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Aarya Feb 2018
I was falling apart just like those dry autumn leaves that fell from the trees into your hands.
Oh! how I wished your hands held my broken pieces, just the way you held those leaves.
Oh! how I wished you sew my broken pieces together with the warmth and passion of your love.
Oh! how I wished all of this was true, but your love; it was just a dream, just an illusion, just a fantasy playing in my head.
  Jan 2018 Aarya
Scarlet M
All we do is nothing,

but love
and runaway.
Aarya Jan 2018
Im a traveller,
In search of a light,
It seems like ages but I couldn't catch a sight.

I've been covered with the mud of  fear,
My legs have been sore of the sadness I wear.

Yet I'll walk,
until I uncover the light that I yearn,
until this life ceases to exist,
until this heart arise from the dead,
until the soul cleanses the dread.
Aarya Dec 2017
And she rises up,
from the ashes,
ashes from when she was burnt down by the devil's thoughts.

She rises up,
up into the glory of light,
with a blazing soul and fire in her mind.

she rises up,
she flies high,
high up in the sky like a swallow.

Yes she rose,
She broke down the chains that were holding her down,
she is a warrior,
Fierce like a firestorm,
you could never bring her to the ground...
Aarya Dec 2017
My safe place,
When you interlace.
May the time never apace,
In your embrace...
Aarya Nov 2017
Let's run away,
Far from the mist of pain,
And collide into the tranquility of sunlight.
Far away from the battle called life,
let's dwell into the serenity of blue skies.
Aarya Nov 2017
In the dim lights of the street lamps,
I walked down the side walk,
Winds weaving my cold heart,
Drying up my tear drop.

In the dim lights of the street lamps,
As I walked down all alone,
I hallucinated the times when, you were by my side,
When the heart was all warm,
When our hands were intertwined,
When you and I were a strong bind,
When you told me that love never dies.

In the dim lights of the street lamps,
As I looked at the starry skies,
I wondered if you could see me,
See me broke,
See my pain.

I know even if you aren't here,
We would never let our love die.
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