4 days ago

My body’s aching,
But I know my feet will find a way.
For even though the path beneath me is breaking,
I am ready to face tomorrow
Without worrying about yesterday.

Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
Aug 2, 2015

Yesterday knows the truth.
Today - doesn't know what and why,
Tomorrow - is a big fat lie.

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Feb 17

they told me to think about the future
so I bought a calendar
ripped out the pages
put the whole year on the wall
and started crossing out the days
I decided I would think
of tomorrow
and not

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Feb 14

When Feb-the-fourteenth calls,
Behead the roses for the cause.

And when the crimson colour blooms,
Crush the cocoa and milk-infuse.

The day the diners rub elbows,
Mine the gold for knee-bent shows.

When the need for romance spikes,
Pay for words that Hallmark writes.

And let the men show they care,
One single day per-calendar-year.

It beguiles that this day exists,
Where expensive gifts outshine a kiss.

Do you mind if I just make a pact?
To love today, tomorrow, beyond and back.


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Today I went back.
Things seemed as if nothing happened;
the same as how it was before everything happened.
I'm glad it's that way.
I wouldn't be if it wasn't.
Thankyou, though.
For understanding.

Tomorrow's gonna be a big day.
I hope the burden isn't gonna be big.
But what's need to be done has to be done.

All I can do is to hope for the best.
After all, why would I hope for the worst?
Never for myself,
which means never for others too.
Or it's all gonna come back to me.

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I'm the backup plan,
the last resort,
tucked away in your closet

Collecting dust,
like indoor plants,
holding all of your garments

You think of me,
when he yells and screams,
and when things get out of pocket

But we both know,
you'll never leave,
his sweet talk good as chocolate

So I'll lie here,
and remain unzipped,
while you go weigh your options

My leather body,
hugging the floor,
like yours when you fall unconscious

My plastic wheels,
could roll you away,
and remove you from this conflict

So by morning light,
you're on your train,
reveling in sweet catharsis

What if their
A asteroid that
Is going to hurt
The earth and we
Have 9 mount to
What we want to do
No tomorrow
No tomorrow
What will you to do
Will you go skydiving
Or go see the north light
In Alaska or go skiing in
Canada and live your life
To the fullness but what
About there is no asteroid  
That is going to hit earth
Will you still live your
Life to the fullness
Because you do not
Know how long we
Have on earth and
Anything can happen
So do you want to live
Your life to the fullness
Or are you going to live
Your life just sitting and
Working because we all
Deserves to fun and be
Crazy it is right to be
Crazy once in a while
And enjoy yourself and
Do what every make you
Heart beat fast and be a
Daredevil every in once
A while and life like there is
No tomorrow
© Amanda Kay Hill

Inspired by the TV show called No tomorrow
#no   #tomorrow  

you loved temporary tattoos and plastic animal toys. you couldn't curse nor cheat or wear anything less two inches above your knee. but at that moment, you knew exactly what you wanted

you loved beer with an alcohol content more than your body could contain. he gave you your first tattoo and you nudge him in the most delicate of ways whispering the words you wanted to hear. you crawl up in your sheets and submerge yourself into your supernatural thoughts another brain deserves to hear. you walk in the most dangerous labyrinth of the island under the orange street lights thrusting up from the earth and still hear the humming birds eating biscuits dipped in yellow honey — it was gentle waves and light brown eyes tingeing its soft edges hands touching in the cold weather kind of safe. you end the night together with too much alcohol and red cheeks with a numb swollen feet but it's still what you wanted

you love wine and pour them every single morning and it tasted better than water. you got your second tattoo but he's still the same and everything gets better and better like how your night lamp dimmed in reverse and in the worst of the worsts — a series of perpetual warfare and a great pertinacity of agony kind of worst — you still cling to the moment the Founder of the universe and all the elements of fate, time and space brought you to that day you met. in each accession of the most unfortunate circumstance, there is something you wanted which makes you want to feel another mili second of tomorrow and another and another

- oh good Lord
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One day-the talk of the Sailors, the next a wreck
a beauty of the universe and the next a Shrek
The king of the jungle today, a carcass tomorrow
from pinnacle of joy to an iceberg of sorrow

One moment you're a trodden road, the next forgotten
fresh and busking marine and then a fossil, you're rotten
this minute, a blossom of the garden and then a wilt
a rock of now that will be glaciated to mere silt

Even an Eagle soaring high in the sky gets to the ground
at some point, the found get lost and the lost get found
drums that rumble will someday go the limpid in a pot
you lack today but someday will find all you sought

Jan 17

i sold my soul to tomorrow
and it told me i could fly.

i might expand on this thought
#future   #hope   #tomorrow   #flight  
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