I am afraid to pray,
Jan 11      Jan 11

I am afraid to pray,
Thinking God will
Continue punishing me,
Out of love,
To teach me a lesson.

I am afraid to hope,
As always,
Hopes  will turn into

I am afraid to feel,
I felt too much pain
And disappointment.

I choose to be effortless,
Over being incapable.
Every step I took
Was a failure.

I don’t want to be strong,
I felt my strength
In my hardest times.

I am afraid to
Think of you,
But I still do,
Even though,
I fear insanity.

I am terrified.

I'm afraid of you
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 5, 2014

I'm afraid of you
Because I shouldn't, and then
Because you want me to.

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Yes, I'm afraid to let you in. I'm afraid that you'll l
John Watson
Jul 4, 2014

Yes, I'm afraid to let you in. I'm afraid that you'll listen and care for the moment. I'm afraid you'll hear every syllable that leaves my lips. I'm afraid you'll analyze it all and reach the point where I'm deemed as "not worth it". I'm afraid you'll throw me away like rubbish. Like everyone else has.

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i am afraid
May 27, 2014      May 27, 2014

i am afraid
that my bones will rust
before these buildings do

i am afraid
that my soul will fade
before this ink does

i am afraid
that i will lose my tongue
before the world loses its flavour

i am afraid
you will (not) be there
when the bullet strikes

i am very afraid
I'm afraid of myself because of what I might do
Chalsey Wilder
Chalsey Wilder
Jun 11, 2014

I'm afraid of myself because of what I might do
I am afraid of myself because of what I can't have
I am afraid of how I will do
And how I will do it too
I am afraid of everything
I just won't let you see

Im afraid of everything ,
Jan 14

Im afraid of everything ,
Im afraid of reality ,
Im afraid of being alone,
Im afraid of being judge,
Im afraid of being myself,
Im afraid of falling inlove,
Im afraid of getting hurt,
Im afraid to the person,
who I loved the most.
Im afraid, Just afraid.

I'm too afraid to let anyone in

I'm too afraid to let anyone in
I might make the mistake of letting them discover my secrets
Because what happens when they don't need you anymore
You were just a little star when they were the moon


Don't waste your time on me.
Everyone leaves me.
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Peter Lyon
Jul 15, 2014      Jul 16, 2014

One day I realised,

I was only ever

It terrified me.

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I'm afraid to stand out
Apr 2, 2014      Apr 2, 2014

I'm afraid to stand out
And be different.
What if I look odd?
What if I'm judged?

I'm afraid of using big words,
Even though they sound beautiful.
What if I use it wrongly?
I'll be thought of as a fool.

Most of all,
I'm afraid
Of telling you
That I love you

It's meant to be a cute,
Sweet gesture.
A way of
Reminding you
You're the best thing
In my life.

But what if
It slowly becomes a mere routine for me?

Worse still,
What if
One day
Your reply is,
"I don't, anymore."?

First poem in my A to Z collection. Let's hope this lasts. :)
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