Can I fight?
Can I fight anymore?
Will I ever see the stars again,
Or will the clouds remain?

Will the sun,
Will the sun shine again?
Or will I dance beneath the shadows
Of a dark and dreary land?

Les ondes de la mer me caressent doucement.
Je me sens si heureux chaque seconde de mon être
Et j’oublie mes chagrins si divers légèrement.
Tout ce qu’on veut maintenant est s’unir aux belles-lettres
En quoi notre destin fut écrit autrefois,
Où les chemins de la vie sont toujours dégagés
Et nous sommes libérés des regrets, des outrages
Qui empêchent notre envie de toujours voyager.
Nous manquons seulement du courage de fuir -
Des nos craintes, vexations, amertumes et avis...
En étant caressés par les ondes de la mer
Commençons de nouveau: nouveau seuil de la vie.

Février '17
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Grace Kay
Jan 28

I live for me

Not for him, not for her, not for them.
But for me.

You think I wear this dress to amuse you
Damn right I do -
out of lack of self respect and self dignity

You think I say those things to impress you
Damn right I do -
out of the love that is buried deep within my broken heart

You think I buy those gifts to please you
Damn right I do -
out of the fear that I feel when I think of losing you to someone else

So I lied.

I told myself I lived for me,
the truth is that,
I live for you.

From the heart ❤️

This ache, it seems
To drip through my mouth
To fall from my tongue
To hang from my voice

It speaks louder than I would
And hisses violently
Whilst I tuck it back inside
So I can "smile" for the peoples' eyes

And they do not mind,
They do not take note
As this fear that crept out
Is tucked away in the back of my mind

In the tightest crevice,
in the smallest hole
It fits snuggly until it breaks loose
And cuts through flesh again

Until I cannot compose myself
And until I'm dying again
I "smile" for the peoples' eyes
And assure them it's alright

But inside, it's breaking
I'm breaking
It hurts too much
Yet I cannot ease it, so I hide it.


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maybe it's all in our heads
& if we just tried better

we'd probably feel happier

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When my beloved is with me then happiness is all around
When she is away from me I stumble and lose all my ground
I lose all her image and world seems totally blind and blur
In depression and dejection I find myself bruised on love altar
She is my heart my soul and my love ,she is also like my life
When she is away I am on bed of thorns cut into pieces by knife
She is like my universe full of all galaxies and moonlit moon
I am in search of her like a lunatic to find her but very soon
Without her I am incomplete because I lost her from my ribs
I own her from the time immemorial she is my sole a real dibs
My sweetheart do not waste time less spring season just pass by
Come on be mine I will keep you in my heart and soul give me try

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

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No one believed she could do it.
But she twirled, and spun.
She bleed her heart out,
Upon her pointed feet.
But still she danced,
She danced her way to Center Stage.

If you have a dream, FOLLOW IT. No matter what anyone tells you. You CAN do it and the only way to get there is to enjoy what you're doing, practice, and TRY. You never know until you try.

I just can't get it together
Problems, including the weather
Plan and try
As time goes by
They can't hold me back forever

#forever   #try   #limerick   #plan   #determined  

I am trying
but trying doesn't make
deep wounds heal any faster,

and you rubbing salt in them
does not help them to
hurt any less.

~~ From another time, where things seemed much worse without anything being that different. ~~
#pain   #time   #hurt   #past   #stop   #fast   #try   #salt   #fix   #heal  
Dec 13, 2016

memories fade like people...
people come, people go...
and with them.. so does everything you knew about them
but everyone has that one person...
who seems like they will never fade..
no matter how hard you try.

#leave   #memories   #people   #try   #everything   #fade  
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