Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
7 days ago

The crack in the window brings the light, beautiful to many, vile to to my sight. Can I sleep? don't remind me of what I must do.
Leave me my silence, leave me my grace,leave this dirty grimy disgrace. We all should lie in obscurity.
The cracks in the pavement wont break her back. If you fall , get up, if you don't break your neck.You can make it through.                                      
Leave me in the distance. Recognize the light. Walk paths of fear, and acceptance takes flight. Things cloudy eyes may not see.
Leave me in the distance, I'm not here to race, another dawn the darkness breaks
In my opponents I see teachers, family, monsters, men and preachers.Lie in the shadows, or a darkened room.
Lie in the twilight, to embrace the light. Does anything have one side? how much does it take?
This is just a play, can you make it through.we all hold the pen in our hands, we all sing the tune
many stories will be told, many pouring out their soul, was it love or rock and roll

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love me
love me
Feb 16

i cannot believe how long its been
yet still i love every piece of you

i tell myself you felt the same way
you didn't mean to hurt me
not every word you spoke was a lie

but still i am unconvinced

what if
what if you did hurt me on purpose
would i still love you
...i would

it's a thought i cannot bear

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Love will always leave you,

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Feb 7

I could have any kind of conversation
With any kind of man
But the ones we want to talk to us
Never, ever do
They all stop in the end.
They all vanish like it was pretend.

Talking in circles.
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Dear poetry,
You are still here aren't you
Why haven't you left me?
When I only ever wrote you gloomy,
Only so I feel better expressing myself to anyone who reads it
And discards it in their short term memory, left abandoned to be forgotten,
Why haven't you left me?
You're only there to display my grieves to those
Who look at you one second and look at someone else the other
Why haven't you left me?
When I rant on you, play with words on your belly to make an impact and point to the world
That my world isn't a happy place, that I am the biggest fault in my world
And you are the support which obscures all my faults
As they only see the calligraphy of words and mosaics I make out of you. They all seek beauty and heart touching sentences out of you and pluck them out like with their silly fingers and adore them. Cause why does anyone want to know about gloom? There is plenty in their world I bet.
While you over there materialise yourself for me and only me, open yourself to any other person who passes by and close down when they are done plucking out your beauty.
Why oh why, after all this are you with me?
Maybe because I have tied you to me
Maybe because I don't want you to leave.

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By Arcassin Burnham

Ultimately I'd rather be a pawn in your game
Of love and trust but it was more like a game
Of life,
Let them know just how you really feel when
Your not biting off legs and your expensive
Taste for high heels,

I've begged the heavens for you to be one,
But they stand so tall and quiet,

there is no easy way to love you if you leave
me behind.

Originally i would have been a loner in a world
full of wolves that lay their seeds of hate and lust
upon the world,
Gleaming like your the only bright star in the room
of lost souls pleasing everybody through the

i feel it in the air tonight , it's everywhere in different
corners of my body, if i say you give me joy,

there is no easy way to love you if you leave
me behind.

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Apr 18, 2016

You told me you'll be there,
But hey, there's no you here.

I knew you'll leave me one day,
But no one told me it was that day.

You knew I'll suffer without you,
But who said I wasn't suffering with you?

You broke me into pieces,
Then came back looking for a whole.

Let me tell you one thing you've never known before.
                                    "I've changed"

#leave   #you   #pieces   #whole   #broke   #without   #said  

as I hold you close to my body --
all I can silently say is --
as you get up and get away --
all I can silently say is --

If you leave, my soul would be crushed,
my heart would be burned --
all because you didn't want to stay.

stay in my life and never leave,
I whisper to me --
I realized you don't listen .
You left when I stayed.

All I asked for you was to stay.

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Believing and dreaming, growing and leaving
Leaving behind......
A whoosh and a spin, a grin and a glint, all that it takes before time is amiss.

larger, infinite, timeless, senseless, insurmountable, imaginable.

These are the moments in which the impossible can be conceived.
A smile is taken as a romantic gesture,
And every single moment can be jumbled in a messy, wild, reckless grin
Each stroke taken as its last
Each beat felt like never before
And its all coming now

Will it ever come like this again?

What it is like leaving home for the first time and finding your own
#love   #freedom   #leave   #beauty   #emotions   #strong   #deep   #powerful   #force   #grow  
Jan 9

You suddenly stop laughing and the light moment just a second ago will turn dark as you become silent for seconds. I ask you what’s wrong and you bite your lip, hesitating. My heart thumps fast and I realize something’s wrong. A million thoughts run over my head as to what I have done wrong. Did I say something? I rewind every moment that has passed since I entered this deserted coffee shop that has become our place for the last 6 months.

You take a deep breath and say you’ve fallen out of love with me for months now. That you just couldn’t tell because you were scared of breaking my heart.

I look down at my coffee and took a deep breath. I hate coffee. I never consume everything, even so reach halfway down to the bottom. I wonder if you had ever noticed that. I clench my hands to fists.

“I’m sorry,” you say quietly and I close my eyes. “Please look at me.” I open them again and I see a teardrop fall into the cup, standing out for a moment then finally blending in to the darkness.

Again, I take a deep breath, swallow all of the bile that’s forming in my throat, and I look at you.

You had your eyebrows turn in a frown. You had your lips pursed. Your eyes were staring at me intently and all I can think of is how the fuck did I not see this coming?

You beg me to say something but I just look at you with a blurry vision. There is a lump in my throat, completely blocking words to come out of my mouth. Please, stay. I wanted to tell you. Tell me what I did wrong. Let’s get through this. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I looked at you for a while, distorted because of the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. You just sat there, waiting for me to say something.

I never did.

And I looked at you until the distorted image of you finally stands up, walks to me, and kisses my forehead. I relish the last time I feel your lips against me. The last time I feel your arms around me. The last time you whisper something against my ear.

“I’m sorry it had to end like this.”

Your words seep inside my head, completely enveloping my brain and suddenly I was sobbing on your chest. I press my face as far as they can get close to your heart, just in case you remember you once said that it beats for me. My heart hammers on my chest and a thousand thoughts run through my head. Please. Please don’t go. Please. You love me. I love you. Please stay. I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you.

A whimper of “please” was the only thing I could get out of my system and you hug me tighter. You apologize. I could feel that this was going to end soon. I hug you for twenty more seconds until you pat my back three times and pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” You tell me one last time before finally leaving.

I hear the door open, and close again. I turn to the door and your back was the last thing I see before I completely fall apart in front of the chair that you used to sit in for the last 6 months with only the coffee to catch my tears.

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