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Nazanin Dec 2020
Save me
Save me from this loneliness
It's burning me alive
Stop me
Extend your hands
And release me from the chains of my mind
It's a very dark and horrible place
In the dark
In the darkness of my mind
Where you are silent
You are mute as a dead man
Cold and frozen at the time
That coldness is contagious
My heart is dying too
It skipped a beat just now
When I was thinking of you
In front of your eyes
My words are poor and cheap
They break in my voice
As I let you life to slip
It slipped from my hands
i couldn't save you
So why should you now?
The fate of a child
Just fell from you eyes
Save me
Save me
Save me
Notes to you. Wish we had a delivery to that other world
Nazanin Dec 2020
The road seems never ending
My feet start to feel sore
The bag I had on my shoulders
Seemed to weight more by hour
I knew there was something
"Something" horrible and sad
Inside this heavy bag
I was carrying on my back
Would I dare to look into it?
Would I dare to push back?
I just needed to go forward
Forward and never go back
Dead friends come to visiat me at night
Nazanin Dec 2020
I need to be there
Where I lose me
When I see myself die
And yet I'm happy
  Dec 2020 Nazanin
Once, the story goes
A few decades or so ago
In a land of silence
A few people gathered to roar
All they wanted was to make a sound
To read a poem, and sing aloud
Once, the story goes
A few decades or so ago
Silence was pierced for a brief moment
And scarlet red stained the ground.
Sometimes the price of objection is death.

To all those who lost their lives trying to object, may their souls rest in peace.
  Dec 2020 Nazanin
Kafka Joint
Where I come from,
It was going nowhere,
So I'm not going back.
Nazanin Dec 2020
The world was fluid
And I was solid as ice
It passed me slowly as I was rigidly stuck to the ceiling
A very old cresset
I was water, I was current
But now Im not.
Time has passed through me and left me dead.
Nazanin Dec 2020
Stay and i will leave you for good
Leave and i will love you for a long time
Die and i will remember you forever
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