athena baluyot
athena baluyot
2 days ago

you loved temporary tattoos and plastic animal toys. you couldn't curse nor cheat or wear anything less two inches above your knee. but at that moment, you knew exactly what you wanted

you loved beer with an alcohol content more than your body could contain. he gave you your first tattoo and you nudge him in the most delicate of ways whispering the words you wanted to hear. you crawl up in your sheets and submerge yourself into your supernatural thoughts another brain deserves to hear. you walk in the most dangerous labyrinth of the island under the orange street lights thrusting up from the earth and still hear the humming birds eating biscuits dipped in yellow honey — it was gentle waves and light brown eyes tingeing its soft edges hands touching in the cold weather kind of safe. you end the night together with too much alcohol and red cheeks with a numb swollen feet but it's still what you wanted

you love wine and pour them every single morning and it tasted better than water. you got your second tattoo but he's still the same and everything gets better and better like how your night lamp dimmed in reverse and in the worst of the worsts — a series of perpetual warfare and a great pertinacity of agony kind of worst — you still cling to the moment the Founder of the universe and all the elements of fate, time and space brought you to that day you met. in each accession of the most unfortunate circumstance, there is something you wanted which makes you want to feel another mili second of tomorrow and another and another

- oh good Lord
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One day-the talk of the Sailors, the next a wreck
a beauty of the universe and the next a Shrek
The king of the jungle today, a carcass tomorrow
from pinnacle of joy to an iceberg of sorrow

One moment you're a trodden road, the next forgotten
fresh and busking marine and then a fossil, you're rotten
this minute, a blossom of the garden and then a wilt
a rock of now that will be glaciated to mere silt

Even an Eagle soaring high in the sky gets to the ground
at some point, the found get lost and the lost get found
drums that rumble will someday go the limpid in a pot
you lack today but someday will find all you sought

4 days ago

i sold my soul to tomorrow
and it told me i could fly.

i might expand on this thought
#future   #hope   #tomorrow   #flight  
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
7 days ago

I tell myself that this is it,
when the day is done.
When I wake I'll start anew,
but tomorrow never comes.

Tomorrow becomes today
more quickly than the last,
more quickly than the bottles empty
more weeks and months go past.

I buy the drink, the drink buys me
another day to run.
The demons waiting patiently
for when the day is done.

Tomorrow becomes today;
I waste it like before,
I waste it getting wasted,
but I'm wasting so much more

My friends, my health, my family
and those I cherish most;
watch the boy they used to love,
becoming just a ghost.

Tomorrow becomes today,
I may have missed it all,
I may have missed the last chance
just to never miss last call

I tell myself that this is it
when the day is done,
but the circle remains unbroken
and tomorrow never comes.

Sylus Fox
Sylus Fox
Jan 10

Roses are red
Violets are blue
There goes my heart
Don't know what to do
Today's almost done
Tomorrow is new
And so I'll just sit here
Thinking of you

#love   #hope   #hopeful   #you   #tomorrow   #lodt  
Jan 9

Thorns are lovely
their sharpness.

Fallen leaves are beautiful
despite their decay—
nobody cares that they will
next year’s trees.

Tomorrow would never be
a better day,
if nature hadn’t
planned things today.

8:02 PM
#hope   #nature   #fallen   #tomorrow   #thorns   #decay   #seeds   #laves  

Bright colours fill my vision,
Soft music flows in the air.
A light breeze brushes against my skin,
The gentle warmth of the sun welcoming.

Letting go of past conflicts,
Holding on to the good memories.
Stepping away from what used to be,
Gaze set towards a new tomorrow.

I am being reborn,
A new dawn is rising.
Taking deep breath,
I jump.

I know I have a one track mind
I can't stop thinking of this broken love,
Wrapped up in the same stupid argument
From day one, maybe you said it means
I'm the dumbest man alive both far and near...

Or maybe it's just pointing toward my fear.

Settle this once and for all,
I get the old mirror out,
Wipe the half-smile off my face,
It was never really there in the first place,
Here I sit, neither man nor dog,
Just a person who can't like this way of life,
Whether for better or for worse,
I'm the poorest "selfish hog,"
Whatever you want me to believe
This is the end for me,
Where the road meets pavement and I
Am forced to continuously be what
Society wants me to be.

#fear   #society   #tomorrow   #track   #dog   #argue   #continue   #road   #settle  
Dec 27, 2016

Your Name
Your name I want in poetic lines to write
Your name I want in sweet rhymes to hear
Your name I want in spoken words to say
I want your name to write in the sand
Yet I know the waves will vanish it away
I want your name in a tree to carve
Still I know the rains will corrode it off
I reach for you, with my hands to touch you
Your silhoutte I sketch in the thinness of air
In my thoughts I strain to see you again
My soul speaking out, can I just keep you
An invisible force which mutes my voice
A realization that tells me I have no choice
I wonder how you are and where you are at
At night I look up at diamonds in the expanse
Your form traced by constellations in the skies
The beauty of your face dims with a new dawn
The light of your eyes as they peer into mine
Luna our witness weeps as I beg you to stay
You remain silent as slowly from me you fade
The sun rising with the promise of a new day
And although I know you move further away
My heart cries for you, is this the only way
As the aroma of your name I long for each day
©Betania 2016 (12/27/16)

#love   #sadness   #hope   #memories   #past   #tomorrow   #today   #goodbyes  
Julie Grenness
Dec 24, 2016

Yes, it's Christmas, you know,
We'll all buy Easter eggs tomorrow,
Let's have a peaceful Christmas,
Easter eggs tomorrow, no fuss!
No need to commercialise, I guess,
Have a great day, no less,
Yes, it's Christmas, no woe,
We'll all buy Easter eggs tomorrow!

Feedback welcome.
#tomorrow   #easter   #eggs  
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