3 days ago

I know I should laugh it off,
but it’s just so hard to do.
I don’t want to sleep at all
but for you, I’ll sleep it off.

again and again and again
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tell, how you feel
they said
so I did
and you got mad

it’s worth to try
they said
nothing to lose
if it’s the end

love doesn’t rust
they said
it can’t be true,
cause yours is dead

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If this is something that I want from my life,
if I desire of something like this to be a part of my life,
if I want something like this in my life,
then getting it by using the right way is of prime importance.

When intentions are clean and clear, then future is safe and secured.

Definitely this is not a desire and nor it’s a dream,
it’s more of a wish,
an ambition that has got a firm place in my life as of now in present.

The world is a fast changing place and definitely you are part of the race, once you have decided not to give up in life.

Failure is the first step towards success in life, if you have learnt a lesson from your own mistakes, which were made prior.

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I'm alone now
Night sounds
Cicadas chirp incessantly.
The rain falls so softly
I know that no one's around

Blackberrys on the ground,
The wind curls around me
No shelter
The  echos bounce around me
No sleep

When I get home, they'll be nothing to eat
But my good intentions

#alone   #good   #night   #try  

When I try my best but I don't succeed
That's when the tears come and I start to bleed.
I try so hard, every day
Sometimes I fail, it that okay?
Hold me tight, and let me cry
And please, never say goodbye.

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The basics of trying
a simple attempt
to lighten a burden
deal with what life has sent
may it be lifting a heavy load
in the calm of a storm
or putting out metaphorical fires
in the life you are born
to try is a gift
one gives to the world
the basis of knowledge
to experience what is hurled

Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Mar 1

I know I try so hard
to grasp this face I hold.
Trying to look like I'm in control.
I know I tried to tell you so many times before
that I'm on the right train of mind.
The things I think about
probably never occur to you.
The things I feel
should probably never be felt
and forgotten for as long as we live.
I know I try so hard
to keep holding onto something.
I know you probably know
something about me.
Maybe if I decided to vanish
it could free a bit of that storage
inside your head you waste on me.
I know I try so hard to contradict
every single other stance I ever held.
My thoughts and my words sometimes differ
and it's hard to tell which one is my truth.
Who knows what else I could do
if I tried to plow through mental blocks
that barricade my road,
my path to something worth it.
Who knows how it'd feel?

Who knows how I'd feel if I could just eliminate the scary things that block the view everyone else says looks so beautiful.
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Can I fight?
Can I fight anymore?
Will I ever see the stars again,
Or will the clouds remain?

Will the sun,
Will the sun shine again?
Or will I dance beneath the shadows
Of a dark and dreary land?

Les ondes de la mer me caressent doucement.
Je me sens si heureux chaque seconde de mon être
Et j’oublie mes chagrins si divers légèrement.
Tout ce qu’on veut maintenant est s’unir aux belles-lettres
En quoi notre destin fut écrit autrefois,
Où les chemins de la vie sont toujours dégagés
Et nous sommes libérés des regrets, des outrages
Qui empêchent notre envie de toujours voyager.
Nous manquons seulement du courage de fuir -
Des nos craintes, vexations, amertumes et avis...
En étant caressés par les ondes de la mer
Commençons de nouveau: nouveau seuil de la vie.

Février '17
#love   #life   #survive   #try   #bliss   #again   #start   #persevere   #anew   #vie  
Grace Kay
Jan 28

I live for me

Not for him, not for her, not for them.
But for me.

You think I wear this dress to amuse you
Damn right I do -
out of lack of self respect and self dignity

You think I say those things to impress you
Damn right I do -
out of the love that is buried deep within my broken heart

You think I buy those gifts to please you
Damn right I do -
out of the fear that I feel when I think of losing you to someone else

So I lied.

I told myself I lived for me,
the truth is that,
I live for you.

From the heart ❤️
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