Shofi Ahmed
15 hours ago

Tomorrow we have all
the good reasons to wake.
The earth’s column
down the sky will stay high!
The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth  
on every new sunrise!
But for now it’s present,
don’t go away!

The same old first light will break out,
unveiling once more the face of earth.
Log on now it’s present,
don’t let it vanish away!

Many a time rallies of clouds
shroud the blue sky.
There is no need for anyone
then just to turn away.

The stars too illume
the sky with dim lights.
Maybe the chaste moon
then comes out swimming low
in the orb of the night.
So the sun, too, for a while
goes off into the hide.
Only to show up soon and align
above the earth’s column.

Atop a blooming new dawn
with the rose facing the sun
aligning to it’s shining polished line
passes through the present time.
So don’t just let it slip away!

#future   #earth   #now   #tomorrow   #present  
Jack tierney
Jack tierney
1 day ago

tomorrow i hate you
tomorrow you make me not want to go to bed
tomorrow you bitch
tomorrow you stole me
tomorrow you take away my today
tomorrow, you come like an unwanted guest
tomorrow when i see you i wish you would just go away
tomorrow you drive me
tomorrow goodbye, forever   -today

I know I'd make it on my own
nothing new
It's all I've known.
Making decisions on what to eat
trying hard just to make ends meet

knowing what to do
knowing what comes next
Thinking about what?
I know whats best.

#alone   #hope   #best   #new   #nothing   #tomorrow   #decisions   #knowing   #next   #beingalone  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Mar 13

ignore yesterday's rain
let it stay behind
for today is anew
tomorrow isn't promised
so live in the moment
enjoy making it last
there 's nothing to do
about the past
but learn from it

#rain   #past   #live   #tomorrow   #moment   #ignore   #promised   #yesterday   #learn   #anew  

Tomorrow, believe your problems
won't be all consuming as today
walk away from their destruction
leave them be, where they lay

Next week, believe your strife
won't follow your road to redemption
let distance heal your mind and body
from this you're no exemption

Next month, believe your conflict
interests not you or any other soul
let truth, honesty and integrity
be your choice and your goal

In the future, believe in you
stay in control of what you do

A nod to Mr McCartney, of course. Manchester and Liverpool are traditionally great rival cities, however, music has always transcended this.
#time   #sonnet   #believe   #tomorrow  
Feb 27

Ever thought ,
if tomorrow
You will be here
no   more .....

#10   #10w   #10words   #tomorrow   #nomore  
Feb 21

My body’s aching,
But I know my feet will find a way.
For even though the path beneath me is breaking,
I am ready to face tomorrow
Without worrying about yesterday.

Feb 17

they told me to think about the future
so I bought a calendar
ripped out the pages
put the whole year on the wall
and started crossing out the days
I decided I would think
of tomorrow
and not

#future   #forward   #tomorrow   #year   #moving   #yesterday   #365  
Feb 14

When Feb-the-fourteenth calls,
Behead the roses for the cause.

And when the crimson colour blooms,
Crush the cocoa and milk-infuse.

The day the diners rub elbows,
Mine the gold for knee-bent shows.

When the need for romance spikes,
Pay for words that Hallmark writes.

And let the men show they care,
One single day per-calendar-year.

It beguiles that this day exists,
Where expensive gifts outshine a kiss.

Do you mind if I just make a pact?
To love today, tomorrow, beyond and back.


#love   #dead   #roses   #romance   #day   #tomorrow   #valentines   #chocolate   #today  

Today I went back.
Things seemed as if nothing happened;
the same as how it was before everything happened.
I'm glad it's that way.
I wouldn't be if it wasn't.
Thankyou, though.
For understanding.

Tomorrow's gonna be a big day.
I hope the burden isn't gonna be big.
But what's need to be done has to be done.

All I can do is to hope for the best.
After all, why would I hope for the worst?
Never for myself,
which means never for others too.
Or it's all gonna come back to me.

#hope   #day   #tomorrow   #big   #understanding   #today   #burden  
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