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Nazanin Apr 2018
He breaks you to the point that you wont even be able to ask for help
He seeds this idea in your mind that you are far beyond repair
And far too unlovable to be helped.
Nazanin Sep 2018
One chose to live
One chose to die
And he had to deal with the third choice
Not choosing at all.
Nazanin Mar 2018
Wandering circles
Circular wanders
Nazanin Feb 2018
Nothing managed to warm me
~before burning my skin
You too tried to harm me..
~In these circles I spin

But the rabbit has warned me
~"you are running out of time"
There is not much in this land
~dreamland is too long gone

They chopped the poor rabbit's head
~his broken watch in my hand
Which only clocks the true hours
~of me in my wonderland.
My wonderland
Nazanin May 2018
I can't wait till the end of the day
When daddy's home and we get to play!
Nazanin Feb 2018
Whisper me a song of a dark forest
That nobody cared enough
To penetrate
Nazanin Feb 2018
Darkling little darling
Whats that above your head?
Is that apple for seducing
Or for aiming and shooting u dead?
Nazanin Feb 2018
I can taste your blood
~filling my mouth
I can feel your flesh
~somewhere between my teeth
I hold your fingers
~and under your nails
I smell the leaf of the ancient trees
You're lying here
where the evils win
With your chick bitten
which used to grin..
Nobody is coming
no one ever leaves
Just you..
and the corpse of all those shattered dreams.
Nazanin Feb 2018
Im serving a fantasy
It should be the opposite
Nazanin Dec 2020
The world was fluid
And I was solid as ice
It passed me slowly as I was rigidly stuck to the ceiling
A very old cresset
I was water, I was current
But now Im not.
Time has passed through me and left me dead.
Nazanin Feb 2018
I hope I was born in the future
And the future was too far
Like never.
Nazanin May 2018
I love a girl
And i killed her last summer.
Nazanin Dec 2020
Stay and i will leave you for good
Leave and i will love you for a long time
Die and i will remember you forever
Nazanin Feb 2018
When i talk to you
Its like a warm and nice dream
After a cold never ending  horrible nightmare.
Nazanin Feb 2018
I'll hide my tears along your sight
As you're never gonna look this way
Nazanin Feb 2018
My wrist was red
And my neck was blue
You were my favorite killer
And i would die for you
Now the wrists have healed
As new scars grew
And the time never heals
What i've been through.
This poem is dead.
Nazanin Feb 2018
All that you have ever known
all that you have ever been

Suddenly becomes unknown

as the reality lurks in

Darkness was too appealing
for the empty soul I own
Lil bird, who lost her home, before her eyes in a storm
"Hey lil bird fly away home
The house is on fire
Children are alone"
Nazanin Mar 2018
Anytime im unexpectedly happy or depressed, i ask myself this
What am i missing here?
Nazanin Mar 2018
Did i prevail to land well
My femininity beneath my shell
Into glassy true words
Who accept and not repel?
Do these letters ever meet
The concept beyond this sheet?
Or the magic hand of rhythm 
Tangles them on its spell?
Will they be the worthy heirs
To lend them my deepest fears?
Or they refuse and betray
The story they must tell?
Ring the bell ring the bell
Doom has broken to my cell
Of all unspoken tales
Listen to "my little hell" .
We are doomed to say what we really want to say
Nazanin Feb 2018
"All the rabbits are dead"
The little boy one day said
Time passed and things changed
But little girl will never forget
Nazanin Feb 2018
Every morning a huge "so what" hits me dead
I also tried waking up from the other side of the bed
But it was no use, since its all in my head.

Every night i sleep like there is no tomorrow
Tired, full and empty from any sorrow
Its me alone drowning in silence
A little peace is all im asking to borrow
I hate mornings, they are a zipped version of the whole night and nightmares
Nazanin Feb 2018
Enjoying the very moment of peace
Suddenly something shatters inside you
Blood splashes to the glassy walls of your comfort.
Nothing looks peaceful anymore, huh?
Nazanin Feb 2018
It was like a series of performances
That I was the only performer
No one else to set fire to the show, just me
Sitting at the middle of the stage
With all the lights on me.
I found him
Maybe he found me I dont know
We just found our way to eachother..
And something strange started beating in my chest
He woke it or he brought it to existence?
I just feel my darkness
Now has enough space for someone else to come and join me on the stage of performance.
I like performance art.
Nazanin Mar 2018
The circle of despair has begun to spin.
And I'm a tiny fragil thing
Placed above it
As its perimeter gets full of shiny little pins.
It spins
It spins
It spins
And the circle turns red.
Nazanin Sep 2018
Lets gather bunch of animal masks and play pretend
Nazanin Feb 2018
Cry, cry lil darlin , as so far
You were so fragile for this war
Come here time is in my hand
Come here where the rabbits are.
Nazanin Dec 2020
Save me
Save me from this loneliness
It's burning me alive
Stop me
Extend your hands
And release me from the chains of my mind
It's a very dark and horrible place
In the dark
In the darkness of my mind
Where you are silent
You are mute as a dead man
Cold and frozen at the time
That coldness is contagious
My heart is dying too
It skipped a beat just now
When I was thinking of you
In front of your eyes
My words are poor and cheap
They break in my voice
As I let you life to slip
It slipped from my hands
i couldn't save you
So why should you now?
The fate of a child
Just fell from you eyes
Save me
Save me
Save me
Notes to you. Wish we had a delivery to that other world
Nazanin Feb 2018
My lil secret lets cuddle tonight
Lick the wounds of my oldest fight
Hush this poor hypocrite animal
Everything is gloomy and I ain't bright

When everyone's lost in fabrications
Let darkness cover all illuminations
Save me from the eyes of blind
From the frames of limitations

I hide you in the warehouse of my mind
Where no one ever would dare to find
We were exiled to the lands of deafs
Hey lil secret lets break the bind
Nazanin Dec 2020
I need to be there
Where I lose me
When I see myself die
And yet I'm happy
Nazanin Mar 2018
The murderer of my conscious
my passions, my unconscious
You see, my last victim is me
For years i tortured her for thee
And now i am finally there
For the empty flesh that i bear
To be her remedy after pain
To choose insanity over sane
We aint playing Russian roulette
I filled the gun with all the bullets
Now i can show my true care
Upon her, while you wouldn't dare
Im gonna tuck her into bed
Put the pillow over her head
Sing her the song of the woods
Forgetting abt "should"s or "could"s
The last scream you'll ever hear
Then your mind would feel no fear
Is the bullet i seed in ur head
"Peace of mind" comes with blood shed
Nazanin Dec 2020
The road seems never ending
My feet start to feel sore
The bag I had on my shoulders
Seemed to weight more by hour
I knew there was something
"Something" horrible and sad
Inside this heavy bag
I was carrying on my back
Would I dare to look into it?
Would I dare to push back?
I just needed to go forward
Forward and never go back
Dead friends come to visiat me at night
Nazanin Feb 2018
Everyone has their own triggers
The triggers own me
Nazanin Mar 2018
Wandering in a land

Of darkness and sand

Sinking any moment

With a broken watch in my hand

At the middle of this circle

My circle of despair

Far away from home

From which i was banned

There which is no angle

To find some comfort 

You shall not stand, as this world is ******

Walls always expose you

To the darkness so mute

That steals your sanity

And leaves you all scammed

This never ending maze

What tricks has it planned

For this wandering child

Lost in wonderland?
Im so close to edge that even slightest wind can cause me falling
Nazanin Feb 2018
She was fire and dance
Inside her small circle of despair
Violence and love beneath the skin
She was a lil rabbit
Lost in the woods of her own.

— The End —