth is being dropped like a bomb?

I need to slow down, I need to think
But I’m afraid if I do, I’ll mistake a blink for a wink
I don’t want to be jealous of every girl I see
When he’s more interested in them, how can I not be?

Here’s the thing, we started off friends
We had a fling, now there are loose ends
I’m confused and left on read
But I guess there are things better left unsaid

He gives me hope and leads me on
I hear us in every song
How do I stop my heart from breaking?
My feelings are what I’ve been faking

But wait there’s more! Another girl (named L)
Someone he’s cried over and I’ve warned him about
He said they were over, I thought they were through
I should have known I was being lied to

He’ll pretend it’s not happening and whisk it away
He has forgotten that trust works both ways
He takes from our friendship but he never gives
Oh, how he fibs, how he fibs, how he fibs.

This isn’t the movies, I won’t get the guy
And I'll just be a friend no matter how hard I try
Chloe Jun 2017
Building dark blanket forts
Climbing up into my small closet in the hall
Placing pillows in the bathtub and falling asleep
My tiny car
The library's long, narrow aisles
My face in his neck
His arm around my waist
Sleeping bags that curl up around me
The Itty bitty kitchen in my old house
Laying on my blanket and rolling myself up into a taco
A single seat on a charter bus for 23 hours
A road trip from oklahoma to DC (no stops)
Sitting in the cabinet and crying
My small spaces bring me comfort and peace

— The End —