I'm afraid of you
Ashley Spence

I'm afraid of you
Because I shouldn't, and then
Because you want me to.

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I'm afraid to stand out
Apr 2      Apr 2

I'm afraid to stand out
And be different.
What if I look odd?
What if I'm judged?

I'm afraid of using big words,
Even though they sound beautiful.
What if I use it wrongly?
I'll be thought of as a fool.

Most of all,
I'm afraid
Of telling you
That I love you

It's meant to be a cute,
Sweet gesture.
A way of
Reminding you
You're the best thing
In my life.

But what if
It slowly becomes a mere routine for me?

Worse still,
What if
One day
Your reply is,
"I don't, anymore."?

First poem in my A to Z collection. Let's hope this lasts. :)
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But, the truth is, I'm afraid
Autumn Ann

I know I write about you
And my love for you
All the time
But, the truth is, I'm afraid
So very scared

Because I've been
Down this road before
And it ended
Quite gruesomely
Quite abruptly

So every time that I say it
Know that I mean it
I truly love you
But my words
Will always be tinged with fear

Though everything within me
Adores everything about you
I will always dwell in anticipation
Forever on the edge of my seat
For fear of losing you

I've given a lot
And so have you
Though I'm sure you more than I
This love is all that I need
And so I'm very very afraid

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We are afraid that, on some level, they will
Ethan Titus
2 days ago

Running amok whilst standing in place
When we pretend to strive for something, we actually slow our pace.
Defiantly we try to resist our fate
Defiantly we deny true happiness
What is it that drives us to this?
Nobody wants to alienate themselves from their best friends
Even knowing they won’t judge
We are afraid that, on some level, they will
Why do we fear the judgment of man more than the judgment of God?
Lack of faith
This is what I lack most in life
This is what I seek in life
But I’m afraid.
I’m afraid.

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I am afraid of failing.
Jan 27

I am afraid of failing.
Everybody expects me,
to be me,
to think deep,
find a solution,
and succeed.

I am a perfectionist,
I have always been,
I want to achieve.
And my mind tells me,
no excuses.
Every time I fall,
reality hits me harder,
and I disappoint myself.
I realize I had set my standards,
too high.

I want to be independent,
and confident.
I will pull myself up,
because I need to prove myself,
I can do anything,
I set my mind to.

And I may have been through a lot,
But there's no reason to give up.

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fifteen and afraid of where she's going
eliza bonnet
eliza bonnet
Mar 21      Mar 23

fifteen and afraid of where she's going
nothing concrete in her life

fifteen and can feel the doors closing
still unaware of wrong from right

nothing guaranteed
nothing promised
fearing the truth
is just short of honest

what is this life
and why do we care
for everyone knows
nothing is fair

so why am i
fifteen and afraid of where I'm going
i can already feel my throat closing

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I'm not afraid to kill.

I'm not afraid to kill.
I'm just afraid.

Afraid to be in love,
Danielle Aran
Danielle Aran
Jan 30, 2012

Afraid to be in love,
afraid of losing control.
Afraid of all you promise me,
because I don't know where I'll fall.

I'm afraid of what you've become,
Rebekah Heiland

I'm afraid of what you've become,
but I'm also afraid of losing
what you had been.

Fear confusion
Afraid of the dark
Mahima Gupta
Mahima Gupta
Dec 10, 2013      Dec 11, 2013

Afraid of the dark
Afraid of the shadows
Watching from behind
Afraid of the sparrows.

Afraid of the night,
Afraid of the flight.
Hiding behind the curtains,
Afraid of moonlight.

Afraid of the trees,
Afraid of the breeze.
He didnt like his place,
Afraid of the seas.

Afraid of the jaguar,
Afraid to go too far.
Hated the idea of living,
Afraid of the scars.

Afraid of the oceans,
Of the ships sailing by.
Afraid of the sunrise,
Also Afraid of the sky.

Afraid of the drums,
Afraid of the beats.
He told like liked competition but
Afraid to sow the seeds.

Afraid of the cross,
Afraid of the shine.
Hated to boast himself a lot
Afraid of the rhyme.

Afraid of the colours,
Afraid of the rainbow.
Colour blind he wishes he was
Afraid of the world .

Afraid of the melody,
Afraid of the songs.
Broken strings of the guitar,
Afraid of the strong.

Afraid of the screams,
Afraid of the dreams.
Wasn't sure of his abilities,
Afraid of the teams.

Afraid of the paradise,
Afraid to rise.
He wanted death,
Afraid of the lies.

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