Waiting for a phone call,
Jan 14, 2015

Waiting for a phone call,

Waiting for a text message,

Waiting for a visit,

Waiting for a time,

When I no longer have to wait.

I am sitting here waiting for you to call me and god, I just want to see you again
"I'll be waiting"
Oct 13, 2014

You whispered you were leaving
I wait unknowing
As I'm curled in our bed I whisper back
"I'll be waiting"

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just to avoid waiting
May 19, 2015

Wait she said,
be patient.
But I am not a patient man.
I keep myself busy
just to avoid waiting
gym, running, cars, chores,
Because idle kills me.
Waiting allows me to think
And for me
thinking is death.

the idea that waiting
Jan 25

the idea that waiting
can bring you things you know
and never knew you needed
makes me realize
that there is hope in waiting.

i guess
that's why
we live for so long
and so short a time:
because we're waiting
and have waited
for all the best things
the world can conjure.

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Waiting for you through December
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
Dec 12, 2016

Hear the howling cold of winter
And know that warmth is in my heart
Waiting for you through December
With outstretched hands and spirit renewed
Know that every year I will wait for you

Through the wild cold of winter. (:
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Skye Mura
Skye Mura
Nov 12, 2014

It's been 2 months
Since we parted
But we've been
Together for 2 years
It's probably warm
Where you are
But I'm still here
Recovering from
The coldness of
Your words
It's so hard to
Wait for closure
From someone like you
But you're worth it
So I'll wait.

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Waiting for the falling rain
Sep 7, 2015

By the bus stop
By the lake
By the curb beside my leg
In the sun
Or in the rain
In the cold
I'm shivering in
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the falling rain
In a drought has never been
I am atoning for my sin
Wait wait wait wait
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
In a winter storm has never been
I am barely holding it in
Wait wait wait wait
For the love of god
My soul to take
I cannot run from my fate
If it is to waste away while I wait

#sun   #rain   #cold   #waiting   #fate   #wait  

The strongest men are not made of steel
They’re not born of iron or lined with ore
No the strongest men will wait and endure  
For whatever they want
Until the world turns no more

And So I Wait
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Jun 15, 2015

It's easier to wait
When you're told to wait
Than wait
Without knowing if there's still something worth the wait

#waiting   #pun  
And your waiting was in vain
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Apr 24, 2014

If you waited long,
And your waiting was in vain
Will you wait again?

#haiku   #senryu   #wait   #vain  
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